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  1. i've got his ticket push push push thanks but no thanks. give me tam forsyth any day.
  2. frankiejo stayed down swindon next door and that was effing dear.thats how am askin.
  3. how cheap are the hotels for a night
  4. before prior there was a prior meeting with prior people who thought prior lads had prior knowledge that prior men knew about prior having a meeting with the lads prior to the first prior talks.having said that prior to the meeting prior engagement was allowed prior to the motion given to our prior talks.prior anouncements with of course come before prior talks.thank you all our prior members mr racoon.
  5. think on the ibrox noise and twitterr heard yer point yer probably write danny but as what wee were pute through last year,a will stick with let the bastards die.
  6. met ref jim syme at hamden watching reserves against them with his son we scored they went mad.
  7. 80s or early 90s still feeling the drink after the game jumped on a well bus on the way home.bastards said eff all till i got there still hate them now
  8. Blackandra,always remember those days.thats your memorys to be proud too be a Bear
  9. that fenian twat smelly mcnee
  10. the royal family! the wee guy on the tv who does all the great tricks played to rangers players in the changing room walked on the thames bluenose. frank sinatra his daughter nancy. prince rainier and his young actress wife,the son,sister and the kids.rolling stones ,sad to say but elton john cilla black mick parkinson. sharon stone .the fall .clash and slade .and myle cyrise.give you the rest tomorrow
  11. Myself my family every one on this site and every other Rangers fan or supporter.Were all notable.And lex mclean.
  12. played italian team not sure who,had to play early about 1nish as the pope just died.ye i think am right there.it was in the history of sfa football.beginning to end(1899-1899)if wrong sorry.
  13. is spacegirl gail the writer richardson
  14. pretty new here how do you get the shiftys
  15. sat in the house dad wasnt allowed to go so me ma sister brother and my lovely mum got a new coloured tv for it.dad was singing all the songs me and john joined in we new the words.if i had 1 son id have another ten and we will all gro up 2 be orange loyal men if the popes sayed no we will have another go on the banks of the boyne in morning.but any way the tele was great but it was in black and white fae spain but havin saying that rangers is my and your team .church tomorrow abbey paisley 11am nice to see you