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  1. My Dad has been paying each week and he's been loving it. As an "overseas" Bear who is not the most proficient at technology its been a godsend for him and he's hopeful that it can remain in some way after fans are allowed back into the stadiums. I imagine there are plenty more like him.
  2. So St Mirren have three goalkeepers who test positive, assuming they have not breached any COVID rules, through no fault of their own and have to play their fixtures. While Aberdeen and celtic have outfield players who broke rules, some of who did not test positive and could be easily replaced, get their fixtures conveniently postponed until they are back able for selection after isolation. Seems ridiculous. Remind me who are St Mirren playing next midweek......
  3. Probably still is but prone to being erratic and not coming for crosses. McLaughlin has done nothing to deserve being dropped and the couple of occasions he has been called up he has looked very comfortable.
  4. Very interesting. Unsure but I think I prefer it. One off game maybe a little more unpredictable, also rather than having to play 8 qualifiers can play 4. Would allow for proper pre-seasons rather than having to rush back to be playing a game in the first week of July.
  5. I rate Helander and think he's arguably our best centre half, particularly in Europe or a big game (although we've not really had a chance to see him in an OF apart from the final where he was possibly fucked). However we missed Balogun yesterday. Helander was often taking 2/3 touches to complete a simple pass from the back. Thing that has impressive me about Balogun is more often than not he passes with his first touch. That might have got the ball moving a bit quicker yesterday. Plus he might have thought fuck this and gone on a Bougherra-esque run.
  6. Fuck me. Big centre half for the underdogs scores a screamer of an overhead kick and Crocker sounds like someone's told him his dug's died. Wanker.
  7. Stat of the night: Since lockdown, Jon McLaughlin has more clean sheets against Lyon than Ederson
  8. Think Motherwell are a bit unlucky. By the letter of the law it’s offside but the last touch came off the Hibs defender’s boot so think it would have been a goal even if the Motherwell striker wasn’t in the way.
  9. To be fair they could pump Aberdeen's first team 6-0. Even more unlikely Aberdeen's reserves could do the improbable and take points off them! This mess is completely Aberdeen's own doing. To impose a two plus month lockdown and suspend players for 11 games because they broke Covid protocol is ridiculous.
  10. Sheep fucked it and were stupid. No different from those clubs who end up having to put a 12 year old goalie as the only sub because the whole team has food poisoning. They players deserve a bollocking, especially given how insipid some of them were against us the last thing they should have been doing was going out in public. A fair bit of moon howling going on. I have a funny feeling if their next 3 games were against St. Johnstone, Hamilton and [Insert any team that isn't celtic] nobody would care.
  11. Allegedly when they heard he was coming to Glasgow they tried to hijack the deal. Reportedly they weren’t even entertained.
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