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  1. Shetland Bear

    Out?: James Tavernier

    The exception being us in 2015 when Darren McGregor's name was picked out of a hat 😂
  2. Shetland Bear

    Jay Rodriguez

    Would he have a relegation clause that lets him go for peanuts?
  3. Shetland Bear

    Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Both Wallace and Miller's egos and influence are far outweighing their conttibutions they have on the pitch, we need to look at what is going to make us better next season. Murty has also proved he is not up to task what so ever. Any half decent or compotent board would jettison all three and start again. Alas that is something we don't have.
  4. Shetland Bear

    Playing for 90 minutes

    Has been the story of our season so far. In pretty much every game we either have a strong first half and go to sleep or come out the blocks slow and improve second half. More consistency needed.
  5. Shetland Bear

    This Winter break

    Not a big fan of summer football. However I would be a fan of having a 3 year trial of no winter break and finishing the season in April to see if it sorts out the co-efficient. Give the players a bit more of a rest in May so we don't have any of this playing in June/early July nonsense.
  6. Shetland Bear

    Declan John or Lee wallace?

    Heard the other day that Wallace was statistically one of the poorest overall left backs in the league last and no individual left back had a lower cross block percentage than Wallace, which partly explains why we conceded so many of our goals last season on our right side post. Great servant but transition into a squad player now for me and behind John in the current pecking order.
  7. Shetland Bear

    Cardoso Instagram

    To be fair I don't think he's lacking fire. If anything he gets over riled and that's why he gives away those daft wee free kicks. If he cuts those out I think we've got a handy player.
  8. Shetland Bear

    Today's scapegoat

    Hopefully when Alves is back we switch to 352 with McRorie Alves and Cardoso with Candeias and Wallace/John as wing back. Also pre contracts for McLean, Walker and Moult are musts and try to get them in Jan for a nominal fee as well. A few good quality players away but the main thing at the moment is how thin we are when a few bodies disappear
  9. Shetland Bear

    The linesman on the Rangers stand side

    And that prick Archibald has the cheek to say that the ref was got at by Pedro's comments. Last night was the first time this season that the referee controlled the game and didn't turn a blind eye to us getting us booted off the park.
  10. Shetland Bear

    ***Rangers Development Fixtures***

    Cool. Would be great if they were, really enjoyed last night and for a fiver too!
  11. Shetland Bear

    ***Rangers Development Fixtures***

    Does anyone know if all the Tuesday night home games will be at Ibrox or if tonight was just a one off?
  12. Shetland Bear

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I might be wrong, but doesn't the ref have to say in his report he missed it and it needs to go up for review. Don't think the compliance officer just picks it up himself, it needs to be reported by the ref in question.
  13. Shetland Bear

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Well that says it all. Robertson, iirc, was the ref who sent Brown off in Dingwall last year and had to suffer all the media abuse leading up to the Old Firm. Not a chance he reports it.
  14. Shetland Bear

    Huge Fortnight Ahead

    Big game on Friday. Both the Scum and the Sheep have pretty soft home fixtures so a win is needed to put a bit of pressure on them. Thistle have had a poor start but have had a pretty tough run of fixtures so expecting a battle but one we should be able to get through relatively unscathed.
  15. Shetland Bear

    **Goals and Assists 17/18**

    Was Candeias with a wee flick I'm sure