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  1. To be fair our attacking players are really really good!
  2. Afraid not if we drew them or AZ then we we wouldn't be seeded for Q4, unless a few of the seeded teams fuck it up in Q2. If we are wanting to be seeded for Q4, we want Wolves, Legia or Gent.
  3. He did have patchy spells this year but what I thought was noticeable was that even after a spell of indifferent form as soon as he went out the side for whatever reason we were a much worse team and seemed to drop points. Would be interested to see the games won:lost ratio with Arfield playing and with him missing.
  4. That second goal is outrageous!
  5. Down Down, Dundee Utd staying Down Down!
  6. Let's just focus on next week. If we win we are guaranteed 2nd and will have beaten our points total from last year. Then we'll see where we are after that.
  7. Clarke might have something there, he seems to struggle refereeing us considering his brother played with our youths! Joking aside, Maclean is a poor poor ref. Spoken with my old man after a few games he's reffed and usually the phrase "he had no control over the game" is brought up. Poor ref promoted above his capabilities.
  8. Morelos will be back for the replay. His next two suspensions must be served in the league.
  9. The 2001 winner sounds like Lucho Gonzalez's PES 4 Doppelganger
  10. Indeed. In fact many would say point scoring about abusing referees is far worse than actually abusing the referees in the first place.
  11. But wait a minute, isn't that point scoring? The lowest and most reprehensible of all actions.
  12. No they don't. A Cup final always takes precedence over a league game. They league game will just get moved to the first available midweek.
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