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  1. The amount of 2nd balls we don’t win, and tackles that aren’t made from our current midfield is criminal, these two lads would at the very least compete in there making it more difficult for the opposition to bully/steamroller Davis,, Aribo, Kamara. Docherty being a bit more of a box to box midfielder, can run beyond his marker too , something we are missing from the middle too. Also the team need to be instructed to play passes forward at every opportunity. The amount of back passing we do allows the the opposition to push on top of us, and we’ve all seen how we put ourselves in trouble by back passing under pressure. Boyd highlighted before St Johnstone game how we opt pass back , when forward pass is on. It’s almost like they are instructed to play safe and not lose possession. That’s not right at our club, bravery in everything we do should be paramount. Guys like MCrorie and Docherty, Jack can be utilised to win the battle in middle certainly but we need to always look to pass forward certainly domestically.
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    I am not sure we have any captains in that team with the exception of Perhaps McGregor or Jack. But Tav is not t a Captain but ultimately is just not good enough for us at right back. His crossing has been atrocious since he came back from his op. But it wasn’t good before to be hones. His general play the season is poor. His passing , positioning, tackling, decision making all the same. His header that led to goal tonight was just awful. He headers that upfield, and hearts player doesn’t get run in box, and Tav himself might remain goal side of player to defend it, but you could tell he did not have a clue where to put it. So add stupidity to his list of faults. Polster who has hardly had a look in looked better in the couple of games he had there. We should have stuck with him. Tav needs dropped from team and take any offer we can get for him at end of season. Use Polster and bleed in young Patterson till end of season.
  3. Time for Gerrard to go sadly. Dreadful poor gutless performance and same mistakes and indecision we’ve seen in previous games since break.team was Bullied by Naismith all over park, and we’ve got players hiding like Davis and Kent. Europe has saved him so far, but we are not improving (going backwards in fact) we make same slow start every game, our passing is crap and we only string passes together if along back 4, we can’t tackle or win 50-50s, we cant win headers or 2nd balls and from every single shy we lose possession. Kids stuff. Tactics, team selection all not working Could go on, but too depressing listing all our current faults. Gutted.
  4. We go on about defensive mistakes rightly, but it’s midfield that I think all our problems come from. We don’t create enough going forward as we tend to play safe passes back or sideways even when a quick first time pass is on (something Boyd mentioned pre match), we also lack pace and drive in middle. . We don’t win tackles enough to dominate the oppositions midfield and the amount of 2nd balls we lose in midfield when our defence head/clear it into middle is criminal. Our midfield since break are never on the front foot and look timid and lack a leader. I think Docherty could replace what Arfield give us, but not sure we have anyone that could drive a team like a Barry Ferguson, or dominate and tackle like a Stuart McCall.
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