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  1. he can play most positions but most importantly knows how to take a penalty. have never seen him miss one
  2. agree with most of that - not sure if you're joking or not re mcculloch lol
  3. that's the problem - no point getting a ps5 without a 4K tv
  4. I'll trade in my 2 broken ps3's, my silver ps2, old ps1 and amiga 600. should cover 10% of the cost I reckon lol
  5. launch machines usually dodgy as fuck as well. best to wait at least 6 months for newer models.
  6. He's a dream name right enough lol - joking aside wouldn't mind Milner but think Klopp wants to tie him down for another year or 2
  7. @born a blue nose is well known for it - one for watching if you ask me @bbrr2411 - wouldn't stand for it mate, let him know what you think of him, we've all got your back
  8. pretty sure it was always £4m but in these times saying we're paying 5 just gives stewart et al more room to moan at were we getting the money etc. also wouldn't be surprised if its lower as most clubs need the money
  9. what's larson got to do with this
  10. For all those looking forward to the special edition one Castore are talking about beware lol United Soccer League (USL) side Locomotive El Paso FC recently released a special edition Cinco de Mayo “Noche de Locos” (crazy night) shirt.
  11. just watched 2 minutes with the sound down pissing myself laughing. gets my vote for post of the month lol (mind you I have had a couple lol)
  12. @Virtuoso - careful with the thread title mate. the daily record / sun / sunday mail / bbc etc will lift it straight from here and make up some shite around it, then put an 1 line apology in page 23 a year later saying their source got mixed up and will not be using them again.
  13. team was stinking that night mate, every single one of us was absolute shite
  14. With the seven who are gone that must be the thick end of £40 grand a week. If we can reinvest it I'd like to see 2 or 3 free agents who would make a difference rather than more squad fillers
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