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  1. Thought this was going to be a next manager thread (hey, we've had a Hagi for captain one)
  2. left for cut price 2 mil as said was homesick, 6 months later he's at everton and still in england to this day.
  3. yep, wouldn't mind welbeck and gray on a years loan and roofe on a permanent. we can all dream eh lol
  4. best goal from best team ever against the best goalkeeper ever @Moody Blue
  5. The replica jersey has a slightly looser cut to the player edition whilst maintaining all of the key performance features: just for all us fatties lol
  6. If the spfl cave in to this and somehow force through reconstruction as opposed to going to court then that just proves it was a stitch up all along and they knew what there doing was illegal with the dundee vote. still don't see why they can't finish the season, only fair way for all. could start in a fortnight and be finished in 6 weeks, playing two games a week. have another 2 weeks off, then start the new season.
  7. Best goal from distance? Maybe this one - Florida's quite far away
  8. we could be here all day but fuck I'll bite - myles bearman
  9. yep turkeys and xmas springs to mind.
  10. See I don't have a problem with that or to finish the season. if finish the season sky and bt can still show the games so saves the spfl / clubs around 11 million, which negates the losses of playing behind closed doors (players cannot be furloughed) - this to me is the fairest way for all.
  11. See they say they do not want to challenge the declaration of champions, however for them to win their case they have to effectively prove the original vote was invalid, either through dundee's vote or the option giving to curtail the league in the first place (non disclosure of penalties to sky, bt etc. ) and with the consequences of it (relegation as well) , which kind of contradicts it. they have to be all in or their case does not stand up. or is that too simplistic??
  12. what yous all on about, we win the europa and straight into champions league easy
  13. see below, couldn't put it better myself
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