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  1. Had my second covid vaccine today and I'm currently shivering and aching like a bitch will need to fucking drag myself through that turnstile tonight. Also got woke up by the fireworks and I'm on Edmiston Drive. Lets get tore right into these cunts.
  2. Wouldn't care if they all got punched tbh. Not that I believe their version of events at all.
  3. Don't know if this has already been posted either... Don't think the assault could have been that serious if you didn't bother to tell a soul till you were back in Prague. Lot of shite.
  4. Like how this has only been recorded in the last day or so.. Funny that.. Almost like they're trying to deflect...
  5. If every black person in the vacinity of someone saying something with their mouth covered goes mental.. Its probably a good indication that what was said wasn't.. "you fucking guy" Was expecting them to say aw I called him something in Czech that kinda sounds like a bad word etc etc.. This is just a ridiculous story.
  6. The disappointing thing is it was there for the taking we had ourselves in a decent position going Into tonight and we've not been in it at all. Really poor.
  7. I want to see footage from the training ground right now
  8. Five minutes.. Watch them turn tae 8 or 9
  9. Imagine naming yer kid jonjoe 🤢
  10. Many fucking minutes stoppage time we betting on?
  11. This team are fucking garbage 😂
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