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  1. How's he not getting a yellow card for tugging mcgregors shirt there?
  2. Rangers v Parma is right up there. One of the best atmospheres I've experienced, and probably the best aside from an old firm game I think, remember going into school the next day still absolutely fucking buzzing.
  3. With the odds that celtic were on it will have cost them fuck all to pay out really and all it does is rile all the other fans up to stick money on the other teams.
  4. I'd Just wear the small scarf. I still wear the scarf my da got me at my first game, it's small aye but I don't care it means a lot to me. Had it good times and bad, one of my prized possessions.
  5. Just a heads up if anyone still wants to watch this it's on the stv player.
  6. Anyone that thinks Gerrard will take this after seeing that game today is mental. If he has any sense he'll stay well away. Fucking shambles.
  7. It's amazing that they don't have anything better to do. It's great that serious crime has taken the day off to allow them the chance to arrest some grown adults for having a beer.
  8. Govan Front exit 13 few rows down from the staircase and only a few seats away from halfway. Excellent seats would def recommend, been there for the last few seasons, before that i was in the Broomlan Rear.
  9. Aye... well ... I was trying to be polite. Plus I'm on a work computer so the less expletives I type the better.
  10. I would't say that moving to Azerbaijan when he could have just as easy sat on his arse and collected his wages is the mark of a coward or someone without a spine, actually i'd say the opposite. Instead of kicking the toys out the pram and sitting being disruptive when he knew he wouldnt get a game he took a chance and moved, helping our wage bill in the process. It didnt pan out, he didn't like it, he wouldn't be the first person in history to make a major life change like that and realise "aw wait this wasn't as great as I thought it would be" but nice to see it's getting used as
  11. Honestly man folk on here are mental, we seem to give our own a harder time than our rivals do. Is the guy a world class player nah he's not, but the stick he gets is unbelievable. He's a Rangers fan and isnt shy in letting folk know it and he gets to play for the club he supports, this should be celebrated instead of giving him pelters every time his name is mentioned.
  12. Honestly man, do folk really believe this mad conspiracy. The guy got an injury took time off to recover and he's fit again. Why do we need to sensationalise everything, do folk really believe he didnt want to play in an old firm game despite having played in numerous big matches including derby games in much more hostile environments. It's nonsense. If you think he hasn't made a big impact with us fair enough thats a different argument, but to suggest he's pretending to be injured cause he's scared to play a game is something else entirely, and imo absolutely mental.
  13. Aye I think we're playing well, lots of positive stuff on show. What was the goal we conceded like got in a wee bit late and missed it
  14. Saw Jack Alnwick in tesco on Saturday afternoon getting the beers in.
  15. Folk are off their rocker saying we should get a million or more for him. He's an inconsistent player, training with the u20s on the instruction of his new manager , is in the last year of his contract and has shown he won't sign the contract offered by the club. For a team that finished 3rd in a poor league. Any club coming in for him knows all this, we wont get mega money for him. Folk need to be realistic. £500k plus a sell on would be decent all things considered.
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