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  1. Helander, Kamara and Hagi all beat and bodied tonight? Read the post mate.
  2. That was between 35-40, not a total of 35-40, just for the record. Aye, we were rank for almost all of that game.
  3. Decent results for Helander, Kamara and to an extent Hagi tonight, good minutes for all of them.
  4. Ted Bundy. Poor choice, we were amazing 35-40 mins.
  5. Aye, when? Remember the great free kick, dead ball expert Charlie Mulgrew. Never lay a glove on us, but was up there with Ronaldo according to Provan, Walker, et all.
  6. West Ham and Everton wouldn't argue with that. I hear you pal, just does my nut in that we set up all week in training to play one at LB and one midfield left. If Tierny's going to play left CB, set the team up that way from the start.
  7. Somebody tell me how Christie is still on the park. Pish at club level since Xmas, if not before.
  8. Aye, but should only be considered for left back.
  9. Just a wild estimate, probably fairly close!
  10. They are indeed Scotland's two best left backs. Can't argue with that.
  11. Unless we have a brave manager, this predicament will live with us for years. It screws the formation up all day long. Two great nines, one on the bench. Two great keepers, one on the bench, two left wingers, one on the bench, not rocket science. Suspect the price tag and the fact they play their football in the Disneyworld pub league has alot to do with it.
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