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  1. I'm well chuffed at this, it's an area we were lacking behind compared to many other spfl clubs.
  2. My son was on the bus with they mhutants, and I shit you not they talked about Rangers for a solid hour, on their way to watch a champions league game, and all they can talk about is us!!! ha ha wtf man.
  3. I'm not, the boy could have all the talent in the world, but if he can only be arsed producing it five or six times a season, what's the point .
  4. Mate as has been said already, poor team poor league, and he downed tools far to frequently. if we were playing in the champions league etc, our players value would sky rocket, but for the moment we take what we can get.
  5. Been saying this for the last 2 years, the boy turns up when he can be arsed, which is usually about 5 or 6 games a season, won't be missed.
  6. That does appear to be the case, we can't have any player in the team turn up for five or six games a season.
  7. I never even really thought about it, but I just looked and I don't own a single green item of clothing either, I must have been subliminally buying any colour other than green lol.
  8. One of the greatest to ever grace our midfield.
  9. Well I don't know about you? but my whole family boycotted SD entirely, so if other bears acted in a similar way, that would be quite a hit for Ashley.
  10. Chose Laudrup, but both were world class, either of them would have had walked into most teams anywhere in the world.
  11. How in the utter fuck can someone who run's for a living, end up with a gut like that???, fuck me.
  12. Please ffs no.
  13. That will do nicely, but we need more for next season.
  14. I have heard your prayer, and have acted accordingly, now just sit back and enjoy next season. all the best the big guy upstairs.