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  1. Surprise, surprise Them & the Khaki Klowns have kissed and made up, everything back to normal for Sunday. Boy, Chairman Kim really showed the GB this time did he not?
  2. Not touching this bet wise tonight, too many variables. Just take the win and get home in one piece.
  3. Jakes Pal


    The worry of course is that one of their players will try to do Alfredo just for sheer spite. Hopefully, whatever prick is refereeing tonight will be less inadequate than usual and will be looking out for anything sinister with regards to the star man of Scottish football.
  4. Now that Aberdeen are under new management it will be interesting to see if the new boss continues the policy of cutting our ticket allocation (and for THEM of course) to the bone. The official reason of course is safety and security, but we all know that in reality it is just about getting it up us and to maximise the benefit of their home match by not having a large away support. With the latter point, they are of course perfectly entitled to do so, as many other Clubs have done to us and of course we have done to THEM in recent seasons. However, given that the Sheepies are skint, you have to wonder how long a hard headed businessman will allow the current ticketing arrangement to stand. There will be large numbers of empty seats at Pitawdrie tonight, whilst we will be stuck with 800 odd, when we could have sold the entire South Stand without breaking sweat, even for a midweek game, suffice to say that they could have made many 10's or into three figures of thousands more from the game tonight at a time when they need every penny they can get. All of the above being said, even if we had zero support there tonight, and even with the usual upping of effort by them against us we should still have enough to carry the day and hopefully get out of there with our squad still in one piece.
  5. Plenty of reasons for this to be on the TV, thousands of Rangers fans who will want to watch, and countless squillions of Bogtrotters who will have to watch it.
  6. We will of course be up against it at Shitawdrie, it is just the way it is, and as the epitome of the glass half empty guy I would normally be in 100% sync with you with regard to our chances on Wednesday, however with our current form in mind and with places for Sunday up for grabs I am confident about our prospects. The way we are passing the ball at the moment, the sheepies will not be able to get near enough to exert their brutality without serious risk of a red card.
  7. The Mutton Molesters will obviously be up for this game, however I do feel that they now know that we are not the same team that they enjoyed so much success over us in the last few years. Basically, compared to us they are shit, and we should come away with the three points, especially as I said earlier our players are playing for their place on Sunday. One thing that does concern slightly me is the restricted support we will have, cut back from last year, despite the fact that Shitawdrie will probably be at least 5000 short of capacity on the night.
  8. Whilst I fully accept that our players are not machines, they are professional athletes, and a couple of days rest and pampering at Auchinhowie should see them more than ready for Wednesday. Apart from the obvious need to take the three points, our players are also playing for their places on Sunday, with that in mind I think that we may well win by 2 or 3, however as usual, I will take any sort of injury free victory.
  9. Whilst I agree with your sentiments, I think that you may have provided a wee bit too much information here.
  10. If he lifts the League Cup above his head next Sunday, some will complain that he did not lift it at the correct angle. I obviously hope that those people are given their chance to moan come full time.
  11. Hope that you are right about no injuries, but the Sheepie Rams are sharpening their horns as we speak. We somehow manged to escape any serious injury today, I can only hope that our luck carries on to Wednesday as the Mutton Molestors will not be taking prisoners.
  12. I am never sure about anything when it comes to Rangers, but I am fairly confident that Gerrard will have learnt his lesson from the game at Ibrox when we let THEM dominate us by trying to be too clever with the formation. The team next Sunday will be set out with the intention of using the wide players and getting at them on the left and right back positions where they are at their weakest. As long as we are determined enough to play our way, then we have a very real chance of winning next Sunday.
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