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  1. Jakes Pal

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    I think my eyes are now starting to bleed from watching this.
  2. Jakes Pal

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Like their whole rotten institution, it is diseased.
  3. Jakes Pal

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Wonder what Boyd thinks about foreign referees now?
  4. Jakes Pal

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    The additional game is for the league only. Morelos will be available for the replay.
  5. Jakes Pal

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    Just another example of the recent trend with the opposition, be it players, fans or indeed management seem to think it is unacceptable for Rangers to celebrate scoring a goal or winning a match. I would suggest that some of those people are victims of their own propaganda that they somehow killed us off, and the sight of celebrating Rangers players & supporters is too much for their wee brains to handle. If the story about the pictures in the dressing room is true, and DM was complicit with this action, then it makes his post match reaction even more of an embarrassment, likes to give it out, but cannae take it.
  6. Jakes Pal

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    I am afraid so, which kinda suggests that on numerous occasions this season, we have been shit. Just hope tonight is not one of them.
  7. Jakes Pal

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Problem is that Hibs are shit.
  8. Jakes Pal

    No further action to be taken over St Mirren game

    I have to concur
  9. Jakes Pal

    RM and FF

    Thanks, easy mistake to make, apologies to BP9 for any offence caused.
  10. Jakes Pal

    RM and FF

    Thought he was, sure I saw the orange moderator sign in his profile, will take your word for it though. All the best Forza Brexit 😗
  11. Jakes Pal

    RM and FF

    Bluepeter 9. As for racism, genuine racism is obviously a no no, however in the current environment, just about any opinion that does not chime with the PC elite point of view is considered racist.
  12. Jakes Pal

    RM and FF

    As long as those who disagree with the far-right loonballs as you call them, have the opportunity to counter the argument, then I have no problem with right wing sentiments being expressed. I may be wrong, but as far as I am aware there is a moderator on this forum who is an ardent SNP supporter. As much as I disagree with his views, I would be appalled if he were to be forced off the forum. As I said before, argument and debate is healthy as long as it remains civilised.
  13. Jakes Pal

    RM and FF

    Bloody Liberal. 😁
  14. Jakes Pal

    RM and FF

    Rangers fans love arguing with each other, an undeniable fact. I feel that this is actually a good thing as opposed to everyone toeing the party line. Saying that though, FF is becoming buried under an avalanche of Snowflakery.
  15. Jakes Pal

    ***The Official Rangers v St Mirren Thread***

    Booooo, imagine scoring from open play. Spoiled the day.