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  1. Jakes Pal

    Mick O’Halleron away

    Too right, walk down Buchanan Street on a Saturday afternoon, if you are not accosted by the Scottish Peoples Palestinian Front, The Palestinian Peoples Scottish Front will get you. If not them, there is always The Scottish Palestinian Peoples Democratic Front waiting in the wings, although they are considered to be too moderate in the mainstream Palestinian liberation fronts of Scotland.
  2. Jakes Pal

    Jason Cummings; Why did we take him on Loan?

    I would not mind taking him on. In our parlance, he is a right fucking pest, will put away a good number during the season, if not quite as many as the 20+ a season striker we need.
  3. Jakes Pal

    What's left of Orange Bridgeton? Or is it Bridgeton?

    Well over 10 years since John Street School was flattened. Pity that Sturgeon cannot find some money to improve Non - Dom education opportunities around The Toll.
  4. Jakes Pal

    What's up with the site?

    Site is obviously struggling to cope with all the optimism since Gerrard's arrival.
  5. Jakes Pal

    Rangers are behind the 3 Lions

    Probably see a surge in SNP membership.
  6. Jakes Pal

    Thomas cook partnership

    As I said earlier, no harm to those happy to use the Travel Club for their trips, it is just that I was scunnered with them at times, especially the semi final in Florence. Well over £300 for a day trip if I am remembering correctly, 10 years ago. Rip off plain (should that be plane?) and simple.
  7. Jakes Pal

    McCoist as a pundit...

    Always had a soft spot for Airdrie, until now.
  8. Jakes Pal

    Thomas cook partnership

    As a veteran of many a European trip, I would advise independent travel every time. You have to be in the TC to get a ticket but do not use the official travel provider unless as a very last resort. You will be ripped off using the TC travel provider, it was not uncommon for me to get 3,4 day, sometimes full week trips for less than the TC Partner was looking for a day trip, not even an overnight stay. Fair enough if you are happy to/can afford to go with Thomas Cook, however if we do get a few games, dare I say it reach the group stage, then you will find your bank balance dropping faster than a prossies knickers.
  9. Jakes Pal

    Level Playing Field

    Agreed. Who is to say that they will not be on a downer before the domestic season kicks off. Failing to qualify for the CL is a distinct possibility, being knocked out of Europe altogether also possible. God knows, we know after last year how hard a boot in the baws a horrendous start is to recover from. Also I would not bet any serious money on them winning their first three games before playing us.
  10. Jakes Pal

    Gerrard’s advice for Windass

    Not the brightest star in the sky is Josh. Does not make him a bad person .
  11. Jakes Pal

    Gerrard undaunted by tough start

    Accentuate the positive. Going into the game at the Piggery with 9 points bagged after a tough start would certainly give those cocky, arrogant tramps something to think about.
  12. Jakes Pal

    Terry butcher new job

    Pity they do not have a team on Mars he could go and make a mess of. Still not really far enough away mind you.
  13. Jakes Pal

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Love to see his fixed odds coupon for tonight.
  14. Jakes Pal

    Bristol Bar, Duke Street. Looking good.

    Hope they have 24hr security. Guaranteed target not only for the Mhanky Mhob, but the rabid Divisionists also.
  15. Jakes Pal

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    Clownshoe. I take it he has big feet to make up for the small brain?