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  1. Jakes Pal

    Picture(s) tell a thousand words

    It's colours, they are fine. I am buying one is those shirts for every day of the week, with labels sown into the hem to keep track of the day.
  2. The word of The Lord. R'amen.
  3. The High Pastafarian should never apologize, for he is Omnipotent and all wise. My faith is shaken.
  4. Jakes Pal

    Gerrard and Halliday Post Match Interviews

    This time last year Pedro was stamping about in a shrubbery and talking about caravans. It is remarkable how quickly things can change in planet football.
  5. Jakes Pal

    In to the play offs!

    Whilst it is the diddy UEFA competition, getting to the Europa Group stage would be a huge boost in financial, confidence, feel good and squad competition terms. We could end up playing some top sides that would have Ibrox guaranteed rammed with players desperate to earn a place in the team, thus providing the motivation required domestically. The UFA game has suddenly become massive.
  6. Jakes Pal

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    I am celebrating finishing a game with 11 men. Seems to be an achievement for us given some of the referees we have had so far. Well done tonight, did what we had to do.
  7. Jakes Pal


    Earned his wage tonight. We should expect or ask for nothing more.
  8. Jakes Pal

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Thing is, they almost did it last night. I was watching the last 15 minutes though my fingers praying that AEK could hold on. They were the better team in the second half, and did create enough chances to get the result they were desperate for. However, joyously, as we all know they did not get the result, where as a year ago I am sure they would have put a half fit AEK out. Things are obviously not great between Brendan and the board, what happens during the remainder of the transfer window will either see them kiss and make up or see Brendan start to work his ticket.
  9. Jakes Pal

    Make no mistake

    Loving the last few days, enjoying the positivity around The Gers again, but I am not getting too carried away. We still have to do our talking on the pitch against them, and although it sticks in the craw to say it, they still are the team to beat. I would imagine Lawell will loosen the lid from the tin over the next few days to appease the slavering hordes and to try and ensure that they get the league again this year. I do agree with the sentiment expressed by some that it will not take much for them to implode. Having had things entirely their own way for so long, they are unequipped to deal with it when things do not go as planned. If they do Timplode, we must make sure that we are in a position to take advantage. In the meantime, we should turn our attention to Maribor, and hopefully make it a true Carlsberg week for us.
  10. Jakes Pal

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Doubt that I will sleep tonight, the coefficient is preying upon my mind.
  11. Jakes Pal

    Where the f*ck are the new kits?

    Demand for the new kits was huge before, but with many Bears currently getting (a tad prematurely IMHO) carried away by the Gerrard impact, people would be buying kits for their whole family including the budgie right now. As you suggest JCDBB, a stupendous own goal in a summer where the board have otherwise done very well.
  12. Jakes Pal

    stadium tours cancelled tomorrow ?

    Skinny bastard, I am 4x at least. I will buy a shirt if I can get one big enough, but I will wear it around the house. No way will I assault the eyes of the Great British Public with the sight of my belly stuffed into a tight fitting fitba shirt.
  13. Jakes Pal

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Heart ruling head time, but I am thinking 2-1 to us. They have to come after us, leaving them open to the counter.
  14. Jakes Pal

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Given that we have let so many go from the squad, we can only hope that we are not caught out by a spate of injuries. Good result & performance today.
  15. Jakes Pal

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Maribor Thread***

    Soft pen but who cares. Build on this now Gers.