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  1. OT for the thread I know, but was reading this morning that McIlroy has finally punted for Eerie at the next Olympics. Not really a surprise, but I wonder if it will lead to any problems for him if, as inevitable he receives criticism from some of his own countrymen, especially with Royal Portrush rapidly approaching. As for the USPGA, gotta be Tiger, out to prove to his still many doubters that his Masters triumph was no fluke.
  2. Probably get some Mhank claiming this proves Rangers were the Luftwaffe's favourite team. Where on earth did you find that?
  3. Not so much as a mention of the incident in two match reports I read this morning. Officially nothing to see it seems.
  4. Well, that was a bit of a non event that half, eh?
  5. According to the rules that did not apply to us today, 10,000.
  6. Well said. I think it is safe to say that DC has bought into the Rangers way, despite the fact that (according to some) he is despised by the majority of Bears because of his Geopolitical/almost certainly (although I do not know for certain or care) RC cultural background.
  7. Rangers supporter from Carmyle. Nuff said.
  8. I do not know if the above qualifies for a dammed with faint praise or not. Needless to say, he was outstanding today.
  9. Perhaps, however I could see that the attitude from the first minute was different. If SG could manage to produce that sort of performance every week, we would have very few worries.
  10. How can that be the same team (more or Morelos) that was so poor at the weekend?
  11. I think my eyes are now starting to bleed from watching this.
  12. Like their whole rotten institution, it is diseased.
  13. Wonder what Boyd thinks about foreign referees now?
  14. The additional game is for the league only. Morelos will be available for the replay.
  15. Just another example of the recent trend with the opposition, be it players, fans or indeed management seem to think it is unacceptable for Rangers to celebrate scoring a goal or winning a match. I would suggest that some of those people are victims of their own propaganda that they somehow killed us off, and the sight of celebrating Rangers players & supporters is too much for their wee brains to handle. If the story about the pictures in the dressing room is true, and DM was complicit with this action, then it makes his post match reaction even more of an embarrassment, likes to give it out, but cannae take it.
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