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  1. How long before some SNP/Groin Brigade/BLM twat starts complaining about offensive images being beamed onto public buildings in the City?
  2. Was there that night, could not believe what I was watching unfold before me. I may be wrong but I believe that we were the first to beat Lyon at home, either ever, or for a very long time. Getting out of the ground at the end was very hairy, local cops were not pleased, funneled us in a very tight cordon of fully riot gear clad plod with batons drawn, just looking for any excuse to lay into us. Happy days indeed, thanks for the memory BIB.
  3. Hearts & PT have that option, however given the timescale, if they do have to go back to court then it will almost defo lead to an injunction against the start of the season. I am in two minds regarding this, on one hand I would love to see the evidence laid out against the Jap Baws SPFL Cabal, on the other hand we have over 40,000 who have committed themselves with serious cash to the start of the new season, even if that means watching the first 2 months on RTV.
  4. If the arbitration panel is genuinely independent, then yes. However the degree of corruption in the Scottish game at the moment has me having serious issues with regard to the impartiality of any panel put together in Scotland. Although it grates on me to go down a road previously travelled by the filth, perhaps we should be looking at bringing in arbitrators from other countries with no possible axe to grind with regards to either side.
  5. I would be surprised if the evidence of the Dundee email still exists. Routine cleaning of the inbox and personal privacy issues will no doubt be claimed for the deletion of any communications that would suggest that the SPFL is as crooked as a dogs hind leg as far as the Good Friday cover up is concerned.
  6. The only thing that matters in this situation IMHO is that the truth will out with regard to the Dundee vote. If it turns out that the SPFL received the vote, ignored it, and influenced Dundee to change their mind then the game is a bogey.
  7. As I said in an earlier post, beer bellies and fitba shirts are a definite no as far as I am concerned, however each to his own I suppose, I will not be getting on my high horse (not that I could probably) about seeing a twenty stone guy in a replica top.
  8. Football fans are notoriously traditional when it comes to their Clubs colours. Castore are doing the right thing by not going too radical on their first kit, not that they could go too radical with the home kit at anytime really. I would imagine that they will be given a little more artistic license with the away and third kits.
  9. Please, I was not disagreeing with anything you said, just pointing out a wee thing from the past that you no longer see at Ibrox nowadays, like the Govan Burgh Band for example. As for the shirt, I am a firm believer that beer bellies and foootball shirts do not combine well, so sadly I will not be making a purchase even if they do make sizes for the more generously proportioned amongst us. I will contribute in another way, a polo shirt or a couple of hats, once the full range of gear is available.
  10. You do not see blue and white block scarves at Ibrox anymore but I have an old blue and white that my Old Man passed on to me, must be 70 years old at least, and it is machine produced, not hand knitted so they were being made by someone to cater for a demand. Next time you come across an old photo of the Bears on the terraces, have a closer look.
  11. Miniscule article in the Daily Mail today regarding the new legal action, which went with the "separate entity" line. I think that leaves me with the Racing Post as a paper that I am prepared to actually buy now.
  12. Having had to help put the pieces together again after my Old Mans heart attacks, and the other associated problems caused by heart disease, I have every sympathy for anyone affected by this condition. Hope he makes a good recovery, I would have said full, but there is no such thing as a full recovery from this condition.
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