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  1. God Almighty. I remember when Rangers managers were employed for several years before we even started to consider getting rid. At least give the Guy until Xmas, if we are sitting 5th in the table and playing shit, by all means take action. There is no denying that the European result was a calamity, however we have to give Caixhina time to work with the squad and see how things pan out domestically over the next 6 months.
  2. I am sorry, but it has to be said, how DARE they charge anyone connected with Celtic with any wrongdoing. Do those silly people at UEFA do not realise that Celtic are untouchable? Someone should get them telt.
  3. Sergio Leone's next movie.
  4. I wonder if I should start a petition against petitions? Would anyone sign it, and even if they did, would anyone else care?
  5. I defy anyone who has Rangers at heart to say that this is not the lowest we have sunk. We have suffered a cataclysmic result which will have an inevitable knock on effect on the rest of the season. One can only hope that we truly hit rock bottom tonight, I am at a loss to think how it could get any worse.
  6. Anyone with a bit of tactical knowledge
  7. We had better. It is games like this that start momentum. Get a few good results under our belt, hopefully qualify for the Groups and start the domestic season on a high. The opposite does not bear thinking about.
  8. Would not know, have never seen him before.
  9. The guys going to the away leg may be seeing more of a game than first thought.
  10. Pity Wallace got in the way there.
  11. Sorry guys, got to be negative here, Dalcio's hairstyle is mingin.
  12. Come on Gers, get the first, others will follow.
  13. When I saw the thread title I thought that those swivel eyed loons from across the City had taken another advert out about us in s Swiss newspaper. Today being an appropriate day to do so in their deranged World.
  14. Silly question. I have been a Bear since my sperm days, spent the best part of my youth following Rangers home and away including Europe, spent the best part of adulthood including middle age following Rangers home and away including Europe, now watch Rangers on TV due to being a full time Carer. I get one day respite a month, once in a Blue Moon does that day include a Rangers match day, I go if I can get a ticket. If every true Ranger was able to turn up at Ibrox for every game we played there, we would need a stadium of a size that would defy the laws of physics and gravity to be able to accommodate them. Season ticket holders are great, they show their support up front, but you really do not need to be a season ticket holder to be a true Rangers fan.
  15. When was this No Criticism of Celtic Act passed by our Toytown Parliament? Did I miss it in the media? The hysterical reaction to King's fishing expedition is by no means the first instance of the Scottish press rallying to defend the good name of Celtic when someone has dared to offer up anything other than toe curling platitudes about the hooped horrors. This is especially true of The Blessed Brendan, may God have mercy on the soul of anyone who dares to criticise the anointed one. I hear that he has taken a break from pre-season to pop over and sort out the famine in South Sudan & Somalia before nipping over to Syria to bring an end to the horror unfolding there.