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  1. I will raise a glass to your memory Fernando. Thank you for being one of us.
  2. Unless the moron responsible for launching the missiles had had the foresight to wear gloves, then I would imagine that all the evidence the Police and Procurators need will be on said missiles, unless of course they manage to lose the evidence or did not process it properly.
  3. At least The Polis (as far as I know) managed to track down and arrest this Hammarby fan. As far as I am aware, those naughty Swedes who bottled the two Weans and carried out an arson attack on Rangers property have still never been found.
  4. More than likely, as the precedent seems to have been set recently that attacking Rangers supporters will only see you get a bit of a talking to. These idiots are effectively being encouraged to break the law.
  5. Do you remember when watching Rangers used to be enjoyable?
  6. I still have mine in very good condition apart from it having mysteriously shrunk somewhat over the years.
  7. Have to disagree, he set out to stop them winning as opposed to us winning, he shat the bed. 100%, hopefully he learns from this.
  8. 100% Gerrards fault today for his shitbag team selection and tactics. We got exactly what we deserved.
  9. They have pressed us the same way we pressed them on the last two games at Ibrox. We need to reciprocate and stop showing the bastards any respect.
  10. Not really surprised at Alfredo dropping out, as has been the norm so far with the Thursday/Sunday routine. Surprised at Jones not starting though.
  11. I take it that the Pacific Quay Emerald will be in attendance today despite their self imposed ban on covering games from Ibrox? How nice would it be if just for once our Board had the balls to help them out with their self imposed ban. Hopefully by way of consolation, the bastards will be trying to choke themselves with their microphones at the full time whistle.
  12. Absolutely, if Jones is not virtually foaming at the mouth to get at this mhob today then I will be surprised.
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