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  1. Good grief, defo not our day.
  2. Pity that you do not get a goal for hitting the corner flag.
  3. Hamilton by far the better team in this half so far. Worrying.
  4. Govan true blues

    What I love about that photo is the Colours on display. Just about every photo you see from the 80's The Bears are head to toe in hats and a scarf round the neck and both wrists. On a trip to Ibrox now I would suggest that it is around 50/50 between those wearing any sort of Rangers favour, and those in mufti.
  5. Rangers related picture thread

    Empire Exhibition at Bellahouston Park 1938
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    The BBC is not fit for purpose. Any idea that it is a neutral organisation is laughable and is therefore in breach of its Charter. Either break up or strip back down to the Base and start again.
  7. Was anyone on Nuremberg's train?

    James "were you at the game caller?" Sanderson. The Wee shite stuck the boot into us big-time, but did the same to the rest. He would be horrified to see Scottish football as it exists today.
  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Hopefully Anderlecht turn up at the Piggery with a point to prove, and that PSG have not tired of passing them around like a scud mag in Primary 7 by the time they play them again.
  9. Rangers related picture thread

    Had the absolute honour of meeting and greeting the Man a few years back at a NARSA convention.
  10. The table at full time

    If anyone with the proper name your bet APP could do so, please ask William Hill for the odds on such a sequence of results. Might be worth a quid or two.
  11. Hearts v Rangers: The Goals

    Tav is a very decent player. He is not International class, but a very good professional footballer in common with almost all of out squad. All we need is a manger who knows how to play Tav & the rest to their abilities and we will not be far away from doing something. Pedro was wrong to say that we have the best squad in Scotland, but we have a very good squad that would be capable of doing serious damage WITH THE RIGHT MAN AT THE HELM.
  12. The table at full time

    I think there is a song about accenuating the positive. Perhaps we should learn the lyrics. Despite everything, I think we have a pretty decent squad and given the right guidance and leadership, we can still do something this season.
  13. As away days go

    We took 20,000 to Barcelona a few years ago, 12000 to Porto, 10000 to Villareal, God knows how many to Manchester, we probably have the best travelling support in World football. Imagine how may we would take if we were actually any good?
  14. As away days go

    What a trip. I sat beside Broxi Bear (who has a very strong Norn Iron accent) on the plane, we marched through the airport (with Broxi who had become mute) , had a fabulous time in a beautiful city, enjoyed a fabulous game of football beating Lyon in a previously impregnable fortress and ended up the evening in the company of a charming Madamoiselle.
  15. Hearts v Rangers: The Goals

    Just how good was that cross from Tav?