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  1. Strikers that have never scored for us....

    Roy Race & Hotshot Hamish.
  2. Alfredo Morelos

    I would like to see some mathematician try to work out El Buffalo's worth in Dembele Dollars. It was probably easier to map the human DNA genome, and that only took about 50 years.
  3. Rangers Scotsman Forums

    I LOVE the fact that they are all over the merest mention of Rangers. It has been said before, but is well worth repeating that the fact that all they can do (THEM & The Diddies) is talk about The Rangers, is the ultimate compliment to us. They hate us more than they love their own Clubs. I post occasionally on P&B and anything I say no matter how innocuous provokes a deluge of comments desperate to be negative in any way towards us. Job done as far as I am concerned.
  4. Rangers related picture thread

    A one off game in Warsaw against this team. We won, I was there, I was drunk on vodka at 50p per litre, Polish Vodka. Vodka was so cheap it was not worth blagging it at the airport. Came back with about eight litres of the stuff. We played THEM the following Sunday at The Piggery with an early kick off. I took a couple of litres up to my mates house who was hosting the pre match swally as the pubs were not open, suffice to say the place was rocking by 9am. Happy, happy days.
  5. Safe standing

    I know them as Glasgow celtic Council.
  6. Safe standing

    Quite right. The potential damage you could do with one of those bamboo canes you get with your flag is shocking. Also, anyone caught smoking in the cludgie should be put up against a wall and shot.
  7. Spongebob

    Bloody typical of Rangers, another Mason in the team.
  8. Rangers related picture thread

    If ever an image captures just how we feel about THEM, this has to be it.
  9. Nacho Novo

    The saying that what is for you will not go by you is particularly apt here. Some people drink, smoke and eat to excess their entire lives without so much as a murmur from their heart, and yet super fit athletes can literally drop dead from heart failure. Perhaps it is in your genetic make up, perhaps it is sheer luck, or for those who believe in that sort of thing, it is divine providence. Whatever the cause of this dreadful disease, may those who suffer from it enjoy a speedy recovery.
  10. Pedro taking Pena back

    Reading the back pages this morning, looks as though Pena is well on his way back to Mexico, with no financial loss on our part. Good news I suppose,but slightly frustrating in that I think there is a player in there somewhere .
  11. Rangers legends in Berlin on Saturday

    Er, sorry folks, I thought that this was the Rangers legnds thread. Sorry again to have bothered you.
  12. Nacho Novo

    All the best Wee Man, you are responsible for many a happy memory for many people .
  13. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    It seems to be that there are some drunk people posting on this thread from what I am reading. A lot of posts off topic from the thread title and purpose of the message in welcoming a fellow Bluenose to the Club. Can only be a good thing IMHO.
  14. It took until she had spat out his fith brat for her to realise that he ia a bawbag? Jesus H Christ girl.
  15. Brown.

    A diet of plastic bricks will do that to you.