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  1. True feelgood factor will only return once the silverware starts to roll in again, and we have wiped the smug smiles off of the faces of all those invested Scottish football who confidently predicted that we would never be a force again. When we do win a major trophy again, it will be like that scene from Kingsman, all over the World.
  2. I should do, I was there. 3-0 up in jig time. The Chadwick Stand went tonto. A great day most enjoyable, I will put my forgetfulness down to 10 cans of Budweiser.
  3. Is it not 10 years since winning an honour? I agree with you that Gerrard knew only too well about the standard of Scottish football when he took on the job, what he may not have realised at first, but has learned, that Rangers are a Club like no other when it comes to the loyalty, fanaticism and ruthless demands of its support. What Scottish football lacks in technical quality is made up for in passion, most of that passion being channeled towards hatred of us. If SG manages to win the Title for us this season he will be up there with Souness, and his grounding in Scottish football management will set him up for the rest of his career.
  4. You would enjoy the video from the Killie fan (snigger) who realised that he had spunked ยฃ500 on a flight to see CQN play in Belgrade. Aw Naww, aw naww , aw naww and on and on.
  5. Every day is a school day. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Should have remembered that, Peter Sellers movie The Mouse that roared was very loosely based on Luxembourg. He played the part of the general of the army of The Grand Duchy of Grand Fenwick. They somehow manged to defeat the United States. Great movie.
  6. I was right at the back of the bottom tier trying to get a bit of shelter from the elements when some eejit dropped a huge bloody flag down in front of me. Fortunately it prevented me from seeing what transpired on the pitch. ๐Ÿ˜
  7. I would like to agree totally, but after all of those Kille fans (snigger) who booked for Belgrade have found out, the old adage about counting your chickens is worth respecting. Sometimes you find that all those chickens have been shipped off to Colonel Saunders.
  8. It is strange why Smartcards cannot be used. I would imagine that the ticketing system software must be able to reconcile payments received against card activation, no matter how close to the game the payment is received.
  9. And mulgrew๐Ÿ˜€,he'll probably leave his kids in the car for the duration of the match๐Ÿ™„ I doubt that there will be any sort of purespeshulrelashunship formed between the Clubs on Sunday.
  10. Just be glad that you get one. This game is a guaranteed sell out regardless of the short turnaround time. We have a small Principality sized itch to scratch, never has a game against such a low standard of opposition ever taken on so much importance.
  11. If so, it would pull the rug from beneath my argument.
  12. Jakes Pal


    Apparently they had 20. I remember a game at Ibrox a good few years ago, we played FC Unpronounceable from somewhere east of Siberia who had about 15/20 odd with them, they were housed in a specially cordoned area in the Main.
  13. If we used a British airline then we (may) technically not have left UK territory at any time. Just a thought, not sure how things go with legal jurisdiction on inter continental flights.
  14. What about Jellystone Park Rangers? Yogi would make a great mascot for them, he has always been a good Bear.
  15. We went through having played on the continent but not leaving our country. Good pub question in the future.
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