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  1. Gutting news to hear , RIP Fernando.
  2. 2019 RSEA badge on sale now . Another cracker !
  3. Just spat me tea out seeing that, dogs just no don’t they.
  4. Same as the 1.0 doing they got in December.
  5. Been sober for 17 years but what a buzz I’m on now . Lump in the throat at the end , great performance from the team. More of the same we won’t go far wrong.
  6. Had some of that , chance to win the shirt and H4H donation. Win Win.
  7. Heads up troops , just ordered 3 via the website.
  8. And they took half the stand away from the bears , the noise their making you wouldn't think so.?
  9. Your fucking shitting me . These bastards better be gone next season.
  10. my twin Boy's with a absolute legend, 1997.
  11. They don't give a shit about the Rangers support. We're always treated with contempt.
  12. Shame the dentist weren't open today, rather have been there. Turned off after 3.
  13. That's me , start work at 4 . Dont think I'll be late. Hats off to the Bears at the piggery keep safe. .
  14. Don't worry, they bastards will be fighting, stabbing each other come Sunday evening.?
  15. Your ticket from st Pancras is valid from KC don't worry your not the only twat who's bought another ticket, dickhead here did the same . I'm on the 9.30 Edinburgh train
  16. My old man has just belled me with a ticket that he picked up personally from the ground. I registered on SW website last week but couldn't get 1 on the net so the old fella done the business for me . Told me they asked for postcode or registered no and it turned up trumps.
  17. Yep, my old man is hopefully getting me 1 on Monday, he lives in Grantham and fancys a day in Sheffield.
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