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  1. It would be a shame to see them go - I had high hopes they would usher in a new era of us signing guys from that region on a regular basis.
  2. And yet this angle of the footage wasn't suitable (or some pish) to appeal him getting carded for 'kicking McKenna'
  3. If true, just get the team to skip the OF game to make a stand at how much of a witch hunt this is becoming, all done whilst ignoring the actual issue of players having the crap kicked out of them during the game seemingly without issue - as discussed during the match yesterday, Morelos was the lead photo on the Beeb's website during the game, rather than any game-based incidents. Saves our x hundred fans being forced into their stadium hours ahead of the match like cattle too.
  4. Davies can't start the OF game. The manager needs to kiss and make up with McCrorie.
  5. FFS - shown on the main football page too despite his goal
  6. Certainly showing a lot more bite in the last five minutes - Morelos has made a real push forward too.
  7. No doubt there will be more - albeit against us.
  8. No wonder - we play every the same teams 83 times a year. They'll be that used to coming to Ibrox that it's near enough a home game.
  9. That's what Katic brings. Shame it all started from what Davies seems to fecking bring (losing the ball in the opposition box and leading to a break)
  10. They paired up well on left in the few cases when they both played along with Katic. Just back from injury though - there's a lot of expectation at this point too as the jury's out for both.
  11. Interesting - two of the subs I actually wanted to give us something on the left. Fair play for doing it before 83 minutes... Who's going off for Grezda & Barasic - presumably Halliday & Davies or Coulibaly, or is Kent going off for once?
  12. If I had Goldson as the lead CB in front of me pretty much every game, I'd be losing it too.
  13. Can we have dispensation to make six subs at half time?
  14. We better not hold of making subs until we lose a second, again.
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