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  1. Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest given the nonsense they've been flinging in the media. If they were still in the Europa, come 18 months from now they'd be citing how they were still going strong 27 months into it. Unbeaten home and away for a joint-record 18 months at that point 🙂
  2. Clearly the easy solution's just to make next season in every league a 'win one league title, get another free' 🙂 Demotion counts double, so you're down two leagues.
  3. I can't see Aberdeen being willing to accept standings either - the fourth spot only gets a Europa place if one of the top three wins the Scottish Cup (currently unplayed). Hearts potentially could still stay up, and Hamiltion could also play themselves out of the relegation play-off spot. You can't have just the automatic promotion/demotion done yet discount the playoff teams - they've fought (and spent) to get there. Unfortunately you just can't play said games fairly. You've also got the prize money per spot: 1st - 13.40% - £3,350,000 2nd - 9.60% - £2,400,000 3rd - 8.25% - £2,062,500 4th - 7.25% - £1,812,500 5th - 6.75% - £1,687,500 6th - 6.25% - £1,562,500 7th - 5.75% - £1,437,500 8th - 5.50% - £1,375,000 9th - 5.25% - £1,312,500 10th -5.00% - £1,250,000 11th - 4.75% - £1,187,500 12th - 4.50% - £1,125,000 There's a few teams with a chance of moving up a place or two, but for the sake of £100k (a lot of money to most clubs here, but dwarfed by likely legal fees) I don't know if they'd fight it. Delaying the league to the summer's a minefield between player contracts being up, transfers taking place and fixed holidays for some players/coaches., assuming we could even play at that point given the projected 'peak'. Starting the next season early allows teams to potentially bring in a big-name loan or two in order to help the relegation or promotion fight, but interferes with the zillion qualifiers for Europa2 , Europa and CL. Every league's impacted at this point, and realistically in the same way - it should be a UEFA decision that applies to every country. Hopefully they void any cup(s) already won whilst they're at it if they rule the season void 😉 I think other sports have to be on-board too - if the football season's void, so is the f1 etc. Having different decisions makes it messy.
  4. Guaranteed that Alfie would get booked and persecuted by the media for running towards and goading the opposition fans after scoring, irrespective of where in the empty statium he was to run to.
  5. Gilmour had better not sway the rest of the u21s to join him down south whilst he's with the squad. Although given the lack of chances we've given them, I can't imagine that it would be that tough to persuade some of them 😞
  6. Pretty sure he gave both of them - probably two of the best paid players at the club - new contracts around Christmas.
  7. There wasn't really any pressure on them tonight - league was already gone, we were at home playing the team at the foot of the table with a minus 20 something goal difference. To put pressure on them, and to make a point, we should have had the reserves out with Hagi for this game.
  8. No chance Hagi will want to stay with us at this rate.
  9. And just been given the Captain's band. Confidence inspiring.
  10. Would only happen if we were leading the table.
  11. It's been the same most games this year - had we been scoring freely, the defensive mistakes wouldn't really have mattered. Unfortunately our team performances have been the equivalent of someone vomiting whilst having the shits, and the sink's too far away to cover both.
  12. Are we still not allowed to moan about Goldson?
  13. The bit at the bottom of my garden does, in addition to growing 3x faster than the rest of it. That's what happens when you dig up all of the weeds and use a dozen or so random brands of grass seed patch, all mixed together. I really should donate it to science.
  14. How often do we sit 3/4 of the way up the pitch only to pass from left touchline to right touchline, and back again, with zero movement forward during that time (most players from both teams in or around the box)?
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