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  1. I'm pretty pissed that we don't have a statement out already - headline news across the Scottish media, and we're nowhere to be seen yet in terms of reply. I'm not convinced that this has come up without advance warning of publication. edit: When's the pre-match press duties due?
  2. Astoundingly brilliant news - already immense, and I've no doubt he's going far further. Just wish he was the starting CB in our team.
  3. Blimey. Cracking goal by the Algerian number 9.
  4. I think Alfie commented on both matches being close before he set off, and how this worked out well for him due to the reduced travel. Hopefully he grabs a goal or two tonight - tough ask against a famously stingey defence though. Don't think Columbia's made it past the half-way line in the first five minutes here πŸ˜„
  5. With comments like that I refuse to believe that the likes of Sutton aren't on the payroll to be ever spinning stories in their favour.
  6. All in, a great day. Solid result, some nice play, some cracking goals. Top of the league, increased the goal difference gap too. Despite Defoe's hattrick, my MOTM is @BillyG91
  7. I'd stick on Alfie for Ojo here - everyone bar him seems up for a royal pumping
  8. Imagine the opposition player if him and Katic went for the same ball against them. They'd have to censor the screen and show a 60's Batman 'kapow' sign.
  9. @BillyG91 - excellent work with the stream!
  10. that's our second denied penalty today - hope celtic and sportscene acknowledge that πŸ˜‰
  11. Neat play by Karama there after Ojo played him into trouble.
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