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  1. C'mon - get a goal. Any kind of goal. It will break them.
  2. Hopefully his club recall the bastard come January if they get a new manager in. Definately made the difference for them today.
  3. If we lose this in this fashion, I'm a bit worried where our season goes. The draw was painful, but this builds their confidence and kills ours. Massive 10 minutes.
  4. Defoe and Stewart on for Aribo & Arfield for me - we need to fire in shots from every and any angle, and look for deflections. Ten men - go at them.
  5. I don't want to click like to this, but ffs - I'm in the same boat. We need an 'agreed' button.
  6. Twice brown got off with no booking in the space of a minute.
  7. I can't like this post enough. Deflection, wonder goal, last-second scrappy goal - I don't care. Morelos, Ojo, whoever. For this game, all I want is a win at any cost.
  8. We need to take this game back by the scruff again. Lost our shape a bit here.
  9. I don't think he'd have got the ball to Kent from there - there were two defenders. Shooting was the right choice.
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