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  1. I'd argue that our current forward line of just Alfie is worth that too :)
  2. Does the SPFL yearly financial reports give a breakdown of their software costs and list who the producer/maintainer is of this custom super-duper random fixture selector programme? Just wondering how much Peter charges them to be hunched over Excel for a couple of hours whilst he fills in the spreadsheet for them...
  3. I'd forgot that he received several red cards in that match... Absolute drivel and frothing, and I'd hope our PR team call them out.
  4. Six, when we win the CL after gaining automatic entry for this season after taking home the Europa. Maybe even seven if we have to run out the reserves in the Europa for this new season since we're in the qualifiers. First team to win the CL and the Europa twice all in the same season, Alfie to get record european goal counts by playing them all.
  5. That would have been a fairly filthy goal - really nice build up.
  6. Jeez - I'd forgot that the five-sub horror was approved. The idea that Aberdeen, plus most other teams, will be making five even-more-defensive subs each game is just depressing.
  7. I think that's the key point - if we don't play him in the event that he might be sold, working on the basis that he could be injured or might not give his all, we set a precedent that he can't be played at all until he's sold on the same basis. Unless we happen to bring someone else in before he leaves, I don't know that we can afford to leave him out - we need every point we can get in the league, and we need to get through the euro qualifiers. I'd play him.
  8. If they really do need cash from sales, we should bid shamefully low for Lewis Ferguson.
  9. frenv

    Tomket Tires

    If it brings in money, fair enough - we need it. Still looks shit though, and sounds a bit third division-y.
  10. Exactly the same kind of counter that gets us every fecking time in these type of games as well - the one that we all know's coming when it gets to a certain point of the match.
  11. two players per position would be nice, but if they're near identikit players meaning that we swap like-for-like, it's a sub that doesn't change anything. Big bastard lump of a centre forward and a similar midfielder please.
  12. Must admit, I didn't expect bottom table SPL style play from them, but maybe that's not a bad thing - this is the kind of style that we need to work out how to fight. Sadly we're still trying the same stuff right here. Is this what League 1 games are like in general?
  13. Get the countdown theme going, speeding it up every loop. Make a point to the players.
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