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  1. Hollicom must be loving celtic's increasingly ingenuius ways to keep the abuse story out of the news - Clyde's phone lines will be too full of crying celtic fans wanting Lennon's head to let anyone even considering bringing it up through.
  2. Does this mean it's finally acceptable to discuss their abhorent crimes and coverups on Clyde SSB?
  3. They'll be kicking themselves for rejecting any high-ish bids they've had for McKenna shortly. Hell, they'll be begging for bids at this rate.
  4. Pretty bold move from Hollicom by getting the players to fix the match in Cluj's favour.
  5. Jeez, these new defenders must be amazing to be kept out by those who played. Can't see popcorn doing an interview - he's shown in recent years that he hides when it goes badly, and boy has it gone badly. Wonder how many in that squad will be miffed at the lack of CL yet again? Fingers crossed their squad harmony isn't impacted in any way...
  6. I FUCKING LOVE YOU ALFIE xxxx How to make a point that you don't appreciate being benched 😉 What a goal too.
  8. I can't be doing with another last-gasp winner if they equalise at some point here. Don't get me wrong - I'd certainly take that if it came to it as we need six points out of six - but this should be far, far out of sight.
  9. My only recurring issue is the lack of early, pro-active subs. We have a good bench there - lots of options. We need to be using them.
  10. Some cracking tackles by our defence again today
  11. Despite the umpteen great chances I'm still pissed their defender wasn't carded after taking down Jones 😄 If this doesn't end up as a complete pumping, I'll be disappointed. We need to be ruthless here.
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