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  1. frenv

    Squad rotation next few weeks

    Even better being able to look at the bench and thinking that there's players who can improve and change what's on field too if things aren't working.
  2. I get the impression that there is a divide between the Scottish players and the French ones. Maybe I need to watch their matches, which is a horrible thought, but it's the Thumb that generally seems to be the one that gets Rogers out of jail every time when a result just isn't happening. Yet Rogers immediately waxes lyrical about one of the French guys and drops the Thumb again accordingly. Rogers apparently dislikes the twat more than I do. I don't know how long he's been there for, but 100 goals from a third choice striker (second now, at least for the moment) is sadly a damn good return. A return that most players wouldn't leave as being happy about being third choice. I'll be happy when he is finally forced out because he's not the manger's cup of tea, being sold to Hibs whilst they bring in an expensive European dud who gets a goal every 20 games. Or, better still, another Comper.
  3. frenv

    Half Time team talks

    imagine what the half-time team talk will do to the team if he does that.
  4. I went into that with no expectations. Getting a draw against a top end Spanish team away from home? Brilliant. I'm still convinced that they're getting to know each other - the sooner we can rid ourselves of those inexplicably weak first halves, and we showed we could more than hold our own even there, we're in for a damn good run.
  5. I don't think we have an option - we simply have to 🙂 Love the guy.
  6. Some really, really nice play this half, 3 goals (still should have been four mind), some really poor challenges and more poor ref'ing. I'll take it. Let's see some of the new guys early on.
  7. Amazing that earned the first yellow of the match. Some genuinely shocking tackles let alone decisions thus far.
  8. Fecking great goal too 😞
  9. None of this stepping off the gas and throwing it away at the end today please - keep racking up the goals and put this out of sight, then add a few more to make a statement.
  10. frenv

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    I hope the plan is for Coulibaly to be air-dropped into the middle of the park shortly, still in his cage. The cage will crack open, releasing him against them, and that'll be our first sub.
  11. frenv

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Have celtic been really bad at defending long balls recently? It's not our game, but we're insisting on doing just that - and almost only that - right now
  12. Granted I've no idea how reliable the site is given that they list alan mcgregor as only having a deal until next summer (he came back on a two year deal), but it looks like they have a lot of players to be offering contracts to shortly unless they plan on replacing them: https://www.transfermarkt.com/celtic-glasgow/vertragsende/verein/371 that's before paying all of the players they have on their books that can't get a game.
  13. In fairness, given his recurring injuries that's really only a loan of 2-3 games.
  14. Or a 9m bid for another player just a few weeks prior who's also still there despite being able to sign for teams FOR FREE in a few months time.