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  1. Think we drop to third in the group if both results stay the same - 1 point ahead of bottom. After such a great start, and even going ahead three times tonight, that's pretty disappointing.
  2. We've taken the lead three times in this match - I'd be pretty delighted with a draw right now though which says it all.
  3. Thought it was a good interception/tackle by Katic (he ball gets taken away from Popic either way) - one of the main reasons I loved him when he arrived as he tends to get them right. Good follow up too ?
  4. That was brilliant - exactly the kind of drive we wanted from Coulibally to start with too. Never offside.
  5. this is a fecking mental game. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  6. ffs - clearly my stream's a good minute behind. shocking
  7. Two good corners in one game - what's going on?
  8. I'm guessing it was the same with their presser earlier too despite nothing appearing to be off limits for our own.
  9. That article's buried from their main news page already, at least on my 'feed', replaced with the following: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-46098908 (there is at least a link at the bottom named 'More on this story' which brings you to the first one)
  10. Penalty or not, how the feck did Kent even get past them two ?
  11. Much better - keep at them please
  12. If we were to get there, how does the next stage work - do the second placed teams get paired up with the CL 'rejects' (a-la potentially Spurs, United etc), or is it mixed?
  13. Ibrox sounds like it's carrying straight on from that second half crowd intensity from a few weeks back - sounds absolutely amazing again. To everyone there tonight - excellent work! ?
  14. I felt I had to given how the last european night went when I done so - bit of feel good watching them get pumped, followed by the main course. I guess it's superstition to a degree. Plus it's funny.