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  1. I just can't accept that they'd offer us less than Ojo, sadly.
  2. Nice play by Polster (again) and Arribo. Polster being good leads me to wonder if Jones, Barker and Stewart do have more to them and we just don't get to see them to make way for other favourites?
  3. Liverpool roots? It was a very decent cross ball by Polster there after running up the full length of the pitch.
  4. Biased presenter: "Kent pulls the trigger here" Apparently that's the very thing he's been in trouble for already this season...
  5. Now keep this up and sort out the goal difference.
  7. Based on our sub record over the last two years, I doubt anyone on her will have expected it. Fair play though - it's the right call.
  8. I said at the start of the season that I'd be happy winning every game as a tugid 1-0 if it meant winning the league. I still stand by that. Get through this and Buff's back in the first 11, and we know we causes havok with defences, dragging not one defender but most out of place - that lets our team play. Hopefully not far after, Tav also comes back in.
  9. If that's what's needed to ensure he doesn't move during this particular window, I'm all for it. For us to win the league, he's got to be here with us. I'll probably post the same again come the summer window too 🙂
  10. Dignified silence is where we fall down against them, rightly or wrongly. They know how to twist the narritive in their favour all too well, and that's helped by having most of the key media/pundit slots filled by their ex-players. Look at TLB being straight out with the support of the vile little bastard, now this pops up to bury the footage by creating a new story to focus on. The only time we've caught them off guard in recent years is when we went on the offensive after the last OF game, but we've never kept that pressure and allowed them to get back to their usual ways.
  11. Missile throwing's supposedly condemned across the board too. Banning from football grounds is the usual punishment for it...
  12. Don't think St Mirren have had the ball yet, although we've not done much since the opening minutes. Cue the Beeb probably reporting our posession at 21% or so later on.
  13. Their captain's going off already. nb. HesGoal's back up and running for those that want it.
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