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  1. I asked one of the guys in work if the origins of their huddle was a public 'wink wink' with regards to the ring at celtic park. Didn't go down well.
  2. They're just trying to normalise 'shower meetings' for their impending court cases.
  3. Apparently it's fine giving out tens of thousands of plastic ponchos to celtic fans, yet companies are being told off for 'killing the planet' by giving their customers a plastic straw 🙂
  4. The build up was worse - lengthy intro about Levine being sacked as Scotland manager, and coverage of the Cathrow time as manager (Cathrow was sacked mid 2017!), followed by postive retro european coverage for celtic. It wasn't appropriate to a cup final build up from a supposedly neutral broadcaster, let alone even being close to being balanced
  5. Might explain why it's still strangely off-limits on SSB. Threats like that should be a story in itself.
  6. I don't think Barisic will play given the surface, so Halliday's more likely.
  7. Katic is away early as he's playing for the U21 side for his country over the summer (a good decision, imo, to give him the same time off as everyone else).
  8. More big names, and some left-field ones, will continue to be rumoured to keep other news at bay.
  9. Kent and Defoe off for Candias and Morelos please. A Morelos goal during which he flattens someone en-route (and by someone, I mean Brown) = cherry on cake.
  11. I thought Kent was maybe slightly too far in front of it, hence trying to pass it on that way. Could be wrong - they've showed another replay of Brown going down instead of it here.
  12. Morelos will be desperate for a goal. That defence is going to give him that. Get him on.
  13. The original stream commentators were that biased that I didn't even notice that it had switched to the CelticTV one 😄
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