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  1. What suicidal cunt would want to manage that bunch next season. We are not in any position to be slagging any potential choice of manager tbh
  2. Seen our line up and theirs and decided that more alcohol will be needed for today?
  3. Sounds like there was more passion shown in the dressing room than on the pitch tbh...
  4. Regardless of who stays and who goes, the biggest damage is that yet again we are the laughing stock of Scottish football If I was cynical I would say it’s like a big distraction so people are talking about something other than how shite we were on the pitch Sunday.
  5. Whatever the truth/ real reason, we are this years pantomime yet again. The gift that keeps on giving.
  6. As always though we have the benefit of watching it again and again on replay. However if you follow through like that and a trigger happy ref has just a second to see it you can have few complaints. Just be grateful it didn't change the 3 points.
  7. I liked him and wanted him to do well. Seemed like a genuine bloke but it just wasn't the right job for him. I hope the players all join together and get behind Murty. Will be a hard situation for those players who only maybe signed because Pedro was manager and I wonder if the dressing room feeling about him going is split or not.
  8. 1-0 up in the 90th minute against a shite bottom of the league team with a penalty just awarded . How can you possibly fuck that up?? How many teams could manage that??? jesus wept
  9. Can you not get the Broxi Loyal Facebook stream. Working perfectly ?
  10. If there is one positive to take from today it is that Moult has more chance of fucking the scum over in the final than our bunch ever did ?
  11. Ref Did you not see Alves or Moult? Fucksake, brought to you courtesy of specsavers
  12. One of my kids has just said that Scottish football is a joke. He has a point with that shocking ref
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