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  1. If we sign Kent, an attacking mid and a solid center back... All hypothetical, let's just see what happens.
  2. Mine has arrived in Hong Kong today.
  3. The throw in was stupid, should have just been patient. That's both this year and last year we lost to Newcastle at the 4v4 part! Why was Mcpake subbed as well. Amazing how even the kids losing gives me the rage!
  4. Kelly is quality in the middle of the park.
  5. It's for the 3rd place teams and those knocked out in quarters. Just to give the kids more experience I think, the main cups the only real cup!
  6. Big Marvin Andrews equalising in the Masters final.
  7. That was a dire game. Result that matters though. In response to someone else's question, it's U21s but some teams (ourselves included) usually take teams a good bit younger. Others don't and look like giants.
  8. We were level on points, GD, GF and GA with Wolves so we played a 4 on 4 first goals the winner to decide who was top seed. We lost the drop ball and Wolves scored immediately. Shame, we should have done them in the group! The main cup quarter finals start at 315am UK time. In the event we make the final it will be on at about 1020am UK time.
  9. They've changed it a few times. That is the correct link for this afternoon.
  10. Rangers on next. HKRD just missed a pen then hit the bar, both chances to equalise against Wolves. https://youtu.be/PglZgOpPPZ4
  11. Our squad has been announced, looks quite strong this year, thought a few may want to watch this but may not know about it. It's streamed for free. Was hoping to see the lad Young-Coombes but Dallas, Kelly, McPake and Kennedy should be really competitive at this level. We finished 2nd last year, losing to Newcastle 1-0 AET and went out in the Semi's the year before. The Leicester captain from last year has been getting EPL game time this year and there are definitely some good players on show out here. We usually take a younger squad than the other teams, hopefully we can get the win as our youths have been cracking lately. We are in the same group as Wolves who just won the EPL2 and taken players from that squad. Leicester and Villa likely to be very strong too, Villa are always very good and have won the event 6 times previously. Other EPL teams are Newcastle, Brighton, West Ham, Fulham and Brighton. Rangers are due to play on Saturday at: 340pm HKT / 840am UK time vs Hong Kong FC (local club, the hosts, usually have good teams) 505pm HKT / 10:05am UK time vs Wolves 6:30pm HKT / 1130am UK time vs Hong Kong FA Red Dragons (The national side at the age group, they battered us a couple years ago and we won on golden goal somehow) If we get through the groups we will play the knockouts on Sunday. If we finish third we drop into the shield cup. Usually everything is delayed by 20mins or so for various reasons. Full Schedule - http://www.hksoccersevens.com/matches-2019/ All the games will be streamed here:
  12. Sorry for trying to give some of you moany faced bastards a heads up, I forgot I should have scowered through all the other threads first. Ps placed my order
  13. We aren't hanging around this year... shame it won't have the same impact of an orange jersey last year but hopefully it does well! £60 if anyone's wondering... Mental money for a football top but I'm sure most will buy it. £15 If you add names etc on the back. https://www.thegersstoreonline.com/replica-kits/home-kit/adult/747_rangers-19-20-hummel-home-shirt-adult.html
  14. Lewis save from Defoe's one on one was unreal. Aberdeen are utter garbage.
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