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  1. RDB14

    Europa League expectations

    I am not getting my hopes up but anything less than 1st place will be a let down.
  2. Thank fuck Ejaria scored or we would be completely fucked here.
  3. RDB14

    UFA game - TV blackout, any rumours?

    If you's can work a PC / MAC / Smart TV then just pay the fiver or whatever it is and stop ripping off your own club. I bet those doing that are the same ones saying we would make millions off our own TV deal.
  4. 3-5-2 didn't work for us. We were wide open all game. Back to the tried and tested now.. In fairness to Gerrard he was absolutely screaming at the team to push up just before the corner... Feel gutted. Hopefully we can get into the EL and pick up a win against celtic to get us all back up.
  5. Arfield is just being rested, not dropped. Haliday is only in there tonight as it's the easiest of our 3 games on paper. He has no chance of starting on Thursday or Sunday unless Barisic or Flanagan are injured.
  6. RDB14


    If he's happy enough to float around as a squad player which he seems to be then I don't think there's any harm keeping him around as emergency cover provided he is cheap. It's good to have some Scottish lads in the dressing room and he won't be near the first 11 when Barisic / Flanagan / Tav are all available for selection.
  7. RDB14


    Feel like games pass him by a bit but if Stevie G trusts him then that's good enough for me!
  8. We can't afford better than Morelos. If you take the fire out of him then you lose a big part of his game. He will become more streetwise in time, he is still learning and already one of our best players.
  9. That is utter pish. He relieved pressure on us so many times holding the ball up and ran himself into the channels at every opportunity. He was one of our best players tonight. We had a very clear gameplan and he was a big part of that. He needs to not motion with his head as the cunts in Scotland will send him off for that but besides that he was absolutely solid. Our whole 11 done fine, the only player I felt was slightly off the pace was Ejaria. He is alright in possession but doesn't seem to offer much going forward or defensively, just kind of drifts about and gets involved in the odd triangle of passing here and there.
  10. The fact people on here are raging with a fairly comfortable 0-0 away at HT against a team who were in the CL last season speaks volumes about the impact SG and co have had since they came in.
  11. Up at 3am for this. COME ON THE Rangers!
  12. RDB14

    Farewell Josh Windass

    Invisible tonight as always 😉 In all seriousness, I think his general attitude on social media is not good for the squad. You become what you surround yourself with and Windass acts like a tit on social media and is too inconsistent on the pitch. Glad he has been moved on, he is not the answer. Hopefully we can sign another good striker.
  13. People here need to chill out a bit, this mob were in the CL last year whilst we were getting slapped by Progres. If we can keep the high press up and get the breaks then we can nick this 2 or 3-1. Ejaria seems a bit of a luxury player, I'd take him off at half time or shortly after.
  14. Just let me pay now...
  15. This is so fucking stupid. Stayed up until 3am with work in the morning only for this pish. Never seen this for a game on RTV before.