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  1. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Now he has admitted it through his agent he should be told to fuck off or put through some intense training on his own for 2 years. This is completely and utterly unacceptable. As for not knowing his seat until he arrived... I'm fairly sure he could have left and watched the game on TV after he noticed. I hope Gerrard or Allen tell him to get to fuck asap.
  2. HKFC Soccer Sevens

    I think we will always be welcome. Its more if we choose to attend and I believe we were one of the last teams to accept this year and left it quite last minute. We always do well and I see more Rangers shirts than any other club.. Villa a close second. It's amazing how far our reach is, the Newcastle Jets manager today was a Rangers fan from Scotland! We always have a few players in the Masters too and a Rangers masters won it before (it's not easy, plenty of ex Premium players. The team with Wes Brown, David James, Michael Brown and Lee Hendrie went out in groups today.) Inside is decent. It's just so bloody hot! You can get a beer or jugs of beer, hot dogs, bacon rolls, burgers, pizza etc. If you can find someone who is a member of the HKFC (hosts) you can get a decent fry up etc beforehand too. But I prefer being down on the pitch. Also there's activities and games and stuff for kids to do on an adjacent pitch if there is family in tow - bouncy castle, football challenges (beat the goalie, some of those modern training machines where boards light up for you to pass to etc). It's definitely a Much Smaller event than the Rugby Sevens which is just a huge party but rugby is shite. If there's any players etc you want to speak to it's easy as they just wander around. David James was sitting 2 seats along from me for a while today and the Rangers lads were sitting in the food area. If you want to know anything specific or want any photos etc tomorrow just let me know as I will be back again for the knockouts.
  3. HKFC Soccer Sevens

    Agree. Craig Mulholland was just telling Rangers to keep the ball and Barjonas mentioned he felt we went for it too much last year and were out on our feet later. It is absolutely scorching here today too, 34 degrees with 80% humidity, hottest day for the last couple weeks. Our team look much better this year than last and the difference in Barjonas is amazing. He was very poor last year but seems to have much more composure and is dictating games this year. Burt looking good too.
  4. HKFC Soccer Sevens

    I made a thread first but I will use this one 😒 To answer the quote - Newcastle needed to avoid losing by 3 goals to go through. We were through and top unless we lost. Barjonas was losing the rag a bit cause players wouldnt move forward. It was actually a small selection of Newcastle fans booing, a few of them were shouting because Newcastle were literally just sitting back and their coach kept telling them not to concede and they were through. Callum O'Hare of Villa is lighting the game's he's involved in up as he did last year. The lad looks absolutely class.
  5. Hong Kong Soccer Sevens

    Oh and Clint Hill playing for Nottingham Forest Masters Team.
  6. Hong Kong Soccer Sevens

    Updates squad. Middleton, Wilson and Rudden not playing... Burt, Palmer and Gray added. First game is 251am UK time.
  7. 2017/18 In A Nutshell

    The players showed today they have plenty of character. I'm not one to make knee jerk reactions but based on the results, performances and reactions to bad results this seaaon - we just aren't good enough. It's not a mentality problem, it's a quality problem. I'd like to see us sign a top glass goalkeeper, a couple of solid mid-late 20's centre backs as an absolute priority. If we don't make those signings then it won't matter who we sign in other positions because we will keep conceding. McGinn wouldn't be a bad signing but we have quite a lot of centre mids.. the 2 centre backs are the absolute musts imo. I think Morelos will rip it up next season with a good break and the learning experience of this season.
  8. Itk posters

    Hardly anyone can have "itk" sources tbh. I am in mutual circles with a couple of guys in the squad and they genuinely never have a clue what is going on behind the scenes. So unless someone knows one of our directors or people close to them then it's usually nonsense. The rumours in particular I find to be nonsense are those along the lines of "we will have £XM of investment from someone in X Country". The numbers would never be confirmed or finalized until they were ready to be announced and details at that level will only be shared at the very top.
  9. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Big Klopp basically saying celtic are shittingg it.
  10. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    He really looked and sounded hungry and ambitious as fuck. Let's go!
  11. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    I'm in Thailand and the staff at the tiger park were talking about "Stevie G" going to Glasgow Rangers. If we get this right it could be some coup. Give Stevie some money to spend..
  12. Mr King his team

    I agree. I'm skeptical because of past appointments, particularly Caixinha, but I'm waiting to see how things develop. It wouldn't do others in our support any harm to do similar instead of reaching conclusions whilst also knowing fuck all.
  13. Craig Thomson Referee For Sunday.

    Thompson is a gimp and a shite ref but I'm pretty sure Souness, Ferguson, Gough, McCoist had dodgy refs to deal with and just went out and won to get it right up everyone. I wish we would shake off this victim shite, it reminds me of our scummy rivals. I'm more concerned about Murty shite tactics from Hampden and how he will go this time.
  14. Mr King his team

    Dunno why everyone's hammering him. We know fuck all. For all we know he has finally pulled the finger out and is taking responsibility by meeting Gerrard himself so he has some sort of accountability. Taking no part in hiring Caixinha was just a cowards way out of his share of the blame. Hopefully he learned from it.
  15. Judas

    In the window I thought he could add a bit of quality but he has been bang average since he joined Hearts so happy to admit I was wrong on this one!