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  1. He would probably cost £6m+ to replace like for like.... Plus he's Scottish so gets all the shite that comes with playing for Rangers. Now he has a year under his belt and could push us on next season. Nah, no thanks.
  2. RDB14

    Jermain Defoe

    I actually spent some time randomly in Defoe's company around 2005/2006 during his first spell at spurs... he was a bit of a dickhead primadonna tbh. But he woulda been young at the time, 22/23... so he is most likely a completely different person now. I have been really impressed with him since he has been at Rangers, has his head screwed on. I think the only way he will leave us is if he is properly frozen out and not getting any game-time... similar to Lafferty right now.
  3. RDB14


    Yeah I guess his previous stint will always be in the mind too. I thought he was our best player against Hearts though and today I don't think Kamara or Jack were any better than him. The main doubts I have over him Is that we already have so many central midfielders tied down for years and I think we should really lump all the money we have into a few players. that are a clear step up from what we have. But...If Davis is cheap and free then it's not so bad.
  4. RDB14


    I think he's better than Jack and Kamara, all emotions removed. Kamara is being overhyped at the moment and Jack is just an average busy midfielder with a bit of dig in him. The main benefit of Davis for me will be his know how in games we have let slip earlier this season. Given his contractual situation, I'd hope we can get better but think we could also do much worse than sign Davis if the deal isn't too expensive.
  5. RDB14


    Nonsense. Didn't happen with Sadiq or Coulibaly lately. He's benched Davis and Defoe plenty times too. I think Gerrard just picks who he sees as best. I guess he also knows the players better than us and maybe JW is more of a leader or thicker skinned or something than NK. Based on what I see I would be playing Katic though.
  6. RDB14


    I think physically he's fine. It's his passing that I actually think is suss. Might just be in my head as he had poor passing stats before joining us.
  7. RDB14


    We should play Katic the rest of the games to test him and also give him more experience against the best teams in the league. It would help him next season and give us an idea of where him and Goldson are at in terms of first picks. We are basically playing for nothing so playing Worral doesn't seem to benefit us in any way.
  8. RDB14

    Koh Samui

    Gogo bar loyal 🔴⚪🔵🇨🇷
  9. Live in Asia so easy to get about here! My birds got used to it now but she was particularly raging a couple of years ago.. we had a nice restaurant booked on the beach in Philippines with a live band and entertsinment... I was watching the old firm game with headphones in at a restaurant with a live band etc right up until the midnight fireworks.. ignoring all the entertainment around us 😂.. we lost and I was a right grumpy bastard the rest of the trip.
  10. RDB14

    Koh Samui

    Haha try and find a cable that will stream your phone to a TV. Then slip a few Baht to whatever bar manager you're in 🤷🏻‍♂️ money solves most situations in Thailand. I'm I exactly the same situation in 2 weeks in Bali... Except the game will be on during the actual after wedding party 😂
  11. Phuket, Pattaya, New York, Chengdu, Palawan, Manila, Bangkok, Brisbane, Melbourne. Scottish Cup Final Vs Hibs where we fucked it alongside Michael Mols and Marvin Andrews in Hong Kong RSC. The Brisbane RSC was usually very busy and the Hong Kong RSC was absolutely bouncing when we beat the filth on pens in the semi.
  12. RDB14

    Koh Samui

    Use Rangers TV mate. Take a laptop and Hdmi cable and hook it up to a TV in your hotel. Or just use the laptop itself.
  13. RDB14


    Everyone saying he is expensive when in reality, nobody has a fucking clue what wages he is on. He was excellent last night. And he is one of our only players with experience of winning things. Not surprising he has taken a while to get up to speed given his previous lack of game time.
  14. Ferguson, Amoruso, Albertz.... maybe Klos. That's it for me. Mcculloch and Wallace didn't exactly have world class clubs in for them and they would have been on a good wedge.
  15. All those wanting to sell him are missing the point ... You sell when stock is high.... Not low. He will score into celtic next time and be a hero again. Then next year he fires us to the title and buggers off for £20m sending Brown into retirement.
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