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  1. RDB14

    Ryan Jack pursued in Aberdeen Saturday night

  2. RDB14

    Ryan Jack pursued in Aberdeen Saturday night

    He used to frequent soul regularly. Doubt he got any bother, he grew up in the roughest part of Aberdeen and as such half his mates are from there. His brother looks his double so could even have been him. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. RDB14


    If Barisic had put in that performance we would be raving about him. His crosses and defending were top drawer. He should keep his place on merit. Barisic shouldn't walk in based on his transfer fee.
  4. RDB14

    Caption this

    I forgot about that. The diving prick jumped up after rolling around like a cunt holding his side. Should face action for shit like that.
  5. RDB14

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    If we get a 2nd goal they will crumble. They have the more experienced players though so I hope we get the 2nd and kill the game. Brown is having a howler. Arfield has been right on top of him, loved him winning the 50-50. We need to push the boat out for Kent, he is a potential star and he ain't gonna get in the Liverpool team.
  6. RDB14

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    It would be great if we just done a huddle after theirs with Stevie G in the middle starting a rendition of Hullo Hullo to get it right up them
  7. RDB14

    Training pictures today who's missing

    I think we really need Arfield, Kent and Goldson for this game. Fingers crossed.
  8. RDB14

    Full Support for Gerrard

    Once he gets better quality in then we will see a better team ... These things take time unfortunately.
  9. Can't see anything but a tough game. Hibs are no mugs and we are threadbare. Would love us to go 2 up top for this one in the same shape we played second half against St J. It would leave celtic wondering about our shape against them too.
  10. RDB14

    Once a bear ...............

    Oh and the only time I think it would be tough would be if you lived in the UK and had a kid who played at the same time as Rangers. I can totally understand those who would rightly prioritise going to watch their kids play over Rangers.
  11. RDB14

    Once a bear ...............

    To be honest mate, as an expat myself who has lived in Australia and Hong Kong it's great! You get to watch every single game live on the box for a fiver a game. It's particularly good in Hong Kong as most games are on at 10 or 11pm at the weekend. Hibs are on tonight at 11pm and my bird has all the Rangers games marked in a calendar as she knows I'm not up for doing nothing at that time haha. And if a game is on at 2am and you really can't be awake at that time for whatever reason then you can get up and watch it "as live" at 7 or 8am. Its annoying missing live games at the stadium and I can't wait till the day I'm back and attending them all but for any TV fans the expat life is actually pretty good. I do feel I'm missing special live moments during the SG era and will miss 55 as I will be away for a few years yet but you can't have everything. Every supporters club I have been to whether it's been in Brisbane, Melbourne, Hong Kong or on other random trips has been solid too. In Hong Kong We have had Mols, Marv Andrews, Goram, Clint Hill, a few others just sitting with us in the bar watching the games and we get a glimpse of the 21s at the Hong Kong 7s every year. Just depends how passionate you are about it really I suppose but for people really interested being an expat is a shit reason to drift away. If anything I take being abroad as an opportunity to spread the Rangers name around. There's actually even a HK Rangers football club semi pro team here who use the Rangers badge... Some old Rangers players from 70s and 80s turned out for them.
  12. RDB14

    Ryan Jack

    He was excellent tonight, credit where it's due. He shouldn't be anywhere near our armband though.
  13. RDB14


    Just cause someone doesn't agree with you doesn't make it loser talk. He has scored more goals than anyone else in our squad or anyone else in the country's squad so maybe the focus and problem is elsewhere.
  14. If Morelos had scored the chances he created for himself after bullying their defence all game then I'm sure he wouldn't feel ready! Agree on Middleton, he's young and inexperienced though so to be expected.
  15. RDB14


    Yeah but Lafferty isn't flicking the ball over people's heads and volleying it or bullying defenders twisting and turning and firing it narrowly wide. Generally speaking when Lafferty is missing, he is missing chances his teammates have created for him on a plate. Maybe there's less noise because more is expected of Alfredo.