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  1. The amount of people in here not getting it... It's quite obvious what he meant and it's not that he didn't want to score as much as possible.
  2. School photo

    This is 100% not photoshopped. It's genuine and a relative of mine hence me saying it was 100% not Scott Cairns previously. In an area with no real old firm problems to speak of and taken a long(ish) time ago!
  3. Good luck. On -2 here..!
  4. It's good for his development mate.
  5. Betfair are cunts

    I'm based in multiple countries, at the time I was in the UK of course as my IP when registering will back up. Regardless, they have clearly stated my documents were the problem.
  6. Betfair are cunts

    Their comments around documents is such nonsense too. They had my passport, a photo of debit card and bank statements from 2 seperate banks.
  7. Betfair are cunts

    No rules breached. They are just being utter cunts. Their attitude has made me want to take it further tbh. Gonna go down IBAS route tomorrow. Here's the latest of the conversation.
  8. Betfair are cunts

    Tried giving them some more abuse on Twitter but no joy.
  9. Betfair are cunts

    I know. What the actual fuck. They make millions... Robbing fucks. The money doesn't really effect my life but that's not the fucking point... Its not like bookies struggle to make money.
  10. Betfair are cunts

    Aye so basically they have robbed me. For "business reasons" they have closed my account. What an absolute bunch of fucking clowns. They wouldn't even void the bet when I asked so you can guarantee they would have kept the £1k if Rangers had lost. Clowns.
  11. Betfair are cunts

    Phoned them and they said I need to wait 72 hours. Already been blasting them on twitter!
  12. Betfair are cunts

    I seen last night they had a 25% back promotion up to 250 pounds for losing bets. I was gonna use skybet until I seen the above. I usually bet reasonably high stakes so the 25% was good insurance. Anyway I deposited and bet £1,000 on Rangers -1 Vs Partick. My account was immediately suspended (can't withdraw or deposit) and they wanted a passport copy, photo of the bank card I deposited with and a photo of a bank statement with my UK address. I asked them to just void my bet and refund me as I didn't want to give them these personal documents. They refused and said they would keep the money unless I provided all of this. So I did... They said they would review and come back to me. So... I logged in just now and they have closed my account so I can't login and god knows where the £2,625 that was there after the Rangers game has disappeared to. I have emailed them and they have said they will respond within 72 hours. Done some googling and seems they done this to others before too. Summary - fuck Betfair.
  13. Development squad vs Valencia (Rossiter starts)

    Is your wife Kirk Broadfoot?
  14. 17 points dropped since Pedro left.

    You call what you're doing "supporting"? You don't even have any solutions or ideas. Just get "rotten" Murty to fuck and then what? Hire who? How does this change things for the better?? Hence me saying wait and judge the progress over the piece. And telling me to go away and support Patrick... aye very good. Maybe you should go away to fuck and "support" a team happy to run through managers every few months instead of suggesting I do.
  15. 17 points dropped since Pedro left.

    Yeah they weren't good results but I genuinely think Murty has started to get his head round it. Our last 6 games we have won 4, drew 1 and lost 1. And there is an away old firm game in there.. I'm just saying let's judge the progress over the piece and not pick out individual games on their own. Let's look at how we progress from Murty Day 1 to Murty end of season. If we go back to having loads of shite results I think he will be the first to hold his hands up.