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  1. RDB14

    Gerarrds Fault

    It's not Gerrard's fault. He didn't call our 4th goal offside, ask Goldson to kick it in our own net, Flanagan to pass to them for their third, deflect it into our top corner or hit post in the last minute. His tactics worked fine so fuck up.
  2. Plenty of improvements to make at our side of course. However, a balanced view will tell you we deserved at least a point and the linesman almost definitely cost us all three. Very frustrating night.. Gerrard shouldn't shoulder too much of the blame, our tactics worked and there wasn't much on the bench. Villarreal at home is going to be tough, we will need to beat Vienna to qualify but I think we can do it.
  3. Fuck off. We don't have much on the bench, maybe Grezda but losing 4-3 to Spartak away with the goal chopped off for offside wrongly is not shameful. Telling Gerrard to fuck off is ridiculous, this time last year we couldn't beat progress. I hope the players are told and learn how important managing the game is when you're ahead. That's my biggest criticism of tonight. We will always make mistakes at this level but we need to be smarter when we get leads.
  4. At least when we play Katic we are developing our own player though.
  5. He has only seen the score.
  6. Settle down. It's frustrating as fuck but 4-3 away to Spartak with 20 left is never embarrassing.
  7. That offside goal has cost us... It's a different game at 4-2.
  8. That is bullshit, amazing goal as well.
  9. Goldson wasn't any better... Just use your left for fucks sake.
  10. His cousin or brother was at Killie. Was nominated for POTY. Its strange watching a game involving Rangers with a balanced ref.
  11. 2am in HK and thought I was dreaming.. that John Flanagan pass was Barry Ferguson esque 😂
  12. RDB14


    Dunno where you got the disinterested part from.. tbh he was no better or worse than anyone else and almost scored...early days.
  13. RDB14


    Agree with this.
  14. To be fair I think it's just down to Morelos being out... Once we make it 1-0 we should be comfortable because they are shite.