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  1. Not the furthest out but love it.
  2. Don’t really give a fuck if this is moved or not. Just win whenever it’s played.
  3. That's a fair enough post mate, it's a difficult situation for everyone right now and I respect your position. The only thing I would say is that most of the fans I have experienced in Hospitality are there for some sort of special occasion, are regulars, fat cats with boxes or relatives / friends of players. I haven't actually met any neutrals in there.
  4. The club are never realistically going to come out and say "we cant pay the cash back or it causes us big cash flow problems", especially given our recent history and our current efforts to improve our branding and commercial reputation. The reality is that there will be no backup plan in place for having to make partial season ticket refunds. It is literally funding the clubs day-to-day and month-to-month business. No business person could justify a commercial reason for considering the season ticket revenue could need readjusted downwards 75% way through a season so there really is no plan B to replace this money or make an open offer to give fans the money back. Even if 10% of supporters claimed this money back, this would be a significant amount in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. I also believe there has been very little (if any) noise directed to the club from fans asking for money back. The 25 pounds is a gesture of goodwill and I don't believe it is intended to be compensation as such. I think this could have been communicated to fans better as it has led to some fans feeling frustrated or almost insulted but it really is more of a "sorry this has happened, this is out of our control but here is a sympathy 25 pounds voucher". Some may feel that it would have been better to do nothing but the intention from the club is good at heart. This method costs the club zero pounds on the balance sheet where as a refund would literally pull several hundred grand out of the cash flow that there was no way of accounting for or predicting it could fall off. Right at the time where we are losing out on significant match day revenue from games that would have been in the cash flow and there was also no way of predicting would not happen for the foreseeable future. In all honesty I am a little surprised we seem to have been managing our finances so well in the background that this has not caused significant damage yet as I presumed this matchday cashflow would be absolutely vital to daily operations. Regarding the MyGers scheme, this is something that is not connected to the 25 pounds voucher and instead is something that has been planned for some time. It's just unfortunate that the timing coincides with the current situation but this scheme was always going to be coming before next season whether or not COVID-19 was here. It will have it's own flaws which will be ironed out over time. At the moment it is fresh and the club will take on board feedback to make adjustments over the coming seasons. The commercial departments job is literally to maximise the commercial potential of Rangers, improve our brands reputation and visibility whilst generating maximum revenue. I agree they should keep prices reasonable. As a fan who has used the hospitality in a few different suites, the experience is usually at the forefront of my mind more-so than whether the ticket is 200 quid or 240 quid. So if the prices do increase for a better experience then I doubt many of those with the money to buy the hospitality tickets will be that bothered. If the performances are not to standard then the club will suffer across the board but any extra revenue should help improve the quality on the pitch. Anyway, in summary I realise fans are frustrated but I don't think the club has done anything untoward.
  5. I find it difficult to understand fans complaining about us trying to generate more revenue. We did not capitalise on our commercial potential for years and for supporters like me who are based overseas it provides an opportunity for more club content and also to increase club revenue. The reality is that in order to make 5-10million pound signings and be successful on the park we need to maximise our revenue. We need to push forward and not just sit on our laurels doing things the way they have always been done. We won't get everything right immediately but over time I am sure we will make adjustments and sort things out. It's hard to criticise the commercial department for trying to maximise our commercial revenue. We are also producing lots of content on our Social Media channels these days that is free and interesting. For the 25 quid voucher, it's a tough one. Our club cannot afford to lose revenue that is already accounted for in the cash flow. On the other hand, I can understand supporters feeling a bit frustrated. Rather than trying to fully compensate supporters, the 25 pounds offer is more of a gesture of goodwill from the club imo. It was a lose/lose situation. We can't hand out all the money back and any gesture of goodwill like this was always going to attract some criticism but the reality is that it's better than nothing. Those who use the 25 quid will likely spend a little more on top that will generate some other revenue for the club too. If anyone wants to full on complain to the club about the season ticket and seek a refund then that is their right. I'd imagine there is something in the sales contract that covers refunds for whatever reason.
  6. That’s a load of shite. You don’t win league campaigns 8 games early. All they have earned is a lead at the top. The same way they earned a lead at the top going into helicopter Sunday. The league ends at the end of the scheduled games and if this was the other way round they would never allow us to have the title. And this is my cold unemotional view. Fuck knows how any neutral comes to your conclusion, never mind someone with a Rangers leaning.
  7. This is what I see happening if the league is ended. Will be weird in leagues with games in hand etc. though.
  8. If you say so. Wait and see.
  9. celtic don’t have a leg to stand on. They haven’t won the league yet and the odds of us winning the league are likely similar to us beating braga when we were 2-0 down. Sometimes strange things happen in football. Dundee United and others have a legitimate case to be promoted but I don’t see how hearts can be relegated. This would be an opportune time to expand the league next year. if celtic are awarded the title, this one really would be completely tainted. They have 8 games left and 2 of them are against us and several against top half teams. There’s still a full quarter of the season left for us!
  10. I’m 100% certain that Rangers and Aberdeen will fight the league ending as things stand. Can only imagine hearts would go mental too.
  11. RDB14


    I would start him with Morelos and drop Davis. Thought we were much better with both of them on the park. And I’d have Hagi feeding them in place of Aribo.
  12. Agree with the second part of that. I think we are within our rights to expect a much better record against the teams we have dropped points against though so don’t think stopping them is impossible.
  13. A clear out won’t help anything. It’s rare players come in and hit the ground running. If we sell 1 or 2 players then maybe we will have a decent amount of funds to add one or two solid additions? I really think Morelos has cost us too many times now. 2 Scottish cups he hasn’t played in we have went out, a missed pen in the LC final and he is lucky we got through Braga despite his nonsense or that could be on his record too. Its worth noting he probably knew he was gonna be late before he knew we were through. Such a letdown from him imo.
  14. Yeah mate. My personal opinion is just one of complete frustration but I’m of the opinion Gerrard remains our best shot of stopping them next year so I hope he stays. Unless something crazy happens in the league then it’s ages away until next season starts though.
  15. Frustrated... disappointed... same same. Never heard of clubs reimbursing fans for a 1-0 cup upset. Especially a club who are actively investing in a loss making project until we turn the tide.
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