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  1. This will 100% be signed. Just a matter of Jack trying to get the best deal he can as it will be a long term contract, he is not on mega money and he is 28 at the start of next year. He is going nowhere.
  2. If we had won the OF game we would be 8 clear and they would be in full meltdown. We have some tough away games before the NY, hopefully we keep swatting teams away. Dunno how you for Kent, Jones etc. back in but an excellent problem to have!
  3. Thought the same about McGregor but those 2 mistakes from Tav are awful. Tbh most teams would be heading for the corner and taking the point home that near the end. Really naive result... Reminds me a bit of the Spartak game last year in that we basically lost it because we didn't handle the game well enough when we had the advantage. And the ref fucked us that night and denied us a pen tonight.
  4. That's a really sore one tonight. Felt we were the better side and should have won it if anything.
  5. Thanks mate. Rarely back home. Going to try get to the Porto home game too.
  6. Does anyone know how you go about buying hospitality tickets (or get my hands on a normal ticket as a fallback) for this? Based overseas and never tried for a cup game on neutral venue but likely to be in Scotland for it. Cheers!
  7. Loved today. Keep thinking if we had beat the paedos we would be 5 points clear and they would be imploding already though!
  8. Found this very emotional to watch, particularly at the end when you realise it is so final. Poor Fernando having to go through that and I feel ever so sorry for his wee girl and partner. Shed a tear at the end of that.
  9. Poor Katic must be pissed off tonight even though we won!
  10. Morelos was unreal tonight. We made life difficult and our inexperience showed at times. Tbh if McGregor hadn't saved us at the end I'd be raging but can't complain with the end result!
  11. Terribly sad news that has been inevitable for a while. RIP. Rangers have posted a very nice tribute video on Instagram which embarrasingly says 1976 - 2018. Quite embarrassing and maybe bordering disrespectful to not properly check it.
  12. Fair enough mate. I think the jury is out on Ojo but he's not as bad as Ejaria who j thought was utterly shite with no end product. At least Ojo gets the odd goal and assist. Too early to make a definitive call though.
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