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    Just think...

    I watched their highlights today. They also had several chances against them and were cut open a few times, we had 1 glancing header against us all night. The ease at which they are giving away goals and chances may come back to bite them if they lose the first goal in a tricky game.
  2. Getting up at 315am Hong Kong time to enjoy this 😂
  3. Well with the following line up: McGregor Goldson Katic Flanagan Tav Jack Kamara Arfield Barisic Kent Morelos You could argue that Tav and Barisic are part of a back 5 who push forward as full backs (their natural position) or you could argue they are the sides of a 5 man midfield as RMF and LMF (unnatural positions). Hence it could be a 3-5-2 or a 5-3-2...
  4. We usually play a 4-3-3. This is a 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 depending on how you look at it.
  5. Changing our whole system for one of our biggest games of the season after having an excellent EL stage so far would be nothing short of unforgivable.
  6. I felt like Stewart instead of Barker would have been more sensible. We needed someone with a bit of smarts, they were never going to leave enough space for Barker to use his pace.
  7. Someone with composure... tbh Arfield, Jack, Barisic, just anyone who thinks with their head and not on instinct.
  8. Them scoring an offside goal is nothing to do with mentality. If Morelos took some time to compose himself I think he would have scored. He seemed to just smack it and hope for the best
  9. RDB14


    Tav isn’t to blame for today and if Morelos had scored this wouldn’t even be a discussion.
  10. Absolutely scunnered. We just pummelled them for 90 minutes and they scored from their only shot that was offside. Morelos needed to take a minute to calm himself down, felt he took the penalty too quickly.
  11. As much as this feels like a pivotal game in our season, the reality is that it’s probably the least important of all 4 competitions. I hope and actually expect us to win, especially after the Aberdeen game and how it planned out. However, if we win the league then whatever happens in all other competitions will be forgiven. If I had the choice of winning this game or the Parkhead game then it’s a tough call. If we lose that Parkhead game our league campaign is in trouble. Anyway, one game at a tome and I hope we smash them on Sunday.
  12. If we had a decent right winger he would probably shuffle out the team but we don’t unless I’ve forgotten someone. Hopefully his experience will help us on the day. Midfield is going to be huge. We need Barasic though as without him we are far too narrow.
  13. With the benefit of hindsight, playing a right back with a poor left foot at left back and Aribo ahead of Kamara was a mistake for me. I would play today’s team with Kamara in for Aribo, Arfield more advanced and Barisic in for Flanagan against a celtic. I would also consider playing Halliday as the back up left back. He’s not amazing but hasn’t done much wrong in that position and at least carries some sort of forward threat. Even with the above, we should have took hold of the game at half time or at least for the thirty minutes and we never really cut Aberdeen open a single time. We resorted to long balls when our strength over them is playing on the deck. it’s time’s like this I’m slightly thankful to be living abroad and extremely unlikely to bump into any of the filth.
  14. First two seasons were unreal. Last couple were horrible. We actually underperformed in Europe imo given the squad we had too. We spanked Sturm Graz 6-0 at home only to lose to them away and go out the CL. Feel a bit of frustration we didn’t even make it out the groups given we later did with a squad with half the genuine quality. Probably remember the Parma games most from that era closely followed by winning the league at the paedo dome.
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