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  1. That’s a load of shite. You don’t win league campaigns 8 games early. All they have earned is a lead at the top. The same way they earned a lead at the top going into helicopter Sunday. The league ends at the end of the scheduled games and if this was the other way round they would never allow us to have the title. And this is my cold unemotional view. Fuck knows how any neutral comes to your conclusion, never mind someone with a Rangers leaning.
  2. This is what I see happening if the league is ended. Will be weird in leagues with games in hand etc. though.
  3. If you say so. Wait and see.
  4. celtic don’t have a leg to stand on. They haven’t won the league yet and the odds of us winning the league are likely similar to us beating braga when we were 2-0 down. Sometimes strange things happen in football. Dundee United and others have a legitimate case to be promoted but I don’t see how hearts can be relegated. This would be an opportune time to expand the league next year. if celtic are awarded the title, this one really would be completely tainted. They have 8 games left and 2 of them are against us and several against top half teams. There’s still a full quarter of the season left for us!
  5. I’m 100% certain that Rangers and Aberdeen will fight the league ending as things stand. Can only imagine hearts would go mental too.
  6. RDB14


    I would start him with Morelos and drop Davis. Thought we were much better with both of them on the park. And I’d have Hagi feeding them in place of Aribo.
  7. Agree with the second part of that. I think we are within our rights to expect a much better record against the teams we have dropped points against though so don’t think stopping them is impossible.
  8. A clear out won’t help anything. It’s rare players come in and hit the ground running. If we sell 1 or 2 players then maybe we will have a decent amount of funds to add one or two solid additions? I really think Morelos has cost us too many times now. 2 Scottish cups he hasn’t played in we have went out, a missed pen in the LC final and he is lucky we got through Braga despite his nonsense or that could be on his record too. Its worth noting he probably knew he was gonna be late before he knew we were through. Such a letdown from him imo.
  9. Yeah mate. My personal opinion is just one of complete frustration but I’m of the opinion Gerrard remains our best shot of stopping them next year so I hope he stays. Unless something crazy happens in the league then it’s ages away until next season starts though.
  10. Frustrated... disappointed... same same. Never heard of clubs reimbursing fans for a 1-0 cup upset. Especially a club who are actively investing in a loss making project until we turn the tide.
  11. I personally don’t think SG has helped the situation by not clearing up yesterday that he is in this until we stop celtic unless the board tell him otherwise. All this “I need to think” chat without clarifying he is going nowhere is not helpful or fair to the fans now wondering what he is thinking. Probably just an emotional reaction but still. On the sacking thing - I’m just trying to assure that this is 100% not happening. The only way he is leaving anytime soon is if he wants to leave.
  12. I can’t say in detail but I have more than 1 contact close to things and the general consensus is disappointment at how things have fallen away since the winter break. However, I also think it’s felt that we aren’t far away from things clicking into place and nobody inside the club is blaming Gerrard. That’s my understanding anyway. It’s worth keeping in mind that different people in the club may have different opinions.
  13. Yes. I’m not saying who for obvious reasons. I hope SG wants to stay but I have no idea what he’s thinking. He is definitely not being sacked and the players haven’t been told he is off.
  14. This is categorically 100% not true. The players were not called in and told he was off. The board also will not be getting rid of him. I have no idea what SG is thinking but the board won’t get rid in and that story about the players being told he is gone is nonsense. Don’t care if anyone believes me but that is the truth.
  15. The only league completely finished is the Europa league for the beasts 😁
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