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  1. The problem is that we will be going out in 3 weeks time with the same 11 that were 10+ points behind last season when the league ended Same manager who wont change his tactics, Aberdeen already know how we're going to line up & play Same CBs that made so many mistakes (minus Katic, not that he wouldve been a godsend) Same midfield that got bullied in games against hammer throwers like Motherwell etc & the same forward line with Morelos (who doesn't want to be here in my opinion) & Defoe, who for all his effort, is in probably his last year of football give or take Honestly dont see how anyone can be optimistic for this season
  2. The fact that we have RTV already makes me think this is out with the clubs control and this deal has been brokered elsewhere Up to the club now to decide how they want to handle it though, either use ST money to facilitate fans who have already paid to have access to the virtual ticket or try and charge them again
  3. Fucking wouldn't surprise me if they do try and take something off us for it mate As somebody else mentioned, sky will have to setup channels etc for each club to stream matches at 3pm, they wont be doing that for free so its costing the club something & theyll try and make it back from us
  4. Sky have 48 games as part of their package anyway But aye if it's not included in those games and we were playing Hamilton away you would need the Hamilton virtual season ticket 😂 Chances are ours/taigs away games will mostly be on Sky anyway and you'll pay for the home games on the virtual ticket (hopefully at a far reduced price considering only Season Ticket holders can buy them) Other clubs are getting absolutely shafted here 😂
  5. I've actually just read it properly "Each premiership club will be able to sell a package to season ticket holders to watch all home games" So you need to purchase the season ticket from the club... Which gives you the option of then buying the virtual ticket... So you can watch half of the games your team plays since it's only home matches which are included.. I'm waiting for somebody to come out and say only joking lads, this is the 1 of the most fucked up deals I've ever seen 😂😂
  6. I've held off buying the season tickets tickets until we heard something but surely if you renew your season ticket you'll get the 'virtual ticket' ? If the club charge people for the season ticket and then ask them to pay again for the virtual ticket then that's a fucking joke
  7. Fucking spot on. Sooner cunts realise that and stop expecting a bunch of shitebags to actually do anything to benefit us the sooner we'll stop being disappointed
  8. The part that gets me is the "All clubs have uniamously agreed to end the season" If true then that should be the end of the board. As far as I understood it it didnt need all clubs to agree to push it through (sure it was only 8/9?) so why would we agree to it other than for our own personal benefit? (We get the prize money) It seems like the statements from the last 3/4 weeks were just the board blowing smoke up our arses in preparation for this. As it stands today absolutely nothing has changed at the SPFL board level, the taigs have just been handed the title & I'll be absolutely shocked in Hearts (or anybody else for that matter) actually get relegated. Meanwhile we've announced a new kit deal on a Sunday morning to try and keep the fans who are buttoned up at the back onside with the board & sent out an email reminding people about season tickets....you honestly cant write this shit
  9. I've been waiting on renewing the 3 tickets until we heard about: A) Plans for the season i.e. would it be behind closed doors Or B) Would the board roll over and hand them the title Honestly thought the last few weeks that the board had started to have some sort of backbone, a plan on how to go head to head with these cunts but sadly it looks like the whole thing was just a massive act to keep the fans onside while they get season ticket money in. Today is the final straw for me personally, will never stop supporting the club but can't justify handing over that amount of money each year to cunts who genuinely couldn't give a fuck what happens to the club or the fans so long as they get their paychecks at the end of the month
  10. Should be the end of the board, if they've agreed to hand the taigs the title then they don't deserve the support of the fans. Even if it was getting shoehorned through they didnt have to agree to it, they've done so for money and nothing else. Made my decision for me that I wont be renewing for this coming season, not giving £1500+ to a board who treat their fans with zero respect
  11. Said from the start unless we had a smoking bullet in the evidence then we were always going to lose Clubs dont want involved in anything unless if benefits them, especially in the current climate, it's easier to bury your head in the sand and continue on like nothing is happening. As somebody else said, we've played our hand & lost, whether it was the right/wrong thing to do I'm not sure but would've liked us to have had more clear cut evidence first before going down this road. Taigs will be champions by the end of the week & everything will move forward now to preparing for next season (if Covid doesn't ruin us all before then 👍)
  12. Obviously we need the money (all clubs do) & I wouldn't blame Rangers if they flat out asked fans for donations or the like to help get the club through this period, they would very likely get a great response from the fans What I will blame the club for is the way they've went about things...offering a £25 voucher (the day the tickets went on sale) & forcing through season ticket sales whilst all this is going on. If you dont renew your ticket because you're in financial difficulties caused by all of this or because you don't believe there will be a season to watch then you lose your ticket going forward, that's bullshit.
  13. Think that's the point though mate, the premier league are saying it's not technically 'safe' until there is a vaccine which is predicted the middle of next year, hence the timescales for next season to be behind closed doors Fully expect life to be back to some sort of normality well before then but the idea of the government etc authorising 50k+ fans to congregate together for a match seems a long way away
  14. Just seen on Sky Sports that the Premier League clubs are preparing for the possibility of having the whole of next season behind closed doors Makes it even more baffling why the club have put this up for renewal just now with so many unknowns, if the Premier League ends up behind closed doors we'll likely be the same given the crowds us/taigs get each week
  15. Would be interesting if 40k fans buy season tickets but the 1st half of the season ends up behind closed doors for example...(which is very possible) Not sure how the club could argue against giving something substantial back, surely there's some sort of legal precedence set somewhere with this
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