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  1. Never knew that about the readers so fair enough. And I get why they've done it with the game being so close but still don't think they should be sending an email out late last night then taking the money 1st thing the next morning, should be at least 24/36 hours minimum. If somebody didn't see the email after the game, went to bed without money in their account to cover it would they'd have woke up this morning to the payment failing or would they just keep trying to take the payment over the next few days?
  2. Aye but at least let me open my eyes first and do my first shite of the day before taking it 😂 Surprised the season tickets haven't been sorted out yet either
  3. Hope to see Edmundson, Aribo, Jones, Stewart & Ojo starting tonight, would be a great opportunity to put them infront of a big Ibrox crowd in a competitive match with no real pressure.
  4. Just picked up 2 tickets there, place is still pretty dead the now, expect it'll pick up in the next hour or so
  5. Personally would've got rid of Barisic & Grezda first this summer as both we could get fees for and went for a new first team left back that can offer us similar to what Tav does but can understand Barisic getting another chance this season. The rest are obvious Fod, Rossiter, Holt, Herrera, Dodoo, Dorrans, Lafferty & maybe Murphy Problem with that list though is finding buyers as they're not going to just walk out on the wages they're on, something people seem to forget. Gerrard has his hands tied with some of the wage budget until their contracts run down.
  6. Aye its still pre season and playing on this park is horrible But fucking hell that is easily worse than any half of football we played the whole of last season, not 1 clear cut chance against the 3rd best team in the Gibraltar league
  7. Think its more that he's the only natural left back we have & he's becoming an established international. Be crazy not to give him a go after a full pre-season but he really needs to hit the ground running
  8. Y N Y Y N Y Bookings are always the dodgy one, depends on the ref/if they are a dirty team.
  9. Would agree with that completely, can see he has a bit of quality but looks awkward & needs time to settle before expecting too much from him Glad it's a permanent transfer rather than a loan for him, gives him more time to show what hes capable of
  10. Arfield has been away with Canada and will get a break here surely
  11. Possibly, would like to see Aribo instead personally but think Jack will get the nod
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