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  1. Nothing surer than this Honestly quite confident for Thursday for some reason, think it's because the players seem to step up their game knowing its on a bigger stage Then on Sunday against St Johnstone it'll be back to yesterday again!
  2. Valance1690


    Agreed he did put over 2 quality crosses but I think that was arguably his best game of the season today (domestically anyway) and he was still a shadow of the player from last season The rest of the team had the same issue last season with the lack of quality to break teams down, I think Aribo was meant to be the answer to that but hes struggled the last few weeks Weve still got the same problem in midfield but now we've added another down the right with Tav/Ojo, never seen a player shy away as much as Ojo did today and that's embarrassing. The knock on effect to Tav is even more worrying, I would like to see Kent tried out right when hes back, somebody who scares a fullback and gives Tav some space to work.
  3. Valance1690


    Said at the time on the transfer thread that we would miss Candeias more than anyone could imagine and it's turned out to be the case Ojo looks half decent but seems to be struggling with the step up/physical side of the game. The bigger worry is the difference in Tav without Candeias there, he looks completely lost at times and isn't anywhere near as effective The fact most of our goals come down the right side means it's something we need to solve very quickly
  4. Piss poor performance and could've easily lost that, from in the stadium it looked like their disallowed 2nd could easily have counted But happy with the 3 points and onto Feyenoord now, just need to keep winning at all costs
  5. Definetley agree, our PR is shocking in the majority of cases but when it comes to stuff like this it really shows Something has to change and quickly but wont hold much hope, things like this just distract everybody from tomorrow, after 2 weeks off we should be talking about the game, not this shit
  6. Whether he stayed or went is something we'll look back on and see if it was right or wrong The bigger problem with this is the fact we've had a 2 week break and then announce something less than 24 hours before a game Our timing is fucking shocking, this obviously hasn't just come about today and we seem to have a knack of doing shit like this right before a match
  7. Brillant seeing Clarke fall flat on his face at the international level, done well at Kilmarnock but seems to think hes some sort of tactical genius now, going for it against Belgium who just tore them apart and didn't leave 1st gear. As long as cunts like Mulgrew/O'Donnell/McBurnie/Phillip's etc are close to the 1st 11 Scotland will go absolutely nowhere and the SFA can do fuck all about it now, take years to fix the mess they're in. And won near 700 quid off the cunts getting beat tonight so even better
  8. Definetley, we had a player when he first joined who had great delivery, he still has that but is getting forward alot less now so isn't getting the chance Whether that's by choice as theres no space (it's usually Ojo out wide left and he's left footed so doesn't cut in as much) or it's his confidence is something we need to solve and quickly. Really think with Flanagan injured these next few big games against Feyenoord, Aberdeen & Young Boys will be his last shot in the team, if he fails then we'll be looking to bring somebody in during the January window
  9. Honestly don't know if there are any other decent Croatian left backs tbh but aye he must show something when hes with them to get picked, cant be based on his performances for us because they've been piss poor. He obviously feels more comfortable playing with them, maybe a culture thing but sadly don't see him coming good for us. Last chance here with Flanagan out injured so hope he does well.
  10. I'm one of them who thinks he's shite, he plays in a Croatia team full of world class players and gets an easy ride everytime I've watched them, he was barely involved defensively last night That said, I wouldn't go abusing our own players on social media etc, hardly going to help the guy is it!
  11. Was just coming here to post that but aye same with me, 2 £37 payments taken this afternoon. No idea what they're doing
  12. Everywhere I've seen said they have, 6.5 million fee, 1 million in add-ons & a 20% sell on clause.
  13. Makes it even more baffling that we didn't go for a left back in the window if Flanagan has already had surgery this season Clearly Borna is lacking in confidence and while people haven't given up on him, he is now flung in again with games against Feyenoord, Aberdeen & Young Boys coming in the next 3/4 weeks aswell as the quarter final of the cup If he cant lock down the position in these games then we need to be looking for a 1st choice left back come January and move him on
  14. The fact we charge £28 for Livingston at home is part of the problem, doesn't mean they have the right to charge £37/£41 for a European game because the league prices are so high I know the taigs have put the prices down because of that but at the end of the day they're still a huge price lower than us and can pretty much guarantee nobody would be complaining if the tickets were a bit closer to their price, even £90 for the 3 would be more reasonable
  15. See if the prices were reasonable I'd say fair enough they're being greedy wanting all the money upfront but they've gave us a good deal Charging £37 a ticket (£41 for non season ticket holders) is crazy and giving people less than a weeks notice to pay it is just total bullshit. Hate comparing us to the taigs, they're obviously more financially stable but the difference is basically another full ticket price! As somebody else said the Livingston cup tickets are out this week aswell I think and eventually it's going to end up with us having a diminished support at a game simply due to the boards greed, they take the fans for granted every season & the same as you its sickening to see people missing out because of it
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