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  1. Ryan Jack

    I could forgive it in the Hibs one, that was frustration from them getting away with murder on Tav, the Killie one is just ridiculous. He's no reason to be frustrated or even involved anywhere around another player, just stand there and let Candeias hit the penalty. Im not saying hes totally to blame for the draw against Killie but he caused a delay, putting more pressure on an already nervous looking Candeias and he obviously wasnt there to defend the attack they had, hardly what id call a team player.
  2. Ryan Jack

    If we go down that road we'd be 2nd guessing everything that happened at the club, really cant see a professional doing that. He's just let the pressure of Rangers get to him, thinks hes a bit of a hard man and is being made to look silly, needs to get his head sorted quickly
  3. Ryan Jack

    Definetley dont think he deserved a red but he puts himself in these situations, all he has to do is walk away and let Candeias hit the penalty. Hes been highlighted now as someone who can be wound up very easily and fully expect him to get more reds this season.
  4. Ryan Jack

    A team player? Hes got himself involved in fights all over the park this season and been sent off 3 times. The one on Wednesday is a disgrace, we're taking a penalty to ensure 3 points while hes on the edge of the box getting outfoxed off Kirk Broadfoot...
  5. Jason Holt

    Done exactly what ever player should have done when a new manager walked in, he knuckled down, waited for his chance & took it when it came. He isnt the most technically gifted but his attitude is spot on.
  6. Ryan Jack

    Decent player but not the defensive midfielder we thought we were getting and seems to have an very short fuse, which has now been highlighted. Agree with the sentiments of most, hes shown nothing yet to suggest he's any better than Halliday.
  7. Deja-vu

    Just another article slating a European manager who has came to Scotland and tried something different. The same papers who will do a piece in a years time wondering why Scottish football is going backwards and managers/players dont want to come here. This whole player power shite isn't what we need though, who can we bring in that will get Miller etc in line? Aye Pedro was clueless tactically but cutting holidays after a pish season & forcing the players to train harder/longer were 2 things he got spot on. We've got far too many wee boys in that squad, players who have let playing for Rangers get to their heads and now think they're something special.
  8. DOF Mark Allen

    He obviously came across well in the interviews, dont blame the board for hiring who they thought gave the best interview. What is inexcusable is the length of contract he got, a 3 year deal for an unknown manager is ridiculous and has cost us in the long run, similar mistake to giving Warburton a new deal after the cup final defeat, made no sense, make our managers work for their deals. These cunts coming in wont get a chance to manage a bigger club in their lives, should be a 1 year rolling deal until they prove they can cut it at a club our size.
  9. Pedro for the chop

    Pedro is clueless, we all know this and have done for a while now. At the end of the day though, with the ball on the penalty spot, 95 minutes gone, leading 1-0, there's no fucking way we shouldn't win that game. No manager can justify his team missing a penalty and conceding 20 seconds later, thats on the players. Overall though hes out his depth here, has the passion but none of the ability to back it up unfortunatley.
  10. Caixinha: players embarrassed the club.

    Basically typed exactly what I was about to. Aye he looks like an idiot after saying he takes the blame but if hes watched it back and seen how bad we played and changed his mind then there's no problem saying it. On paper we should hammer Motherwell, the team picked was good enough, they just wanted it more than us, they won every 50/50 and booted Morelos out the game. Once the players are on the pitch its up to them, cunts like Windass shite themselves every big game.
  11. Just an absolute embarrassment of a club

    Never be embarrassed/ashamed about the club, different story when you're speaking about the board/manager/players. Easily 8 of those players from yesterday could be let go and we'd be no worse off, we're in a fight for 3rd place again and will be until we get a proper manager. The most surprising thing for me is big Alves, hes a gretting faced cunt who has been getting bullied off cunts like Moult since he came here. We expected this big no nonsense centre half but so far he's a step back from Clint Hill, just about sums up our season, lot of expectation but shite.
  12. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    After today Pedro has to go, simple as that. Bigger problem is the players, apart from flashes, Dorrans/Alves actually make us a worse team, there's a player there in Dorrans but not in a 2 man central midfield As for Alves, he's been absolutley shit since he signed, not had 1 outstanding game, if he was Kiernan he'd have been hounded and dropped by now, got bullied and ran around off Louis Moult ffs
  13. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    Cheers, was looking for something like this on the website a few days back and couldn't find nothing. Appreciate it.
  14. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    That's fucking ridiculous
  15. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    Fucking rip off I'm leaning towards picking them up after work one night, cheapest and safest option usually wins!