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  1. For the average fan? Aye I do believe that Most cunts will get wrapped up in the politics stuff if it's happening everyday in the papers/news etc but for the average supporter going to the match, they're there to watch a football team play, that's it. They don't give a fuck about politics or at least they don't give a fuck enough in the context of being at a football match
  2. Can't fault them for trying to bring more atmosphere into the point in sitting slating our own fans! Only thing that bothers me was on Saturday .... "You can shove your independence up your arse" was the song being sung towards the end....most cunts there won't give a fuck about politics, they're there to support the team and all it done was start a few arguments within our own fans (around about me anyway)
  3. Comparing any of our strikers numbers this season is pointless, we spent more than half the season creating barely any chances each game, could've had anybody upfront and they'd have struggled to get goals in our team this season. Waghorn has a decent touch & a good eye for a pass but when it comes to finishing, he's fucking shocking. He's essentially got till the end of the season to prove himself, score another 10 goals and he'll be in with a shout next season of leading the line, Murty giving him half a dozen games straight has given him the chance.
  4. Not name the same 11 Warburton was naming week in week out lol
  5. Fs....that patter is terrible
  6. Brilliant how the team lineup can completely suck the soul right out the atmosphere Guys obviously learned fuck all watching the videosame he said he's watched
  7. Hoping to see Hodson stick at RB and Tav right mid if he plays. Rest of the defence picks itself Hyndman/Holt in midfield Upfront would like to see Garner & Dodoo but think it'll be Miller/Waghorn Fod Hodson Hill Wilson Wallace Tav Hyndman Holt McKay Miller Waghorn
  8. Warburton and McParland are both wankers who got found out, we'll get more over the years at our club, get them everywhere The sickener in the whole situation is Davie Weir, how can you play for a club for that amount of time...get inducted into their hall of fame....then stick 2 fingers right up at the fans and try to organise a way to leave the club like you did... Cunt lost all respect when he did that
  9. McKay didn't do much wrong....he just never done much at all Same with Dembele for them, done fuck all Waghorn done was just all fucking shite... They chances he had have to go in if your a striker. He reminds me of Boyd without the goals....
  10. Waghorn was the worst player on the park for either side, he's got a decent touch but that's it He's predictable, 1 footed, sluggish with barely any aerial ability or pace And he can't finish his fucking dinner (ironic given the size of him) Would rather Miller, Garner, Dodoo or even O'hallaron getting a start over him
  11. Ratings are pretty much spot on. Would maybe argue against Wilson's, didn't think he had a great game and hasn't had a great game for a long long time
  12. Murty deserves the step up in my opinion, he got flung in at the deep end and has done well after a slow start. Ironic that I think now is the worst time for Murty to go...after the last few results he's got the players playing well and getting a bit of confidence... Only issue...if Murty is assistant then Waghorn will keep his place, he seems to be a big fan.
  13. Should be played right mid every game, at least until somebody else makes a claim for that position If he can improve his crosses he can be a real threat Hodson at right back works much better also, far more comfortable
  14. Clint Hill shows more fight, passion, drive & respect for the club than cunts that've been here for years Flings his body/head into everything and could tell how much that meant to him and Murty
  15. Decent performances from Hodson, Hill, Wilson and even Tav Think Holts done well also apart from the mistake 1 player hasnt done is job today and it's Waghorn