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  1. The scary thing is that Gerrard has brought in at least 1 player in all of those positions except RM The fact we still need 7 players (in your view) tells it's own story about the shite we've signed this season.
  2. Think it'll be decided in the next few weeks, results against the taigs/rest of the top 6 will decide it. If he cant motivate the players then he'll go because let's be honest, the vast majority will be here next season. Gerrard has said himself he's only looking for a few in the summer.
  3. During the week I said something similar, that he would get until Christmas and would be gone if he dropped points After today, I honestly don't think he should get the summer window. He seems clueless about how to beat teams in this league and could potientially waste the money we get for Morelos in the summer if he goes (given that his signings so far don't exactly inspire confidence) Tough 1 for the board but a hammering in 2 weeks off the taigs and I think he'll be out the door
  4. The ONLY reason it's not a battle is because Aberdeen have been worse this season, not because we've been much better. Our record is an embarrassment, the team is a joke with a manager who really hasn't got a fucking clue. Dreading the old firm in 2 weeks at the piggery & really dont think next season will be any better unless we somehow find a spare 25 million for Gerrard to spend on 5/6 players
  5. I fully expect a thrashing right now with the way we're playing and if it comes it's the end of Gerrard at this club All you see is how this season is better than last because we haven't taken a pumping yet...its coming in a few weeks if we're as embarrassing as we have been since the turn of the year.
  6. Bye Gerrard, another embarrassing performance against a bang average team & another manager who makes you look like a complete clown. Coming to Ibrox with a side worth a fraction of ours and sit pretty comfortable throughout the game
  7. That's what frightens me the most about this manager/team Even if we stuck a 6ft7 guy upfront and humped the ball forward to him it would be better than this, at least that's a plan of some sort.
  8. Not just in this game but in general Other teams have plans/tactics, they have an idea of what they want to do and execute it We're just a mismash of individual players who hope for breaks of the ball to score goals. There's very little tactics in our play other than to get it wide and whip it in
  9. They find space by drawing teams onto them and countering They have strikers running the lines to create space for midfielders to run into We have none of that We whip aimless balls into Morelos and hope we get the breaks
  10. IF we finish 3rd then he's out the door, absolutely no excuses.
  11. I said that all week But He only gets next season IF they actually fucking give the rest of the games a good go this season and show the fans there is something there to build on. Otherwise he can get to fuck right now & take his pish signings with him Should've been 2-0 down there before HT
  12. Fuck off with that shit That mean the 45,000 who turn up every week just shouldn't bother their arse? Players & manager have got these last 8/9 games to play for their jobs, if they're chucking it then get them to fuck
  13. He can mate, he can change things. We're the most predictible team in the league by a mile, we play a 4-3-3 every single week and do the same shit again and again hoping it'll work We change the players sometimes but it's the same tactics & the same shit we watch week in week out. Also, McCrorie should've been 1 of the 1st names on that teamsheet today, not Davis or Coulibaly
  14. Absolute joke, team/manager have learned nothing from Tuesday night and they never fucking will.
  15. You can blame the fans sometimes for not being vocal, against the likes of Dundee etc But as the manager has said previously it takes the players sometimes to get the fans going and vice versa. They got a good welcome on Tuesday night then their arses collapsed and they conceded an early goal which they never recovered from. They got a big boost at half-time from the fans but gave us nothing in return for that. The players have been backed more than enough by the fans, the sell outs every single week (along with an 18000 waiting list for season tickets) tell it's own story & it's up to them to take responsibility for things.
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