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  1. Apart from the fact Saturday was 3-2....
  2. Fuck Lennon, a wee ginger rat who we all hate, simple as that. He's been the main focus since Saturday, not Stokes and the headlock on Tav, not the grab on Jacks throat or the clothesline rugby tackle Morelos took ... all missed by an incompetent referee, plenty to discuss. He looked hellbent on ruining the match We should be focusing on what happened on the park, Hibs were the better team after the first 10 minute flurry, Pedro got his tactics wrong again in a big match, he seems unwilling to adapt to opposition....seen it on here 3 days before the match somebody saying how Hibs play a 3 in midfield and would overrun Jack/Dorrans...that was happening even before the red does someone on a forum know that and Pedro doesn't.... Focusing on Lennon gives him exactly what he wants, the victim card. He done what 99% of fans have done in their lifetime, he goaded the opposition, it's donem fucking get the cunt to fuck off RM and out the papers ffs.
  3. Prefer him over Bates tbh but hes not the best mate Think a big 3 works in our squad, we're very week at fullback. Wilson could maybe benefit playing alongside Alves.
  4. Unless we push them for the title this season, Pedro is going to get stick from the fans. He went into this season already fucked, the 5-1 at Ibrox last season and the Europa this season have both turned a large section of the fanbase against him... Beaton fucked us on Saturday but it Hibs got back into the game before the red card and it was a fairly even game. Pedro got his tactics wrong, stuck with 4-4-2 because it worked in a few matches before and we were getting overrun in midfield, didn't seem to do his homework at all on Hibs and seems very naive. He seems to get tactics wrong before the match and then takes too long to react, by the time he does the game is long gone.
  5. Even this early in the season it's a must win game, can't take 0 or 1 point from Hearts/Hibs at home... Fod Cardoso Alves Wilson Tav Rossiter Dorrans Krancjar Windass Morelos Herrera Thought the back 3 suited us much better, even with 10 men. We got overran in midfield by Hibs, even before the sending off.
  6. We've played Marseille, Watford, Sheffield Wednesday, Motherwell & we've got Dunfermline/Hibs this week in the space of 3 weeks, that's a fair few games for a team early in the season, especially if we're playing the same players again and again. Alves would be my biggest worry, his age/confederations cup, we can't afford to lose him.
  7. Can see both points of view tbh mate, i'd be more conservative and say that we don't have a ready made replacement for players like Alves/Foderingham/Wallace/Cardoso, i'd be inclined to look well after them. They play in the majority of league matches by all means but the 2nd round of the cup should be were our fringe players try to impress and give the first team a break.
  8. Wish they had played in the group stage tbh, would've given us a few more games. I get where you're coming from but i'll always blame the players before the manager, the players are the ones who deserved the blame after Progres and i'd be blaming those players if they got selected and failed to beat Dunfermline. That team I laid out, in todays money, is worth 5/6 million surely, more than enough to beat Dunfermline. I know it's not as easy as that on paper but don't think we should be risking big big players when we've got the 2 edinburgh mobs, the scum & sheep shaggers all in the next 10 weeks, all at home.
  9. I'm looking at it from the perspective that the team i've lined up is full of experienced players, some international, who should be beating Dunfermline fairly
  10. I'm more thinking of the league tbh, aye we want to go on a cup good run but not at the risk of injuries to key players....take Cardoso/Alves out the team for Saturday due to injuries and i'm going in worried. If the option is to take a risk and play a weakened team in the 2nd round of the cup and ensure our players get a rest, then i'm all for it. Pedro would get absolute pelters from our fan base if we start Alves tomorrow, he breaks a leg and is out till after new year.... We have been told Pena is unfit, the only way he's going to get match fit is by playing in games now, he's missed the friendlies (most of them) and u20s doesn't really cut it these days. Give him 45/60 minutes in front of a decent Ibrox crowd, we're playing against Dunfermline, shouldn't have to be our strongest 11 to beat them! Those players i've named are all in and around the first team, some have been playing recently, others have had cameo appearances, it's not a bunch of young boys
  11. Going forward, it should be similar to the last few games and if that back 4 can't keep Dunfermline quiet then they should get to fuck out the club. Can't be Tav/Cardoso/Alves/Wallace for 45/50 games this season
  12. All players who are going to be in and around the squad this season, they're going to have to play at some point, 2nd round of the league cup is a good a time as any. Wallace can't play every match, Hodson/Beerman are his replacements at the moment Would also rather have Bruno/Cardoso both rested and ready to go against hibs on Saturday. If that team can't beat Dunfermline at home then we've got problems
  13. Alnwick Tav Wilson Bates Hodson Candeias Pena Holt Windass Morelos Herrera Keep the confidence players (Candeias/Windass) playing, start Morelos/Pena for fitness/experience. Should be comfortable.
  14. Where the fuck was this Windass last season....
  15. I think Pedro is thinking more about getting a positive start than about the team tbh If we had beaten Progres, maybe got past LImassol and then went out, I think you'd be seeing Pena/Morelos/Dalcio all playing He's going for experience now because he needs to get off on the right foot, can't experiment at all. I'd love to see someone like Morelos or even Dodoo get 10-15 games through the middle of the park, see if they're good enough These 20 minute cameo appearances for a young boy aren't enough