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  1. Valance1690

    Goldson rested ?

    If you're basing it on Thursday alone then Goldson would be 1 of the first people to drop, just after Flanagan, our 2 worst players by a fair distance against Spartak. Overall though, he's been solid and think the international break comes at a good time for him, can get a good rest before the hectic winter schedule
  2. Valance1690

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    He still deserves respect for what he did in the game of course, he was world class. It just seems like what he did in the game has meant that he's got this aura around him where you're an arsehole if you criticise Gerrard, that goes for the fans more than the players but can only imagine it goes both ways. I agree the players should never be dictating to a manager, 100%, the manager has the final say and deserves a certain level of respect, far more than Warburton/Murty/Pedro got anyway. What I don't agree with is the public shaming of players which has been going on for weeks now, as a 1 off or for something like a horrible tackle or for getting into a fight, aye it makes sense to do it but not for somebody having a bad game, Goldson is the perfect example last night. Say what you want behind closed doors, I fucking hope he tore them apart last night for that showing but what does the part about u12s learn to clear the ball do to help anything? Everybody knew he fucked up with that mistake, he knew he'd fucked up with it but it's been his first properly bad game I'd say in a Rangers shirt. EDIT - As a follow on from this, just seen his presser from today and he seems to have calmed down alot & completley agree with everything he's said.
  3. Valance1690

    Lack of winners?

    Actually would put him in that category tbh aye, never realised he'd played so many games in Portugal Really doesn't show it sometimes as he's 1 of the ones who makes the silly fouls that eat away at the clock
  4. Valance1690

    Lack of winners?

    None of the players who played last night are journeymen, that's actually 1 thing we're lacking in the squad in a European sense Spartak killed a good 25 minutes last night from buying silly fouls & playing smart, we don't have the players with the experience to do that.
  5. Valance1690

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    Think he'll get a bit of the fear factor when he punts a few players in January/end of the season, Sadiq/Flanagan/Katic (don't particularly agree with the last one) but that's the 3 I think he'll try to make an example of and has done already with the changes. He'll get a different sort of fear factor in that the players will be shit scared to make a mistake. Don't think he'll ever get the respect those managers got if he keeps going with these conferences though. Blast your players publically after a few poor performances aye but the thing about u12s last night was clearly aimed at Goldson, a player who might not be a world beater but has been our most consistent CB this season Just screamed of a guy who's starting to lose the plot a bit
  6. Valance1690

    Gerarrds Fault

    Said this yesterday, apart from Mcgregor, Tav & Morleos, I really don't think I could guess with any certainty the other 8 players that will start on Sunday. We still have no clue what our best 11 & still have no clue who our strongest CB pairing is.
  7. Valance1690

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    The reason Walter got that was because of what he had done as a manager, he got the respect and got backed through the tough times because he had delivered in the past and you knew what he could do, Gerrard hasn't earned that yet as a manager & can't just be given it because of who he was as a player. He's been backed financially so far, has had his choice of players (looking from the outside anyway) & so far he hasn't delivered. He now seems to be going down the route of singling the players out after every match (the players that he chose to sign) which is either going to spur them on to do better, which is unlikely in my eyes given they don't seem to have a backbone between them. Or it's going to mean he burns bridges and we'll start hearing about fall outs in the dressing room as players won't stand for getting publically shamed every time they make a mistake.
  8. Valance1690

    The League

    Completley agree about Spartak, they have far better players with much more experience across the park & that really showed in the 2nd half. Just really wish I could share your optimism mate about December but tonight was an absolute sickener. Think this squad need everything to go right for them in a match as between them, they don't have the bottle to handle any sort of setback. Goldson standing with his face in his shirt tonight for a good minute was the worst thing for me, shake yourself down and get back into the game but naw, he just lost his head after that and was shocking.
  9. Valance1690

    The League

    We struggle against stubborn defensive minded teams And tonight we proved (was already shown against the taigs) that we struggle against teams who come out and have a go at us with half decent players McGregor/Morelos are the only 2 bits of quality we have in the whole squad, the rest are bang average players who will never win us anything
  10. Valance1690


    1 win in the last 5 matches Out of the league cup to a shocking Aberdeen side. Miles off the pace in the league by November. Another 10 million spent on players who don't have a backbone between them, defensive especially And now potientially out of Europe unless we get 2 results against clubs, both of whom could easily take another 4/5 off us if we play like we did tonight Perspective enough?
  11. Clueless manager and clueless team 2nd half. Really don't know where our season goes from here but it's just getting worse and worse
  12. Goldson is at fault for 2 of the goals tonight and overall has been a fucking bombscare, should never be turning his back on that His heads been down since that own goal. Flanagan has been the worst player on the park though
  13. Seeing right here how bad Goldson/Flanagan really are
  14. Think that team will be spot on and a positive result tonight would be massive. Similar to the UFA game, couldn't care about the performance, just fucking do it Rangers!
  15. Valance1690

    Kent injured

    Agreed, I'd rather not see Lafferty shoehorned out there again but away in Europe, especially tomorrow, I can see him getting a start. Would like to see Middleton get a good few games in Kent's absence, think he needs it rather than 20 minutes here or there. Even Gredza on the left & Candeias on the right would be better