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  1. It defineltey would have and its shit like that which causes things like this to happen Really don't understand why the media would report 2 couples who are on holiday. Aye you'll still get pished arseholes who want to cause trouble but highlighting that they are there means people look out for them
  2. Reading alot of shit on Twitter about it, somebody saying he was punched, fell and hit his head, then the bottle was thrown by somebody else Regardless it's a fucking joke that our players/staff cant seem to go anywhere these days without somebody wanting to attack them. If it was any other player in Scotland, including teams like Aberdeen/Hearts etc then it would be all over the papers tomorrow. But its us so like McAllister, it'll get mentioned for about 5 minutes before they go back to talking about how to deal with fans chanting bad words at managers.
  3. Think the idea today was for Halliday to play left side and give us some cover when Barisic went forward as tracking back has always seemed his weakness Problem was that Barisic didn't look up for it at all. His first few games he was whipping cracking balls in from the left side constantly without anybody getting on the end of them Genuinely cant remember him getting even 1 in today
  4. We've won the last 5 when there was very little left to play for, means absolutely nothing We bottled it in the big parts of the season and today showed yet again that if we don't have our strongest 11 available at all times we struggle. The taigs can make 3/4 changes and still win games because of the depth they have, that's what we need to compete over a season. Cunts like Barisic/Candeias/Flanagan/Worrall aren't ever going to win you titles, could easily add another 3/4 names into that
  5. Giving him preseason means we're going in with the assumption he could be 1st choice left back next season We cant take that risk, hes shown absolutely nothing to deserve us taking that punt on him
  6. Hes spot on saying big changes are needed if we're going to compete next season Need at least 4/5 quality signings to have a go at the title and hopefully ship out the same amount of cunts stealing a wage
  7. Created more than we did today and with players that our fans would greet about if we signed Aye they're dreadful to watch but they've got players who actually give a fuck. We had at least 5/6 out there today who looked like they'd rather have been anywhere else
  8. Been 1 of our worst players this season and still seems to have people backing him Fucking baffling signing in the first place and should be told to fuck off after the final whistle today
  9. Sooner we get rid of Barisic the better, fucking useless cunt
  10. Agreed, I think he knows who hes punting in the summer Halliday is a decent squad player to have though so he plays, same with Flanagan as a backup to both fullbacks The 2 hes judging today I think are Barisic & Morelos, 1 to see if he has what it takes to fight next season and the other to see if he can finally learn to screw the head
  11. Cant be angry with Gerrard here (and I'm somebody who's been against him most of the time) Hes giving some squad players a chance here to show him something for next season in a nothing game, mainly Barisic and so far it's not going well
  12. Missing Davis massively so far, nobody to take the ball into midfield and play a pass Also Barisic better get his finger out, firmly believe this is his last chance today and if he has a shocker we'll be out in the summer looking for a permanent replacement
  13. Defoe doesn't offer enough in most games but especially here, hes just not involved in large parts of the game. Would get Morelos on at half time and not when/if they manage to get a goal
  14. Thought that was Defoe's worst game for us by a mile. Could've had 3 today and he isn't involved in the game enough to justify being 1st choice every week But agree that Alfie has fucked it himself so the fact we don't have anybody else means Defoe has to start
  15. How good this signing will be depends on who we sign for money in the summer. If hes a low risk squad player who we hope might turn out good then fair enough But if we're seriously expecting players like Hastie, Jones & Stewart to spearhead us to 55 then we're deluded
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