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  1. It is I agree but think we'll get through without too much trouble even with the team we think will be played Would like to have seen all the new guys play but suppose it's not viable to have 7/8 players debut
  2. Don't think people are picking who they want to see or formations they want, more picking who they think will be played
  3. These nicknames are giving me a sore heed... No Dodoo in the squad anyway (surprised at that one)
  4. Not sure he's good enough tbh
  5. Dorrans hasn't signed...Wilson (assuming Danny, is injured) & Canedias is ineligible as he's not registered.
  6. Back 4 and Fod pretty much picks itself just now (Could maybe argue Bates/A.Wilson) Jack Rossiter Dalcio Pena Miller Morelos That's the team i'd like to see tomorrow
  7. To save me loading it up in work...who's in the non bibs?
  8. Remember that actually, was getting worse as the game went on. He done at Ibrox as well (against Thistle again) Will need to improve that side of his game, especially in league matches against the bottom 6, if he's got any chance of staying around the first team
  9. It's not a knock on the guy, he got flung in last season and done good for his age. Probably is more of the distribution side of his game, everytime he's got the ball i'm waiting on him giving it away
  10. Dunno what it is with him, just never fills me with confidence, always waiting on him giving the ball away or making a mistake Kiernan wasn't much better mind you! Think we need to sort out Danny Wilson's fitness issues long term, if he's not going to be fit for a long spell then he should be replaced, need at least 3 first team CB's at a minimum who we can rely on, not had that in a long long time. Happy with Alves and Cardoso looks decent from what we've seen, could do with another.
  11. Was never his biggest fan but Kiernan gave me more confidence than Bates ever has.... Liked the look of young Wilson though during the Aberdeen game at the back end of last season, wouldn't mind him getting a wee run of games, especially games like Thursday.
  12. Aye Wilson is still out I think, has been for about a month now. It'll be Cardoso with either Bates/A Wilson or McCrorie Just goes to show how short we are in the centre half position, 1 injury and 1 on international duty and we're back to last year's situation
  13. Fucking too right we will be Guy had his chances last season, how he's still getting them I'll never know but he gets no breathing space until he either leaves or starts scoring. Guys been stealing a wage off us for far too long now
  14. Agreed mate agreed. Wish it was winter time, games at night are x10 better atmospheres Geuinelly buzzing and have been for days now, can't fucking wait
  15. Probably be fucking pissing down on Thursday night, full house, back in Europe.. Cannot wait, atmosphere should be class