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  1. Think the result flattered us last night overall, as you said they could've easily been more infront than they were. But we basically let them play their way for the first 50 minutes of the game, they are obviously a very good technical side but we lost every single individual battle up until that point & personally I think we made them look better than they actually are. They had a few nice moves (the 1 in the first half from left back particularly was class) but most of their chances came from our mistakes. We should've been in about them from the 1st minute playing balls in behind & getting them turned, they panicked every time that happened.
  2. We said the exact same last summer & Gerrard went out and signed Edmunson, Hastie, Jones, Stewart & Kent came in on deadline day after the taigs defeat He's had a small fortune to spend in his time as manager and the vast majority of his signings have been piss poor so really dont get why we should be trusting him with another large budget in the summer (providing Morelos goes to give us the budget) He has to prove in the remaining games that he can get the team back to beating the rest of the shite in the league, our issues have been against them, not the taigs. He shouldn't need to spend more money to be beating them
  3. A team of players who know theres fuck all to play for now Watch them all burst their arse on Thursday on a bigger stage where they can make a name for themselves
  4. Not expecting him to suss out all the shortcomings in that time but I do at least expect a manager to have more than 1 gameplan Livi could've predicted that lineup days ago & could predict we'll get the ball out to Tav to whip ball after ball into the box, it's the same tactic we've had all season & its made even worse without us having Barisic on the other side doing the same thing We've been crying out for a change in the last 6 weeks but Gerrard is so stubborn he refuses to change anything, the similarities between him just now & Warburton are crazy but hes escaped most of the criticism because he's Gerrard, simple as that.
  5. Taigs showing the bottle to win a game they should never have won And we put out basically the same team/same formation expecting a different result from Wednesday night, fucking crazy. Gerrard's stubbornness is why he'll never be a top class manager, in 2 years he hasn't learned how to adapt to teams, he plays 1 way & teams have figured that out
  6. Literally sums up our current situation The players he has signed havent improved the team & the league table is showing that yet again. He shows hes a rookie manager when hes trying to punt players less than 6 months after signing them & for the fact that he signs players who clearly dont suit his system (which he will never change by the looks of it) We are stuck with Gerrard unless he decides to walk which is something I think could happen if we take a hammering off Braga & on current form, that's something which could easily happen.
  7. Agreed we have made progress but considering what's been spent it's simply not enough. The 11 that start the game did let us down but the manager picks the team and right now all across the team we have round pegs in square holes Halliday at left back Aribo/Arfield both in centre midfield Hagi out right That was just tonight. Gerrard signs players and forces them to play into the same formation/style he's played since he walked in the door, we have 1 game plan and if that doesn't work we don't change anything until the last 5 minutes when we panic and just launch balls forward. He has to take the blame for that because he's spent a small fortune and still doesn't have a team of players who suit what he wants to play & teams know how to play against us now so we're struggling. The subs wouldn't have made any difference because yet again, they aren't good enough signings. Said this last week on another topic but our best players from back to front are Mcgregor, Tav, Jack & Morelos...Gerrard wasn't responsible for signing any of them & has been here for nearly 2 years now...that's the issue.
  8. Premature? So honestly when do we consider sacking Gerrard? Is it after hes blown another 10/15 million on players who havent got us any closer to the taigs? Or is it when they are going for 12, 13, 14 in a row? The only reason hes still in a job after tonight is because of his name, ANY other Rangers manager would get sacked for the current form alone.
  9. Shouldn't even get to turn up to training tomorrow, should be sacked before he gets back to Glasgow tonight Hasn't got a fucking clue what he's doing and the players clearly dont give a fuck anymore
  10. Ref was absolutely ridiculous but we as a team were worse Didn't come out 2nd half at all, Morelos is back to his pish antics & Gerrard hasn't got a fucking clue how to change the way we play Going from 1 point behind the taigs to 10 behind in less than a month is unforgivable, he should be booted out the door in the morning the same way any other manager would
  11. Yep that's exactly what will happen, prime example of that is Kent, looks like hes had everything that was good taken out of him
  12. We do the same shit every single game, Hagi is looking good because he offers something a bit different & hasn't had the chance yet to mould into the same style that the rest are in. We get the ball wide, hit the first man with the cross then pass it back and start again. We need to try something a bit different
  13. Edmundson looks like hes running through mud on this park, that's been on since the game started
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