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  1. Valance1690

    Grezda injured

    It does if it turns out that alongside looking pish he's also injury prone. Guy was eased back in which is fair enough after a long injury but would expect to have seen something by now from him, if it turns out this is a serious injury then we've pissed 1.5 million against a wall
  2. Valance1690

    Grezda injured

    Guys looking more and more like a flop as the days go on
  3. Valance1690


    Winning the league is massive to the fans/club but just winning the league itself (not getting to the group stages of the champions league) won't bring in a massive amount of money. That's where the taigs have got their money from, European runs, as shit as they may be in Europe, it still brings in alot of money. Selling Tav for 10 million would bring in more than winning the league would, sure its still only 2/3 million for the winners up here.
  4. Valance1690

    Ryan Hardie recalled

    Would be silly to recall him after signing Defoe unless we're expecting to lose Morelos/Lafferty. Leave him where he's playing well, gaining confidence and getting experience of our league.
  5. Valance1690

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    The guy left to further his own career in 1 of the best leagues in the world, getting paid far more than we could ever have paid him. In his prime he was quality & somebody we would've struggled to hold onto regardless of what happened so calling him a rat is pointless. As far as I know he never bad mouthed the club like others and has never hid his desire to return 1 day. The bigger concern is whether or not he & Defoe still have it in the bag every week to change games, jury is still well out on that until we see them playing against the Livingston's/Kilmarnock's away from home on a Sunday afternoon.
  6. Valance1690

    Which players will leave as a result of signings

    Can see Grezda getting to the summer before we start looking to move him on, aye he's been out a while but he's shown absolutley nothing since coming in & seems to a major cause for frustration for Gerrard Middleton won't go anywhere, still a young boy and has done very well considering he's came into a new team The obvious ones are Pena, Rossiter, Foderingham, Herrera, Holt & Wallace.
  7. Valance1690


    Managers will always be coy about any deal until it's over the line otherwise they risk looking like silly, especially in the premier league with all the attention they get. Wouldn't take too much from his comments this morning & expect this to happen over the weekend
  8. Valance1690


    Him and Dorrans, 2 players that we need to bite the bullet with & just say it's not going to happen with them Both must be on decent wages (20k+ between them) which could be used to bring in a player or even 2 who can actually contribute to more than a handful of games each season
  9. Valance1690


    Decent signing, far better than Lafferty/Sadiq, our 2 previous backup options & the kind of things loan deals should be used for, players on wages we wouldnt be able to afford normally Given his age though and the fact he's barely played in the last 6 month's, I don't think I'm as excited as the majority of fans seem to be
  10. Valance1690

    No further punishment for Morelos

    Delighted about Morelos, thought they might've used it as an excuse to hammer us after a win but glad sense prevailed Rangers fans, in a tit for tat on Twitter are arguing that Brown kicked out on the halfway line...anybody got a clip of this?
  11. Valance1690

    Morelos temperament

    They're never going to be highlighted, especially when we win, doing everything they can to deflect away from the performance/result. That cunt Brown always gets away with one every single time we play them. It's been that bad that I actually forgot about the McGregor handball until it was posted above a few minutes ago, something like that would've been looked at from 8 different angles, with 4 ex referee's if it was at the other end of the park yet I've still not even seen it being mentioned on Sky/BBC or seen it in any of the papers!
  12. Valance1690

    Morelos temperament

    True but if they've got even half a chance of nailing Morelos for something I think they'll take it. Out of the 3 "incidents" that are getting brought up in the papers, that's the only 1 which I could see anything possibly coming from, even then it would be a joke if it did. Possibly didn't help himself posting the picture on social media of him standing bold as brass after it but I fucking love it lol
  13. Valance1690

    Morelos temperament

    Agree with the first 2, fuck all in them and fully expect nothing more to be said about them otherwise there will be open season shit that happens every week The one on Ralston will be open to interpretation in the eyes of the powers that be, can easily see them coming out and saying he could've got his trailing leg out the way rather than it being an accident Still fucking delighted we've got somebody wiling to do the dirty side of the game though, take that away from Morelos and he loses a massive part of his game, he frightened their centre backs on Saturday into making mistakes
  14. Valance1690

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Another thing to piss the tarriers off... Just seen the Australia squad for today's game...that cunt Rogic not even on the bench after them forcing him to come over for the match, taigs fuming on the Australian FA's Twitter page Fantastic 😂
  15. Valance1690

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Just woke up hungover to fuck and still absolutley buzzing Can't even imagine what the players are feeling just now but every 1 of them must be on fucking cloud nine Morning beer/breakfast & watch the match again from start to finish, lets see how dominate we were on the TV! WATP