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  1. Play Garner, aye he's just as shite infront of goal but does more just by his presence and challenging defenders Play 1 upfront, Miller or Dodoo and pack the midfield Waghorn should be 4th striker in that current squad
  2. It's sickening Sat in Ibrox today about 75 minutes, stadium was fucking bare. Players on the park who wouldn't even be on the bench in teams of past years and a manager who shouldn't even be employed by the club. Add that together with a dodgy owner and another wanker (Ashley) who's got us bent over a barrell Whole thing has went to fuck, it's not about stopping 10 in a row anymore, if we do it then brilliant but it's about rebuilding this full club from top to bottom.
  3. I know it's easy enough to say but in any job if you don't pull your weight for months on end eventually you get a bollocking Sure they've all had one in private but nows the time to do it in public Thing is I can guarantee you some of them don't give a fuck, they play for their wage and that's it
  4. He must know the fans have turned on the players long ago, why not come out and publicly shame them? Tried everything else with this bunch of shitebags, why not slaughter them
  5. He's clueless. Players are shite aye but they look lost in his formations Happened in both old firms, the Motherwell match at home and Killie away.
  6. Exactly this. Who gives a fuck if he's lost the players, they're shite If he's lost the fans (think he has lost most) then he's better off resigning right now before things get really bad.
  7. Exactly. Responsibility is manager and the players but the players need to finish the season, the manager needs to go now.
  8. He said what he had to say, trying to take blame away from the players as all manager's do The guys completely clueless, after last week you don't come out and play the exact same formation Stood on the sidelines today with his hands in his pockets doing fuck all, No passion, nothing Guy was a risk coming in and it's failed, massively If there is any money to be spent you give it to a local guy, not to a foreign mediocre wanker
  9. Players are shite and should go, we all know that and have done since early this year After today, the manager should step down. Don't care how long you've been in the job You don't get beat 2-0 off Celtic and play the same way the next week at home and get beat 5-1.
  10. Waghorn starting is a fucking joke
  11. Every game under Pedro has been a slow start, went behind to Motherwell and didn't start playing till the 2nd half against Thistle Can't afford that today or I think you're right, the players will hear it from the fans
  12. 2-1, Miller anytime 30/1. Saying that, would take a 1-0 o.g in the 95th minute!
  13. There's only so often you can sing and build an atmosphere when what's on the pitch is rotten A bit of early pressure, a goal or even a hard tackle will get the fans going Unfortunately we don't see much of those at Ibrox ....
  14. Lafferty the have on a free Lafferty the man....can get to fuck away from Ibrox and never return He's seen an interview chance and has put his name in the mix since we're depeserate Will look appealing to King. A 29 year old international who's been playing down south.
  15. How could he not influence the games where he was part of the starting 11.... 2 matches on there, Man City vs Fulham & Stevenage vs Newcastle he was in the 11 and placed bets on his team's winning Aye you could argue that might make him try harder to win lol but the first goalscorer bet, could easily mean he's taking shots he wouldn't normally take Thought the punishment was harsh at first but since it's involving matches he actually played it I've got zero sympathy