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The dae whit you like about THEM thread

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4 hours ago, Courtyard Bear said:

The prick has decided he needs to have another go at us, hope he chokes on the devils money he received from Hollicom. 

So the scum didn’t know he was coming, aye right, his pics outside Ibrox were all over social media 

Why would he pull a Rangers top over the filthy hoops anyway, why not remove it first.

On the upside he visited us first, as it should be, all others are inferior 

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48 minutes ago, BlueKnight87 said:

They are up to 19 now since 2007.

UEFA are a joke. Surely when a club has had this many fines, tougher action should be taken. 

19 fines and not a single mention of thoughts they should be due a stadium closure. 

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3 hours ago, fanaticCR said:

0-1 Livingston the day.

I hope you are right mate but the press pushing for Griffiths is showing a pattern. They will get a cake walk today allowing that wee rhat to come on for a goal.

Then he gets praised through the roof and Sutton’s £20 million pish gets justified as a bargain. 

I hope you are right and I am wrong but I have seen this picture happen before.


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