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  1. I am no a longer ps3 user sold mine to game the phat 60gb one for 100 pounds and put it towards a new xbox 360 slim.
  2. hopefully this will not be another transfer hunt that turns out to be deadwood! We'd be fools if we let him slip through our fingers, could see him going to blackpool if we don't up the ante!
  3. its pre season my goodness the scoreline is irrelevant on a good day rangers could have beat them 5 or 6.. going my the commentry text we were all over them! from start to finish!
  4. you'll need to jailbreak your ps3 then mate, use a tutorial on youtube, i know nothing about jail breaking mate, never tried it before and probably never will make sure you back everything up on your ps3 in case you do screw up!
  5. not a problem mate let me know how you get on
  6. instructions in the description mate, this should fix it! your current layout of your buttons is the asian layout
  7. i need one badly having to use my controller to type is KILLER! cheers bud
  8. I can't recall that I have ever wore green before I'm more of a red, black and blue kinda guy!
  9. got any footage mate, to lazy to go search myself if you do post them up here for me, thank en you!
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