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  1. Not even looking forward to this I actually hope this is ally's last game in charge!
  2. no suprise really under ally, let telfer go and turn away the chance of signing scott allan but then give kyle hutton another contract......
  3. "Have I lost the confidence of the fans? No, no. As you would fully expect and understand, there has been a lot of discontent and unhappiness with Wednesday's result. I totally understand and respect that. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/rangers/u/mccoist-ive-still-got-the-boards-backing-i-wont-walk-away.1417781942 You are so wrong ally
  4. same old shit just do the right thing ffs
  5. Couldn't agree more with this, tonight was an embarrassment, defending is a joke was saying the same things tonight which I was saying months ago, ally do the right thing ffs
  6. Anya anyone? would be a good signing i think
  7. What a player Barry was for us btw, good watch!
  8. I think Davis will end up coming back
  9. 2002-03 season what a team we had and was the first season I really remember properly
  10. Not a bad signing, hopefully Mohsni dont get in the team next season hes really poor!
  11. Templeton is always injured, has to make an impact this season!
  12. My team at the moment would be: Bell McAusland McCulloch Mohsni Wallace Aird Law Macleod Temlepton Boyd Miller Would like us to sign another centre half not too keen on either at the moment and Scott Allan
  13. People need to realise where we are at the moment, even boyd in the spl what's the problem? It's a no brainer he scores goals, goals win games, all this about Clark won't get a look in now that's simply because he isn't good enough... Simple
  14. Won't be happy if we don't get Boyd you can't argue with he's record, would rather him that Miller. As for daly where do I start he's a waste of time!
  15. I'd take Hutton and boyd and cuellar highly doubt It though and they'd have to take a huge wage cut
  16. pleased its a 1 year deal, hopefully turns out to be a good signing
  17. Not saying we wouldnt, but id much rather have him than clark or daly, boyd is a proven goal scorer in the spl even in a poor kilmarnock side
  18. Get in Allan and Hutchinson instead of this guy and mcgregor, boyd to partner miller and I would be very pleased with that
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