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  1. Finish a 12 hour nightshift soon so thankfully I can sleep through this game instead of punishing myself by watching it.
  2. I went relieved as I don’t think we can afford to get rid of him and I also don’t think he’ll manage to turn things around. I’m just not convinced he’s learned anything since starting the role.
  3. Honestly, as soon as we unexpectedly won midweek I knew we’d lose today. It’s just typical.
  4. Frustrating as I reckon he’s a good player but he’s not really showing it for us. Might be worth just persevering for a few games to see if he grows in co disenfranchised and starts to show some form. Think he’d also benefit from a quality winger signed to play in front of him.
  5. Not an easy game with how we’ve played recently but hopefully we somehow kill the game off in the first leg.
  6. He wasn’t great again but to be fair it can’t be easy without a proper winger in front either. We really need to sign a couple of players of real quality rather than more of the same squad fillers if we are to accomplish anything this season.
  7. Well, that ends the argument after the last few bad results. The league is definitely over now and no one can deny that.
  8. Honestly after the first 40 minutes when we were looking unlucky not to score I thought it would end up 1-0 them. Then we scored but I’m still not surprised that we’ve now conceded as we have looked toothless in front of goal.
  9. Dull as fuck first half there. We look a million miles away from scoring unless we have a massive change of attitude in the second half. Wish someone would try and work the ball bloody forward.
  10. I’d have stuck with Barasic. Yes he’s not been performing too well but I definitely see potential and the only way to reach it is playing games building fitness and match sharpness.
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