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  1. Frustrating as I reckon he’s a good player but he’s not really showing it for us. Might be worth just persevering for a few games to see if he grows in co disenfranchised and starts to show some form. Think he’d also benefit from a quality winger signed to play in front of him.
  2. Delighted to be top. Not overly optimistic we can beat Hibs home and away to keep things tight. Thankfully the January window is closing in and if we can get even a single quality creative midfielder in then I’ll be a lot more confident of seeing the league out. Ideally we’ll get more than one quality player in though as we really need another striker in.
  3. He didn’t overly impress me tonight but I’m definitely of the opinion he will become a great player for us going forward. Would like to see him get a string of games with Grezda ahead of him and back to the Katic - Goldson centre back pairing and no more chopping and changing the defence.
  4. I genuinely don’t think we’ll have a chance to snatch the league this season. To be fair if you asked me before the league kicked off I’d have said the same thing. Frustratingly celtic dropping so many points means we could and should be leading the league thus far but we ourselves have dropped far too many ‘easy points’. I myself don’t feel that Gerrard is doing a whole lot right in management. I want him to do well but the constant chopping and changing of the backfour have changed our team from one that looked defensively solid at the start of the season, having finally righted the wro
  5. I’ll be honest. I was screaming to get Lafferty on for the last ten minutes. Hands up I got that call wrong!
  6. Tonight was about the only time he’s commentated in our match that I felt he wasn’t a twat. Butcher was the same when he commentates on our games. What is it about ex legends that become pundits and start to appease the Rangers haters?! McCann is the exception and I hope his managerial career turns around.
  7. They’ve backed us as much as I would have expected. The frustrating thing is we are so close to having a genuine chance to take the league this season that I really want them to push the boat out. We need some quality attacking options and depth in defence and we will be in an excellent position. Then if we beat them to the league we deny them a chance at the champions league money that would massively hurt them.
  8. They definitely have problems at the moment as the cracks are forming. I still think we have a chance this season but I would feel a lot more confident if we could fork out that little extra on some depth in defence and some quality attacking players, especially with Murphy injured. Sadly I think we will have to wait until January until we bolster our attack. As for next season, I genuinely think we are finally starting to build a solid foundation and I fully expect our team to stroll it next season. While they will invest if they aren't in the Champions League group stages I actually exp
  9. If I’m being honest with myself I thought we wouldn’t challenge under Gerrard until next season and this season was more about instilling some fight and defensive quality into the team. Admittedly after the start we had I got greedy and thought we might win the league as well. Given the choice though I’d take a close second in the league this season, a cup and a decent European run to fund the real challenge next season. Dont get me wrong though, I think celtic are on the decline and I haven’t given up the league this season. However I’m acutely aware of the fact we lack depth and quality
  10. I want the easiest possible group as don’t forget there’s a bonus €570,000 per win and €190,000 per draw in the groups. Then if we finish runners up that’s another €500,000 and again another €500,000 for reaching the last 32. Throw in ticket sales which we’d sell out without the need for glamour ties, TV deals and we could look to really bolster our January transfer budget.
  11. You’re forgetting we rigged the draw beforehand. ?
  12. This thread has reeled me in.
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