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  1. Rob for me. First solid centre half for years. He and Wilson getting better everytime I see them. Waghorn 2nd and Captain 3rd. also special mentions for McKay, Holt and Tav. great to have so many possibilities for the player of the year. Wouldnt have any issue with any of those mentioned. Happy days
  2. Who cares? the reaction from some fans around me to the announcement of the motm is laughable. And imo completely unnecessary
  3. Dom Ball is a decent player with the potential to improve and be a good player for us. i don't see any reason not to offer him a contract (if he is interested).
  4. It's a good show. They guys in the 'studio' do a fine job. if anyone doesn't like it fair enough, but shouldn't slag off the folk at Rangersradio for trying to entertain and give the gers fans an opportunity to voice the opinions they have.
  5. Why does the motm award seem so important to some fans? ive heard booing of the award 2/3 times in the last couple of seasons. I find it bemusing to react to it in such a way. Fans around me went a bit mental when it was announced
  6. Get the gaffer signed up. 2030 should be almost long enough
  7. Does anyone know if all the other clubs carry out the loving cup ceremony?
  8. Peterhead have probably played at Hampden more than us since they joined the league. ???
  9. Can someone tell me what has been going on at Rangerschat over the last week? Has there been a fall out? What's the script with Tommy? Is fox now running the show? Cheers
  10. Kiernan should have been awarded man of the match today, imo. Fine performance. Both he and Wilson are developing a good partnership, one being the aggressor, with the other covering. Also I prefer a right and left footed pairing at the back. Ticks all the boxes as far as I'm concerned
  11. 'Back With Wilkins.....absolutely magnificent from Ray Wilkins'
  12. That's the very spot they used to hit ally's arse
  13. I recently bought a book about Duncan Ferguson,which is not long out. Haven't read it yet but I've heard it's a great read. It's shortlisted for football book of the year.
  14. Think it's a bit premature to be thinking of Mr Warburtons replacement right now.
  15. In time you could well be found to be correct. Scottish football as a whole would be a better place with the attacking philosophy in which Warburton clearly has. There is still a long way to go before we find out if it works out, in terms of trophy success. But it is certainly great to watch, so maybe one day other teams may well look to this era and attempt to emulate the style of play we now have, if indeed it proves successful and for me the Scottish game would be all the better for it.
  16. Does anyone have any idea what kind of money the new guys are on?
  17. It's a fantastic amount sold. And if we can continue to get close to sell out every game, that'll do for me. Happier times ahead chaps
  18. On Sunday a pal of mine had 5-1 with Tav 1st scorer. £2 on it at 400/1. Jammy bandit. Bought me a pint right enough
  19. Does anyone know how many we have sold to date? I expected we would have around 35k. Last I heard it was just over 32k. That was about 2 weeks ago. Cheers
  20. Over the season we are sure to have loads of tricks and goals from Tavernier and Oduwa. So what song would you play to compliment a compilation video? I'd go for the Toggs Wild Thing. Haha shit I'm drunk
  21. Always takes a bit of time for a keeper to settle. Still work to do but I think he'll get there
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