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  1. On 19/02/2016 at 12:17, GabrielTomato said:

    New York Giants - ben51, psb07158, the goal machine, Mr Soprano.

    Los Angeles Rams - CaptainAmerica18.

    Buffalo Bills - JamieD (MIA).

    Dallas Cowboys - BleareyEyedBear, norgerbud, ayro.

    Las Vegas Raiders - Ferris Bueller, mus.

    New England Patriots - cstmamomusa, Lando.

    Indianapolis Colts - Born A Bluenose.

    Miami Dolphins -TEFTONG.

    Green Bay Packers- stourloyal.

    Atlanta Falcons - greg_1987.

    Minnesota Vikings - SasaPapacLoyal.

    Seattle Seahawks - Henders82.

    San Francisco 49ers - .Williamson.

    Just let me know in the posts below which team you follow and I'll update the OP. 


    Las Vegas Raiders

  2. 49 minutes ago, plumbGER said:

    You'd honestly be wrong.

    Maurice Johnstone was an established international player, this would be akin to Liam Burt switching sides or some other no mark bastard.

    At that point they hadn't had no challenge for 9 years and fans weren't anywhere near as entitled and arrogant as they are now.

    Given all the hype about how he would be sold for millions would be another contributing factor to their seethe.

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