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  1. Worked against Dundee United. .... As for sanctions what are they going to do which has not been done before. Just sing it without the add ons. Simple. Also think 4 lads had a dream would get the point across.
  2. I thought it was the last we would see of yellow teeth.
  3. The figure is alot higher than the figures being quoted by UOF & SOS but it is still a big drop from last year. I think there is more problems on the football side and the product on the park is putting off the majority as the UOF only have about 7000.
  4. Thats why they brought 10k fans to Ibrox to see a 2 yr old club. If he takes this stance when this goes to tribunal then he will lose. 54 titles you scum bag baldy bastard. Or as Morinho would say "experts in failure" How did that SC Final work out for you.
  5. Would hope it was half that and a one year deal.
  6. Will give you that. But as a signing he was a poor one. Only remember a header against Peterhead which Andy Little bundled in. And him getting sent off against QOTS which I thought at the time was harsh. Miller don't know about him, he was great the last time, Hopefully we have got him cheap and on a pay per play kind of deal.
  7. Could be worse it could be Kevin Kyle.
  8. Was outstanding first time around but that was 6 years ago. Can't remember the last time I saw him playing down south. We need a CB but would rather we went for the young lad at Motherwell than the need to be linked with ex players all the time.
  9. We will win it but I think it will be close. Looking forward to next season couple of bigger games to look forward to. I expect Ibrox to be full come the start of the season.
  10. I don't think it has had a significant impact, The ongoing boardroom saga has been more detrimental.
  11. Voted Laudrup the turn of pace and the way he could beat a player was genius.
  12. I think the players we are going to be interested in are all going to be out of contract so why the rush.
  13. Even with a 2-0 lead a full house and the fact Hamilton had to play more games they still fucked it up. Bet they wish it was a one off final now.
  14. Not sure can't even remember who went in goals that day.
  15. St mirren 1989. Got beat 1-0 after Chris Woods got assaulted for there goal and had to go off injured. Was 10.
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