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  1. He's doing absolutely fine and will get better with more games.
  2. Can't wait for Transgender and Transhuman days...it's coming.
  3. I'd prefer Alves or Dorrans.
  4. F**k paddy power. total disgrace. And F**k their apology.
  5. Gives his all and scores goals. He's a find. Well done JJ.
  6. Cracking wee player. Had another good game today.
  7. Great goal by Morelos. Miller is F***ing shite, he's done. Hoping Pena and Herrera get on 2nd half, want more goals. Got wee Morelos to score anytime and Gers 4-0.
  8. Did he say " keep your enimies closer " or Keep your enema closer".
  9. He took a couple of championship teams up into the Premiership...not too easy to do, so I agree with some others that he is a decent manager. Seems to carry a bit much baggage and paranoia from previous clubs, and this is why I think no clubs are willing to take a chance on him. Saying all that, I never wanted him at The Gers at any time in the past and certainly not in the future.
  10. Dont care too much what 11 plays v Dundee as long as by the time they walk off they have 3pts in the bag.
  11. Jersey was to big for the low level taig. He's now found his perfect fit with a less ambitious club, with much less expectations and stress. 2nd rate garbage.
  12. Midfield will be run over...to slow and weak. Fear the best we will get today is a draw. 2-2
  13. Then tell her to take it back for a refund as its honking.
  14. BluegeneBop


    Decent game considering its his first game back. He does a lot of shouting and encouraging players round about him and reads the game well. He is only 20 but plays the game like a veteran. Given more game time, I think he will end up first pick.
  15. Photoshop. The guy is putting a bit on, yet the whole picture is visible/done.
  16. Thanks for your efforts Waghorn. Best of luck in your new endeavours in the English Championship.
  17. Tremendous debut by Dorrans, covered every blade of grass scored two and showed what it means to play for the club both him and us love...Rangers. Would happily predict right now...Dorrans for Player of the season. Special player.
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