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  1. Get her to file a wee anonymous report on the cunt for sniffin baby changers in the bog??
  2. What exactly has he said?? This is a fuckin joke now, hope to never see Barton in a Rangers jersey again. Total embarrassment
  3. No way he knocked the taigs back, he's one of them. Probably touted himself over there once he knew we'd like to sign him..
  4. Poor show if true, should be telling the press to get to fuck and standing up for himself rather than running away. Sadly I think his days are numbered.
  5. Sadly Aberdeen were still in it come February, we're miles behind and it's only September. A total embarrassment
  6. Probably but the cunts will take their chances and it'll finish about 7-0
  7. Need something to listen to mate I'm at work?? open all Mics on radio Scotland is pish, any others just giving commentary on our game??
  8. Anybody got just a commentary or radio link, can't seem to find one, thanks
  9. Barton?? Worste player on the park, shite myself every time he takes a touch
  10. Joey Barton, for all your talking, you are pish??
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