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  1. 23 hours ago, simplythebest said:

    Dreading this tournament being overshadowed by debates about taking the knee now 

    Just want to watch some football 

    Tierney takes the boaby. Allegedly. 

  2. 16 hours ago, badjon said:


    At least it's not like some posters who claim to have watched X, y and Z player when we are linked to all sorts of players in the transfer window. Honestly you get guys claiming to have watched the Slovak league or the likes week in week out😃

    I'd rather watch the Slovak league than one with Windass in it. 

  3. 6 hours ago, scottyscott1963 said:

    The 55 definitely wasn't worth the price,but i did manage to empty the bottle over the week,my missus even went and bought me a bottle of Tamnavulin in the Spar incase i couldn't manage it :thumbsup:

    Tamnavulin is almost TOO nice. 

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  4. 21 hours ago, scottyscott1963 said:

    Hate to be the harbinger of bad news mate.
    Give it to someone dear as a present.
    Over the last couple of years i have drunk over 100 different brands,and this is not even in the top 99.
    The good news is,i did finish the bottle over the course of the week.
    Here's my take on it,was strong without too much taste and was quite clear :thumbsup: :mutley:
    Laings make scallywag,timorous beastie,big peat and monkey shoulder which i quite like,and this never came near.
    My preference is peaty smoky island malts.

    All being said,i really hope you enjoy it,so don't be put off by my crits.

    Had the Timorous Beastie at the Burns Supper a couple of years ago. It was nice. Suspected the '55' stuff would essentially be overpriced crap, but my lovely wife is always trying to be as thoughtful as possible. In fact, she got us the Burns Supper tickets, obviously hoping Stevie would be there, and he wasn't. 

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