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  1. Wish we had both him and Ian Ferguson with us now. True blue warriors.
  2. Is... Both offer nothing but at least Barker puts in effort.
  3. In Barkers defense. He is better than Ojo. 😂
  4. Would love Jones to get a run of games similar to Barker. Im sure he would do better.
  5. You are correct I'm looking at it in best case scenario and giving benefit of the doubt. If they actually do understand what it stands for then I'm even more sad that our club is being involved. I do wish this was kept out of football because I enjoyed seeing our team play again. Thought they played great.
  6. I think your struggling to understand that it IS endorsing Black Lives Matter. If people want to support anti-racism there are plenty other ways to do so. Seeing my team kneeling down with fists in the air was a sad moment for me. Blindly supporting a racist organisation without really know what it stands for.
  7. All that gardening leave money we paid and this is it? Seems more like he is looking for positive media exposure on the cheap.
  8. Jones is very direct as is Kamberi. Is what we have required to get away from this side and backwards passing.
  9. Against Hearts brings on Ojo to win the game. Against Hamilton he brings on Barker to win the game. Either: 1. He wants to get the sack or 2, He is just a pish manager,
  10. If you want people to show loyalty then please explain why he continues to think Ojo can win him games? Its been 20+ matches now and he brought him on in a physical must win cup tie which was the last game you would want that dud playing in. If you can explain the thinking behind the madness then maybe I can understand and get behind a manager who thinks this is the way forward.
  11. Wow. Your so wrong. Its obviously Jimmy Bell.
  12. A good goalkeeper but he is no Andy Goram. Think he might have another season left in him but Id start working on a replacement now.
  13. That right there is why I have given up on Gerard and his poor management. If there was a game not right for Ojo it was that one. (though I would argue all games are out of his league) How many times has Gerard been guilty of this? Its insane.
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