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  1. I don't think the defense was the major issue. Whole season our front 3 have been awful.
  2. How much did Malmo and Slavia spend in the summer? He is beginning to act like Warburton now. His point is just a bullshit excuse.
  3. I don't support any parties but saying your not a Rangers supporter based on who you vote politically is ridiculous. Rangers is proud to be a modern, diverse football club where people from all backgrounds, cultures and communities can unite to celebrate and support a common cause – our ground-breaking diversity and inclusion campaign 'Everyone Anyone'.
  4. McGregor - Will turn 40 in January. Last season. Time to give McRorie his chance. Balogun - Getting on a bit at 33. We would do better nurturing a younger player. Davis - 37 in January. Last season. Arfield - 33 in November. Last legs. Not good enough.
  5. Think Goldson and McLaughlin would be the only ones Id renew.
  6. Pace and technique... Looks class.
  7. And if you watch the video a lot of chances missed by the poor forwards he plays with. He would have a lot more!
  8. Should have started but we went with the anonymous Hagi. Took 67 mins for SG to realise. Kent, Morelos and Wright front 3.
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