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  1. Our most talented youth player and showed today why that is. Great to see him get and take his chance!
  2. I was with Tav but I think Goldson and McGregor are closing in. Could change over the remaining games....too soon to say
  3. Balogun was very good today. Showed a lot more ability than I thought he had. with some really nice touches.
  4. Plays with high energy and good technical ability. I like the look of him already.
  5. Barisic was much more advanced than he has been for some time. Perhaps due to this?
  6. We have had plenty of games like that with Morelos up front without fucking it up at the back and came out with a win. Nobody complained then as we got away with it.
  7. Cant believe people blaming Itten. Most of what he did today was good but he has no service at all!
  8. He is great at passing the ball sideways.... Not anywhere near good enough for our club.
  9. Balogun will be 33 in June so I think its likely.
  10. Should be on our bench instead of Zungu.
  11. Like most players who suffer issues behind the scenes they can hit your performance. Grieg tried to sell him at one point which led at a period of Cooper being our Moody Blue.... He may have had games where he didn't perform but how many players can claim this? He was unplayable when he was in form. World Class.
  12. JograBear


    Thought he was hiding for too much of the game which he needs to improve on. Always has a couple of great moments in a game but the rest is not good enough.
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