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  1. Loved that...Gerrard gives a wee fist pump to Patterson then gives him a slap over the head
  2. Alfie' s performance tonight has added a couple of £million to any potential buyers....Outstanding, fookin outstanding
  3. I hope he does well. However, I'd really would love to see him at Ibrox with the background staff in some capacity. Has the potential as and when SG moves on ( and he will move on) to being in a position to be considered as manager. Love listening to him and his punditry and he has a great football brain. That tied in with a club who have quality players on their books could be a good piece of forward planning by the club.
  4. The difference is those various protest meeting may have (guess) 10-30 people in attendance and milling about We're talking about the the potential , nay probability, for a good few fookin thousand to be there..
  5. That day could just be 3 weeks away. As much as I want to 'yahoo it big time' and to celebrate it with bears, there is just no way Plod will allow it. I know I'm going to get the 'who gives a fuck ' from others but in the real world I can assure you any crowds will be dispersed . PS will be there in force and it'll be a no-go area. There will be a more suitable time and place but its just too soon. Irrespective of your own or personal thoughts, it will be the club that will be vilified and hammered for the actions of the fans . The worse any individual will get will be a £200
  6. 2nd chance???.....no chance. Gerrard wasn't playing during a worldwide pandemic. No sympathy for stupidity of the highest order. Next time he or they walk into Ibrox via front door should be the last...for all of them
  7. One shot at the keeper in the first 45 mins is his contribution to this game SO FAR...it isn't okay and isn't enough. Needs to up his game.
  8. An ugly win and we made it hard for ourselves but I'll accept that for every game we play.
  9. Sure its been said before....but what about a massive controlled drone display similar to what was done at new year but only bigger and better. Fireworks are alright but they will be going off all across the country so lets think out the box. Has to be something extraordinary, imaginative and most importantly of all. to *fuck it right into them"
  10. (When normal life resumes) Hello...I'm the sports journalist representing the Daily Record...here's my ID to allow me into the ground. Can I confirm you said the Daily Record?- ....Yes. GET TO FUCK....you are banned, simple as.
  11. Started to read and got to the background/history. Lots of usual sh!t regarding religion but no reference at all to the vile crimes hidden relating to paedophilia committed by officials of Septic FC. Enough said. Another journalist/writer who is selective in his content but not bold or honest enough to go that final step and actually 'out the baskets' for their history. This subject matter is their Achilles heel and they should never be allowed to forget their history.
  12. got sent this earlier..... Tarriers have been obsessed with the 10IAR....to their detriment. However, if you add 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 it gives you a really interesting number
  13. That's some statement and compliment for Aribo... Charlie George was class.
  14. The performance today shows you how really good it was overall when Bears on here are naming 4 different players for MOTM.
  15. Best performance for a few months or so...outstanding teamwork and commitment. Long may it continue
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