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The whole James Mcarthur rumour

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with charlie adam now appearing to be staying, this may mean that mcarthur's supposed move may not happen

who would everyone prefer that we had though

mcarthur or adam, im thinking that while adam can be lazy, arrogant etc at times, we have enough tough tackling midfielders and in having mcarthur could mean even LESS creativity in our midfield

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dont need either, out of the 2 id rather have adam :anguish:

i know he's not been good last few years but maybe now knowing the only teams that will buy him are shit championship teams might be the kick in the arse he needs 2 get his head down n work hard

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adam, with barry gone i think keeping adam is a good idea as a CM back up.

i am a fan of adam i think he has so much potential and i really hope he starts to work and achive it!

+1 (tu)

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I liked Adam a few years ago, prick gets his act together, he could be a star.

You not think he's had his chance?

Yes, but I thought Barry had his chance too. He came back.

So has Adam.

At least once.

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