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2000 Bears + going to Stuttgart whereas the gfitw . .


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. . couldnae sell awe their tickets. :lol::lol::lol::lol::sherlock:


Travel firm cancel flight to Israel after it proves unpopular with Celtic fans

Sep 13 2009 Paul Drury

CELTIC'S official travel firm have axed a fan flight to a Euro tie in Israel because of lack of interest.

Thomas Cook grounded their official charter to Tel Aviv on Thursday because not enough fans wanted to go there.

The firm, who have exclusive rights to run trips for the Glasgow club, were charging £600-a-head for an overnight stay and an official match ticket for the Europa League clash with Hapoel Tel Aviv.

Fans have blamed the price tag as well as the tight security in Israel for the snub.

Meanwhile, around 2000 Rangers supporters signed up for trips to Germany for the Champions League clash with Stuttgart on Wednesday.

Travel industry experts said fan flights had been badly hit by the recession.

Peter Rafferty, president of the Affiliation of Celtic Supporters Clubs, said: "Money is tight and supporters are finding they just can't raise the money to go and see football abroad.

"On top of that, the Israel trip is expensive because of the distance involved."

Some fans have criticised the high travel prices for games - though costs do include a match ticket.

A spokesman for Thomas Cook said: "We can confirm that, after receiving very few bookings, Celtic FC and Thomas Cook Sport decided to cancel the supporter trip to the Celtic UEFA Europa League fixture in Tel-Aviv.

"We have helped some of the small number of fans who were interested by providing various travel options based on scheduled flights and hotels."

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To be fair £600 quid is alot of money and thats not even taking into account the money you need for spending.

A don't do fair with these lying delusional scum only the other day they were bullshittin about changin stadiums against rapid because 100,000 ticket demand ! (tu):sherlock:

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Aye whatever... they just shat themselves at the thought of all those Israelis ready to kill them when they catch sight of those Palestine flags


Gutted they're not going now... was looking forward to the backlash from that!

Do you know, you may have something there ! (tu):sherlock:

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To be fair £600 quid is alot of money and thats not even taking into account the money you need for spending.

Hold on a minute ...

1 Israeli shekel = 0.158830826 British pounds

1 Euro = 0.874573021 British pounds

Rangers fans will probably spend more in Germany for the flight, accom and spendindg money than Celtic fans will going over to Israel.

Don't kid yourself.

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Its a bit like Rangers going to Dublin, where hostility awaits..

Hardly the point mate, i went to Dublin from Inverness as a 15 year old schoolboy, on my tod. Thousands of Bears did the same, at the height of the troubles.

They have shat their kegs.

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celtic have sold there full allocation of tickets for this.... they have just not bought them through thomas cook.

And for the defence we have joe beltrami ! :rolleyes::sherlock:

well am just saying.... your saying they have sold no tickets.... but they have sold there full allocation... i know this becuase my cousins are going... and he sed nobody books with THOMAS CROOK..coz its a rip off. rangers and celtic should get them to fuck!

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