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  1. Notice he didnt mention family reasons when he came to us the guys a fukin bullshitter as well as a coward
  2. Soon be calling the girodome the house of the riseing sun
  3. Of what i seen yesterday i wonder if two thirds of this team dont like the thought of life under GVB
  4. He is not the type of cunt you would like to share a trench with
  5. Dont know why we are still talking about about this cowardly arsehole
  6. On watching some of the podcasts some people are quite delusional about his reputation as a manager he gave the club the title last year he made us more fluent to watch but all of these things dont mean jack shit down south he will not last at AV
  7. After what hes done running away in the middle of a season he is no worth a fuck
  8. What kind of thinking makes him run away from a club in mid season to a career ending job at AV yes i know its all about money but when do arseholes like him ever get enough monry
  9. He will get found out down there his days in Europe are at an end at Villa
  10. Motherwell just another cheek of the same arse they will get nothing today
  11. He is a total shite bag the last thing he will want to play against us he knows whats coming his way
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