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  1. Is this a first team player they wont let out before the Livi game
  2. Just points to how big a coward this cunt is
  3. They should execute that bastard
  4. They didnt go away they fukin ran away funny how the departure day was the same day they were playing Rangers these cunts knew they were never going to beat us so the answer was to fukin leg it an let the mongos that follow them cool down for a week fish lips asked what "were they doing there" now you know
  5. Make no mistake these cunts are going to try like fuck to get the season made null an void they know they are never going to catch us plus goal average their season is over
  6. These cunts remove themselves from European football
  7. That lot of arseholes would struggle to give Maryhill juniors a going over
  8. Are getting read by other teams DU played us with the one on one ploy that made it difficult for us in Sun game has STM looked at this
  9. Dont forget we have a massive goal difference no way are they going to make that up
  10. This will be Sutton coming out from under his stone again
  11. We could beat the two of them in the one night
  12. But by that time if we win all our games they will be 16 points behind with a goal average they will never get near you call that easy
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