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  1. Cancel it an give us the title after last season that should even things up
  2. He is a likeable guy but what he is not is a football manager at best a good coach in a good management team
  3. I have asked this question a few times an got fukin shot down on here
  4. We are never going to get back to where we should with this guy in charge he only knows how to beat shite put a bit of pressure on him an his bottlers an hes fucked
  5. These cunts are shipping goals all over the place
  6. A massive bullet well dodged
  7. What the fuck does SG see in this guy Barker
  8. If SG wants shot of him he is going to have to play him
  9. Another one pointer these cunts set up too well at the back an we all know SG an his mates just dont have a clue to this
  10. Not with this management team not one of them has a fukin clue how to break down a defence
  11. Even if those tarrier bastards were to catch up we have lost a two point lead
  12. How fukin ugly can it get beyond belief
  13. Didnt win last trophy was handed to them
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