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World Cup TV coverage confirmed


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Gets the blood flowing a wee bit more:

The BBC and ITV have confirmed the split of matches for this summer's World Cup, with the BBC having first pick of last-16 and quarter-final ties.

Both will show the final and any semi-final featuring England, while ITV will show the play-off for third place.

ITV will show England's games against the United States and Algeria, with the BBC showing their match with Slovenia.

The opener between South Africa and Mexico is on ITV and both broadcasters will also show their matches online.

The tournament starts on Friday 11 June and the BBC begins its coverage with the opening-day match between France and Uruguay.

The BBC has some of the most appetising of the group fixtures, and will be showing live every England match from their final group game onwards

Philip Bernie, BBC Head of TV Sport

England's match against US is one of two matches on ITV the following day, with Argentina's opening fixture against Nigeria on BBC Sport.

ITV will show Fabio Capello's England side against Algeria on Friday 18 June, while their match against Slovenia on 23 June is on the BBC along with the other remaining Group C clash between the USA and Algeria.

Other potential highlights of the group stage include Brazil v Ivory Coast (BBC, 20 June), France v South Africa (ITV, 22 June) Ghana v Germany (ITV, 23 June) and Portugal v Brazil (BBC, 25 June).

The broadcasters will split the last-16 and quarter-final ties, though the BBC will have first choice of matches and so will show England's matches if they progress.

"The BBC are very happy with how the TV split of matches for the World cup has been resolved," Philip Bernie, BBC Head of TV Sport said.

"The BBC has some of the most appetising of the group fixtures, and will be showing live every England match from their final group game onwards, so we hope to be with them for a long and successful campaign.

"The BBC will aim again to capture the very best of the biggest event of the year across all its outlets, on TV, on radio and online."

Niall Sloane, ITV's Controller of Sport, added: "We're delighted that ITV will kick off coverage of this summer's World Cup and that England's two opening games will be shown live on ITV1 in peak time.

"There is no bigger event on UK television or online than the World Cup and ITV will be at the heart of the action from the first kick through to the final whistle."

England matches (all times GMT)

Saturday 12 June, 1500

England v US (ITV1)

Friday 18 June, 1930

England v Algeria (ITV1)

Wednesday 23 June, 1500

Slovenia v England (BBC One)

Further matches to be confirmed

Full group match list

June 11 1500: South Africa v Mexico (Soccer City, Johannesburg) - ITV

June 11 1930: Uruguay v France (Cape Town) - BBC

June 12 1230: South Korea v Greece (Port Elizabeth) - ITV

June 12 1500: Argentina v Nigeria (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) - BBC

June 12 1930: England v US (Rustenburg) - ITV

June 13 1230: Algeria v Slovenia (Polokwane) - BBC

June 13 1500: Serbia v Ghana (Pretoria) - ITV

June 13 1930: Germany v Australia (Durban) - ITV

June 14 1230: Holland v Denmark (Soccer City, Johannesburg) - ITV

June 14 1500: Japan v Cameroon (Bloemfontein) - BBC

June 14 1930: Italy v Paraguay (Cape Town) - BBC

June 15 1230: New Zealand v Slovakia (Rustenburg) - BBC

June 15 1500: Ivory Coast v Portugal (Port Elizabeth) - ITV

June 15 1930: Brazil v North Korea (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) - ITV

June 16 1230: Honduras v Chile (Nelspruit) - ITV

June 16 1500: Spain v Switzerland (Durban) - BBC

June 16 1930: South Africa v Uruguay (Pretoria) - BBC

June 17 1230: Argentina v South Korea (Soccer City, Johannesburg) - ITV

June 17 1500: Greece v Nigeria (Bloemfontein) - BBC

June 17 1930: France v Mexico (Polokwane) - BBC

June 18 1230: Germany v Serbia (Port Elizabeth) - BBC

June 18 1500: Slovenia v US (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) - BBC

June 18 1930: England v Algeria (Cape Town) - ITV

June 19 1230: Holland v Japan (Durban) - ITV

June 19 1500: Ghana v Australia (Rustenburg) - BBC

June 19 1930: Cameroon v Denmark (Pretoria) - ITV

June 20 1230: Slovakia v Paraguay (Bloemfontein) - BBC

June 20 1500: Italy v New Zealand (Nelspruit) - ITV

June 20 1930: Brazil v Ivory Coast (Soccer City, Johannesburg) - BBC

June 21 1230: Portugal v North Korea (Cape Town) - BBC

June 21 1500: Chile v Switzerland (Port Elizabeth) - BBC

June 21 1930: Spain v Honduras (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) - ITV

June 22 1500: Mexico v Uruguay (Rustenburg) - ITV

June 22 1500: France v South Africa (Bloemfontein) - ITV

June 22 1930: Nigeria v South Korea (Durban) - BBC

June 22 1930: Greece v Argentina (Polokwane) - BBC

June 23 1500: Slovenia v England (Port Elizabeth) - BBC

June 23 1500: US v Algeria (Pretoria) - BBC

June 23 1930: Australia v Serbia (Nelspruit) - ITV

June 23 1930: Ghana v Germany (Soccer City, Johannesburg) - ITV

June 24 1500: Slovakia v Italy (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) - ITV

June 24 1500: Paraguay v New Zealand (Polokwane) - ITV

June 24 1930: Denmark v Japan (Rustenburg) - BBC

June 24 1930: Cameroon v Holland (Cape Town) - BBC

June 25 1500: Portugal v Brazil (Durban) - BBC

June 25 1500: North Korea v Ivory Coast (Nelspruit) - BBC

June 25 1930: Chile v Spain (Pretoria) - ITV

June 25 1930: Switzerland v Honduras (Bloemfontein) - ITV


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I'll miss all the 15:00 kick off games, and probably the first half of every later game, bar the semi's, and final, as I shall be working, or playing either golf, or tennis. Busy summer in store for me.

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I'll be at TITP when the England - US game is on

any chance I will be able to watch it there?

I would imagine they would put something on.

I can also wager there will be a fair few stars and stripes cutting about that day :lol:

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