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9 Million For Jela? That'll Be Whyte!


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THE board must think Rangers fans button up the back.

They must think every Ibrox supporter is wet behind the ears.

What other explanation is there?

Unless you treat your fans with complete and utter contempt, how else do you expect them to swallow the tall tale of a late 'mystery' mega-bucks bid for Nikica Jelavic?

I'm sorry, that was nothing more than a smokescreen.

A blatant attempt by Craig Whyte and Co to deflect attention away from the fact that next to no money has been spent on improving Ally McCoist's squad this summer.

And I know I'm not alone in thinking that.

With the amount of wheeling and dealing done these days, how the hell can an institution like Rangers not know who offered £9million for their star striker?

It's complete rubbish and I'm not buying it for a second.

C'mon, Mr Whyte. Just be honest and up front with the fans.

No one bid that amount of money for Jelavic, did they?

Because if they had, I suspect you would have bitten their hand off and Gers would be a man down this morning.

I wrote last week that the new Ibrox owner had less than a week to salvage Gers' season.

Carlos Cuellar had become Carlos Bocanegra and big signings had to be made before the close of the transfer window on Wednesday.

What are we left with now that the dust has settled?

As far as I can see, nothing but a load of broken promises.

Whyte swept into town last season on a tidal wave of goodwill.

New boss McCoist would get £5m to spend this summer. Rangers were in safe hands.

By my calculations, McCoist's net spend this summer is just £500,000.

Juan Manuel Ortiz — £300,000. Lee Wallace — £1.5m. Dorin Goian — £400,000. Bocanegra — £300,000. Alejandro Bedoya — £250,000. Matt McKay — £250,000.

Don't forget, Madjid Bougherra was sold for £1.8m while Rangers banked £700,000 from the sell-on clause after Charlie Adam joined Liverpool. Do the maths yourself.

It leaves a staggering shortfall of £4.5m which was supposed to be invested in new players.

How the hell is that giving Coisty a fair crack of the whip?

I played golf with my old Rangers buddy a few days back.

And you just had to look at him to get a feel for his frustration.

Think of the players he's targeted this summer.

And think of where Gers would be right now had the board backed him by getting their cheque book out.

Most probably still in the Champions League, that's where.

Cuellar, Tomer Hemed, David Goodwillie, Craig Conway and Neil Danns.

There's five guys McCoist wanted and didn't get. That's not his fault.

The blame lies squarely at the door of the board who have failed miserably to back their man.

Taking over from a legend like Walter Smith was always going to be a difficult job.

But McCoist has had his throat cut by the guys supposed to be helping him.

On deadline day Gers were willing to let players leave on loan when everyone knows the squad is paper thin. It doesn't make sense.

McCoist has all the attributes to be a top class manager.

He's shrewd, intelligent and he knows the game inside out. He knows Rangers inside out.

Well, perhaps he THOUGHT he knew Rangers inside out.

For me there seems to be a genuine lack of leadership at Ibrox. McCoist is saying one thing and those above him another. Whyte, Ali Russell and Gordon Smith are all involved in the decision-making process yet no one seems capable of making the right decision.

What is it they say about too many cooks? I know Whyte has defended his signing policy elsewhere in today's SunSport.

But to me it's black and white. Big noises were made at the start. Big promises have been broken now.

Whyte simply hasn't spent the kind of money he said he would and the Rangers fans fear that will be to the detriment of McCoist and the squad he has at his disposal.

Quality is very much thin on the ground at Ibrox and unless Jelavic gets his shooting boots back on and fast, you wonder where the goals are going to come from. But when everyone is fit it's still a strong squad.

Strong enough to win the SPL, but that says more about that sorry state of football in this country than anything else.

Coisty is a fighter and right now he's in the biggest fight of his life.

He's got the job of his dreams and I'm sure all of this will have made him even more determined to succeed.

Whyte and the rest of the board better hope the current squad stays injury free because it won't be long before fans start asking questions.

I can assure you Mr Whyte, they are NOT buttoned up the back.

Read more: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/spl/3789992/9m-bid-for-Jela-Thatll-be-Whyte.html#ixzz1WkO4WtjI

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into them goram.

Into who? He's just saying what the manky mob are saying, how the fuck does he know that no one offered 9 million?

Why would Rangers accept it anyway on the last day of the window and then they know our best player is away and we won't be able to get another striker in, on time.

I don't see the media slagging off timmy for there complete lie about how much gay McGeady went away for do you?

I didn't here any one from Rangers come out and mock that either. Another reason why I HATE THE MANKY MOB.

they think they can say what ever they fucking like.

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Goram reminds me of Jim Baxter.

I remember having to go to the launch of Stinky Johnstone's book, and there in conversation among all the rats of the day like McNeil, Murdoch, Johnstone, Auld, was Slim Jim.

I was intruiged to hear the conversation, and shuffled over beside them to eavesdrop.

Souness had just joined Rangers at the time, and Baxter was telling them all that the Sun had just contacted, and asked him to comment on the new appointment.

"I told them to fuck off" says Jim. "Then the cunt says to me that there's 500 quid in it for you Jim, if you give us a quote. So I says to him, 'what do you want me to say then'".

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Someone mind telling me what this club would be like if Whyte didnt buy Rangers FC seriously we play in the SPL for christ sake, it's unbelievable the amount of stick Whyte is getting... An ex-players writing this shit does not help tbh.

(tu) This shitey league is the reason why we can't sign any big name. If it wasn't for the dick advocaat days scotland would never have seen so many good players play here.

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