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Mesut Ozil


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What a fucking player :drool:. Pace, vision, skill, intelligence, technique, passing... one of the best players going atm in my honest opinion. Think he's extremely underrated (or atleast I don't hear enough praise for him). I don't want to spark a Barca vs Real thread, but I think because of all the hype and praise Xavi and Iniesta get, this kid (he's only 22!) doesn't get all he deserves despite getting more assists than the pair combined last season. Probably one of the biggest bargains in the past decade or so also. What was it, about £12mil or something? In the PL you have to pay more than double that for pish like James Milner. Might not score a lot, but does he really need to. Love or hate Ronaldo, there's no quesion he's the best player at Real Madrid, but imo Ozil is easily 2nd best.

What does everyone think of him?

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Would not say he is easily second best when they have the likes of Alonso.

Yeah, I know it's a ballsy thing to say with all the superstars they have, and everyone's going to be thinking I'm overrating him (ironic), but putting everything into consideration (especially his link up play with Ronaldo) he's above everyone else imo. "Easily" was a bit over exaggerated :lol:

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I think there is still alot more to come from him. I think he has the potential to be one of the worlds best, dont know if he is the second best at Madrid but. Di Maria was outstansing at times last seeason. Some of Ozil's assist's last season where superb but, watching that video just reminded me of some of his best...

I think German football looks very promising for the future.

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He's very good but whenever I've seen him he seems to fade in the second half and he hasn't really managed to stamp any kind of authority in games against Barcelona, which is no disgrace. He's very young and he should improve.

I've heard he used to be a smoker, which would put question marks over his fitness. You could also count the number of times he's completed 90 minutes for Real on 1 hand.

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Very good player with lots of potential. Would not say he is easily second best when they have the likes of Alonso.

Actually disagree about the underrated part and think he gets overrated at times, some of his performances during the World Cup were over-hyped.

Never really played well in many of the games against Barcelona.

Excellent first season alongside Di Maria and will only get better and better.

He came on and changed the game in one of the matches. The 1-1 league draw in Madrid I think.

Which Real Madrid players did play well against Barcelona? Please don't say Pepe because it's a total myth. Running around committing fouls does not make a good performance.

Don't know how any of his performances in South Africa were over-hyped either. He was fantastic against Australia and England and played quite well against Ghana and Serbia.

Easily the second best player at RM after Ronaldo. The diving, horse-faced scumbag doesn't come close.

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Although he hasn't fully showed it for City (he has been amazing so far this season, though), I prefer Silva as a player. I'm not taking away from Ozil as a player, as he is clearly fantastic, and this is backed up fully with his stats.

I'd say they are the 2 best in the world at what they do.

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