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Could Mr. Green save the old co. ?


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Been wondering this myself. Too stupid to speculate though but I would have thought HMRC would still need to accept a CVA agreement as even without the BTC they are still our largest creditor.

Are Ticketus not the biggest creditor now instead of HMRC?

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Would there be a benefit to this?

Say we got it for £xm would we then be able to play in Europe again, could we then have a better case for claiming money that is sitting with the SFA/SPL. Is there other money we could chase let alone loss of money by being demoted?

I understand it is still Whytes fault, but the media frenzy and the supposed £1bn we were due did also help in that demise.

What ever happened to the volley Bristol money or what ever we were chasing. If all this money had been allowed to come to the company we could easily have paid of the debt I would of thought.

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Why on earth would he pander to the tired mhedia spun notion that Rangers and our ex holding company are one and the same by trying to forge the the pieces back together. It would be of absolutely zero benefit to us to go down this route, and I would be very disappointed in Green if he were to consider it.

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If Green bought back the Oldco I'd be delighted. I want us to honour our debts. Fuck what the Tims think we're the same club we always have been since 1872. It might put us in a much better position to fight the SPL and persue the criminal Craig Whyte.

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Does anybody know if Craig Whyte still actually owns 85% or whatever it was of the OldCo?

Serious question BTW.

If he does then I have no doubt he'd sell all those shares. As long as we waved any possibility of legal action now or in the future against him. He'd probably give them up for the same £1 he bought them for. The irony would be, his claims to be the man that saved Rangers might actually come true.

Mr.Green incorporating Oldco and Newco and leading the fight back!

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