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The bouncy at Hillsborough


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Arrived home at 11.30 am today after an absolutely fantastic day starting at the Travel lodge Meadow hall where the staff are excellent. My brother and me then went on to the Jubilee club and got there for around 4pm and the place was buzzing so we spent a couple of enjoyable hours at the club and I thank the club and staff for making us so welcome, we then went to a fish and chip shop called The Four Lanes which we were told by the friendly police force of Sheffield it is one of the best in town its about 100 yards from the football ground and as I live in a fishing town I was not disappointed and the banter with the staff was good as well. With one and half hours to go we went to a pub called The Riverside café which had a bar up stairs, again we were met by friendly staff as well as owls fans who were enjoying the singing and banter of the Rangers fans. We then moved to the ground at 7.30 pm and took our seats and our fans had already started pumping up the volume, over the next 2 hours the singing and atmosphere was amazing all the owls fans that I spoke to before and after the game were all friendly which I already knew from all the years I played darts for Yorkshire county and know a hell of a lot of good lads from that area. The best bit about yesterday was our Fans and I am grateful that I was able to spend those few hours in their company as without doubt "YOU" are Scotland and Britain's finest. WATP. :7326: :7326: :7326::7325: :7325: :7325::party:

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