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  1. Livingston have been banned from registering players by the Scottish Professional Football League. It comes after the club volunteered evidence of undeclared bonus payments. In a letter to the Scottish FA and the SPFL, the club allege up to £30,500 was paid, without being subject to tax or National Insurance between 2010-11. The board claim former chief executive Ged Nixon made those payments without the knowledge of other directors but when contacted he declined to comment. The remaining directors of the Championship side say they welcome an investigation of the actions of Nixon during his te
  2. Now the papers will pick up on this and the signs will get removed
  3. Next 'Call of Duty' announcement teased for March 21. A teaser site has emerged that is counting down to the announcement of the next Call of Duty game. Found at the site unexpectedreveal.com, the teaser gives a brief look at a blurry screenshot before fading to black with a countdown timer. While the screenshot is blurry, it has clear text written in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare font that reads "Objective was updated. Escape." Inspecting the website's code reveals the phrase "Call of Duty - Worldwide reveal March 21," which coincides with the countdown's end date. Looking the teaser site
  4. Barrow – MAYBE Braintree Town – YES Ebbsfleet – MAYBE Forest Green - NO (Boycott) Gateshead – NO (Boycott) Hyde - MAYBE Macclesfield – YES Mansfield – YES Newport - NO (Boycott) Nuneaton – YES Southport - YES Stockport - YES Tamworth – YES Wrexham - YES :7325:
  5. I still haven't played zombies since BO2 came out - Hate it
  6. Merry Christmas to you all and your famalies Hope you all have a good Xmas and Happy New Year.
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