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League Cup Final at the Big Jock Knew Camp

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Only in this country.....

We will have a cup final between Baabaadeen and ICT where they will sell only lower tier tickets.

The stadium is far bigger than the demand.

Roll back three months ago and the decision to play the Ramsdens at Easter Rd. This is a clear example of demand far outstripping supply!!! You couldn't make it up!

So who decided they didn't want the Ramsden Cup final played at the piggery? And who wanted the league cup final played at the midden? That's right and they run scottish football too!

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What was wrong with each semi final of the SC would be played at Ibrox if it involved sellick and the piggery if it involved Rangers. The final could be at the piggery and just to ensue there is parity then the league cup final is at Ibrox.

Was that to simple for the bigots in power because it would mean less money and exposure for them and more for us.

Cunts are running our game/country.

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Inverness is a big city, a cup final will attract more fans.

Dingwall and Gretna are tiny but they still brung a big following.

Inverness a big city? Inverness is a very small City...It's got a population of 72,000 The whole city could nearly fit in Parkhead.

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What's the combined average home attendances of the two clubs, about 15,000? They could have played the final at Tannadice and everyone who regularly watches either club could get in.

but you know what happens when these diddy teams play in a cup final they all come crawling out the woodwork never ta be seen again

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