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Season Ticket Sales Thus Far ............?

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Renewed mine at the end of last week. Handed it at 1pm on Thursday and email confirmation arrived within 90mins!! Doesn't sound that busy and no positive spin is doing the rounds.

It's now month end, most people have been paid etc and the 'deadline' is tomorrow for current seats.

Anyone got reliable information regarding how many renewals?

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Getting my first season ticket this year is it possible to pay in installments without getting finance? My credit rating isn't too good but if not will be one payment when I get paid which will be a bit of a fucker but worth it

Sure you can pay 4 installments in cash at the ticket office. You could last year anyway.

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Why don't we have the general sale at the same time as renewals?

Lots of reasons. Here's one: Imagine you bought a ticket in the open sale, choosing the best available seat you could find, then the renewal deadline passed, and lots of better seats became available - you'd be beelin'

posted my renewal form back on sat just hope it arrives at ticket centre tomorrow before deadline.

I wouldn't worry too much. Nobody will be able to buy your seat until the 8th. It's unlikely that any existing s/t holders would ask to get moved to your seat.

Sent my form away on Saturday, not sure if it will make it for tomorrow's deadline tho.

as above.

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We'll know soon enough, certainly won't be near the ambitious 45,000 quoted from the board.

20,000, maybe?

Me and my 3 mates are getting tickets for this season so looking forward to getting on with that this week.

Are you sure he didn't say four to five thousand? :P

Anyway, I've got mine too - by the looks of things we've now almost got more s/t holders than players. :thumbup:

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