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Recommend Me A Good Pub In Belfast


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Any Bears from over the water that can recommend me a good pub in Belfast City centre to watch the game on Friday night? Somewhere I can sneak in with the Mrs and go "Oh look the Gers game is on!"

Going over for the weekend and the Ulster GP as a wee surprise from the Mrs. She booked it all up without asking me if i might be busy this weekend.

Anyway I have handed my season to the lads from TIVL and I hope all Bears have a great night.


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She might suspect something if you ask to go to the Sandy Row RSC, try The Royal across the road. Or if you are incredibly persuasive you might be able to talk the bar staff in Laverys to put it on they show every NI match, Ulster Rugby game and even the Belfast Giants so not beyond the realms of possibility that they'll have it on

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All the City centre bars are mixed and wouldn't show Rangers (or Celtic) matches. As the guys said The Royal and SRRSC and NISC are closest and practically in the centre anyway. Just head for Shaftesbury Square.

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All lovely bars but not one of them will have the match on

None of the above show football or allow team colours unless its an Ulster eggchasing top preferred by the protestant middle class......boak :anguish:

Apologies, guys. I didn't read the OP, just the thread title. :blush:

I just assumed it was another holiday thread. As SIMA said the other week, the Bears' Den is more like TripAdvisor these days.

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