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Excellent News. Academy Staff Appointments.


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coerver coaching - I thought it was a typo till I googled it. Never, ever heard of that before.

It's been big in the USA for about 8 years. We had a Coerver certified trainer at our youth club at that time and the training was structured in the Coerver methods. As coaches, we all got the training to be certified as well. A lot of individual skills and small group work. Ball mastery is the base foundation out of the 6.

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I've crossed paths with Gordon Craig through coaching and he's a terrific addition.

He's recently left the SFA job he was in I think that James Grady has taken on instead.

His coaching with youth is absolutely first class.

Don't know Paul Mathers other than him playing but sounds like he's made a good career out if coaching so happy with that.

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There is a couple of things that are really impressive since the Mark Warburton appointment, and that is the happy blend of short term and long term objectives, and the time that has been taken to make crucial appointments. It isn't that long ago we were very concerned about the size of the squad, and yet with a great deal of patience we have made what appear to be very good additions; but none of it appears to have been done in haste.

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