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Our Attendance V Everyone Else


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Currently with the Sheep still to play this afternoon we are 8393 ahead of the total from every other professional match played this weekend. We had 49216 on a Friday night , live on TV in the 2nd Tier. The rest of the SPFL this weekend excluding the sheep managed to hit a grand total of 40823. The attendance at the Glasgow Derby (LOL) was shocking at 7000. FFS! Even DFC v Hertz had well over 8000. No matter how they bum it up... it's all about the Rangers.

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The segregation on Friday was about 15 seats wide on each side, well over the top. Could reduce this to 5 or 6 rows if we had stewards who understood what their job was.... then again we don't.

The away fans need put in the Club deck to allow our fans to fill the visible parts of the ground, it woukdnt be that different to police as 15min after the game you could bring them down out the stand round the pitch and through the normal gate so they would have a direct route to their bus.

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