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Where are we going to finish this year and why?

Rangers Season  

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  1. 1. Where will we finish?

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After the new year you could see that we had a team capable of doing some damage in the league. New spirit or whatever.

Unfortunately, it all came too late but with the addition of guys like Gow and Darcheville I think we'll have more punch to our attack.

Also, I can see Thomson becoming a far more influential player next season. :pipegreen:

Champions surely.

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"It will be exciting and the nerves they will show, but with Walter and Ally we'll run the show

The Celtic will try hard,but they've had their turn, Walter will beat them - just ask Tommy Burns!!

Taken from a new song!!


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Champions. We still need a couple of quality players but celtic werent as far ahead of us as the league table suggested last year. They were very luck in several matches including at least 2 that they won via own goals. They have spent a lot of money but has it really been that well spent?? I dont think so. An unknown italian who never lived up to the potential that made milan spend £10m on him when he was young and one of the most overated players in the spl who has done very little in the spl since thomson left hibs. Add to that 2 decent enough spl standard forwards. Their defence is still weak and as we all know walter smith knows how to beat them even with an inferior squad.

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