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Europa League Fridays


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1 minute ago, Courtyard Bear said:

Jesus fuck it’s a bit of water, must’ve missed the drought we get to allow games to go ahead. 

The game was off because the pitch condition. If it was the usual standard we wouldn't have these issues. 

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3 minutes ago, Courtyard Bear said:

Well it’s got fuck all to do with the weather so why don’t you ask the SFA. 

😂😂 fuck sake give me something much easier like learning mandarin than getting answers out those fucking halfwits

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11 minutes ago, sRcFoCt said:

So tomorrow 

Braga Friday night

Sunday st Johnstone 

Wednesday braga 5pm 

Hearts away Saturday night

What is the point of a winter break again?.

Winter break is utterly pointless. Three week break just to cram everything in after it. 

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1 hour ago, gersfc86 said:

We couldn't be in worse shape going into the Braga game. Out of form and pitch in poor condition.

But sort of got a feeling that we will pull this off and get into the last 16!

got to love a bit of blind optimisim 

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3 hours ago, Courtyard Bear said:

Made up nonsense. 

KK's description is a bit OTT I agree, but it got me thinking when was the last time we lost a game at Ibrox. Could be as far back as the 70s when all surfaces, even to[ grounds didn't have the drainage etc pitches have today. 

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