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  1. Joey Barton.

    In some un-related news ... saw this just now whilst scouring twitter for more info on Barton siging or not ............. Paddy Power ‏@paddypower 4m4 minutes ago Rodgers: 'Celtic is one of the biggest clubs in the world' Good thinking. Always start with a joke, to get the crowd on side.
  2. BBC Lunchtime News

    There will be no footage of the attacks shown on TV, as it's now a police investigation.
  3. Rangers FC statement

    Something like this?
  4. Rangers FC statement

    Excellent statement Rangers!
  5. Happy With This Seasons Achievements?

    Overall ... delighted. If you offered us back in July ........ a comfortable Championship win, a Scottish Cup Final, a win over the tarriers with ease, and a Petrofac thrown in for good measure, all this whilst playing attractive football for the majority of the season ..... then I'd have bit your hand off for it.
  6. Surely Hivs must have trophy taken away

    From the Record ............ Rangers' Rob Kiernan apparently had to be held back after reportedly being hit in the ruckus with the club confirming both players and staff were attacked following the final whistle.
  7. Rangers statement

    If the investigation is true and just, I seriously think they'll be booted out of next years Scottish Cup, like we were in 1972 for the ECWC
  8. skippper presser

    The man just oozes Rangers class. And to think (myself included) were debating if he was up to the job last summer when Warbs was still to choose our Captain. Perfect Captain for us.
  9. Is Going to England gonna start up again ?

    When Warbs wins us the Europa League next season, and then back-to-back Champions League trophies, they'll be begging us to come join come 2019. You heard it here first
  10. New Chant - "Waghorn On Fire"

    I for one love it
  11. Seeing all the videos and pics being re-posted on social media and forums, about 5 years ago today (5-1 v Killie) and thought it would be a good excuse to put this video back up ... took me bloody 8 days to make, but worth it
  12. Danny Graham

    Mate just off on hols, and he's just text to say he's met Joey Barton at the airport. He said (Joey) that's he's signing, and also said so is Danny Graham, take it for what it's worth.