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  1. Inverness away on a Friday night is ridiculous. Most bears won't get home until 4am'ish FFS! That being said .... I only live 30miles away
  2. For what it's worth ...........
  3. You want commentary? Then log in to RangersTV and watch it there. Can't afford it? Watch it free on the beebs website or the SPFL youtube channel (without commentary, just crowd noise). Even the Sun website's showing some highlights this year! Add into that Sky's & BTsports websites if it's a live game, and also our opponents media outlets. Take yer pick. This is, and always will be something a little bit different.
  4. Now it all makes sense .... they were re-hearsing for this
  5. Good luck to him
  6. Finished 3rd outta 5
  7. Heads up Currently sitting 2nd favourite at 7-1. Favourite is odds on though at 3-10. May be worth an e/w bet (only 2 places). Stuck £2.50 e/w on it myself.
  8. Just read this on the new page .......... The Ibrox Loyal The last one was taken down because we tried to giveaway tickets for Rangers vs Motherwell, and apparently doing a giveaway that resulted in the boosting of page numbers is against the rules.
  9. Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners - This Girl. This one's an instrumental remix of it, as the original has singing through it.
  10. Efe Ambrose Loyal
  11. Not heard of it before, I'll have a wee look at it EDIT : Just had wee look on their website, to see if there's a free download or whatever. They're a fortune, cheapest 1 is $50 I think, and the dearest package is $800 Torrents here I come
  12. Plain old Windows Movie Maker ... but the old one (WMM6 I think), as the new ones are shit imo. I have 2/3 other video editors downloaded, but I never use them, this is the easiest one for me to use. Nothing fancy.