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  1. *****RM POTY Nominees

    Damn @govanblue and his charity work
  2. Vote Barrie

    Voted Tav
  3. FTP

  4. Happy 90th Birthday Ma'am, God Bless You and. . .

    Congratulations Ma'am
  5. Now That's A Pitch

    Trophy is being presented this Sat bud, usually is the last home game unless the league is still ongoing.
  6. Now That's A Pitch

    Hats off to the groundstaff, looking amazing for Saturday's title party
  7. Sign At WWE Raw in London Last Night

    It was a slobberknocker
  8. Jules Video Of The Game

    Yip ... Never got back from Hampden till yon time ... and today was just a write off Nope, I'm in RM answering questions
  9. Jules Video Of The Game

    Not even started it yet Still recovering from yesterday, my bodies in bits. Hopefully get some of it, if not finish it tonight, don't think I (or anyone) will be able to do it justice though ... what a day As for the tune, I think that when the videos complete it will clock in at a fair bit over 4 minutes odd.
  10. Stonefield Teddies game yesterday

    Best wishes Stan (tu). I was sat just above the tunnel (Q3) where he was stretchered out, looked to be in a lot of discomfort.
  11. Do you go out??

    Leaving at 4.45 by car to Inverness, then the supporters bus from there at 6am. So early bed for me .... but I won't fucking sleep!!!!