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  1. Scottish Cup Draw

    Spotted it right at the beginning, what a shambles. This will be played alll over the world ffs, and Scottish football will be laughed at even more!
  2. Rangers Vs Kilmarnock - Video

    Hate doing draws, but there's a good bit of pics & vid clips of Gers fans at the beginning, so here it is. You might even spot someone you know    
  3. *****The Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread*****

    Zelalem 1st goal it is then
  4. Strong enough to win the league?

    Wes/Gost/Bell Tav Wilson Kiernan Wallace - Ball to cover across the back 4 Zelalem/Law/Holt/Halliday/Thompson/Forrester/Shiels/McLeod - Pick 3, and 5 as cover (Halliday to cover LB too??) King/Miller/McKay/Waghorn/Hardie/Clark/Temps(towards end??) - Pick 3 and 4 as cover More than ample to win this league.
  5. Rangers Vs Falkirk - Video

  6. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    King Billy scores in the 16th hour in the 90th minute ... couldn't have scripted it better
  7. Morton Vs Rangers - Video

  8. Stubbs Yer Talking Shite

    That's a better vid, Cheers ... Edited the OP with it 
  9. A precedent has now been set

    Is he a new ref? Never heard of him before. Will be his last big match if he is new.  Elgin v Clyde for him next
  10. Stubbs Yer Talking Shite

    Talking as a pundit, and a fan nearby shouts quite clearly "Stubbs Yer talking shite"
  11. Happy Birthday Waggy

  12. Diagouraga

    Wouldn't have been too happy if we got him for 7 figures, 0.5 - 0.6 million max.