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  1. Lee Rigby Benifit Match Southampton

    How do we get tickets mate
  2. Jordan Thompson

    I think he's more a central/attacking midfielder. Ball will be used to cover if needed
  3. Appealing Halliday's Red Card

    Can we appeal if it's deemed aggressive behaviour
  4. £5M Loan To Be Repaid.

    Yeah thats what I thought also
  5. Rf Vote Is In ..

  6. Surely the judge has to throw this the fuck out. He's up on criminal charges regarding the purchase of the club
  7. Mark Mcghee Showing Himself Up

    arsehole of a man
  8. Cracking Vb Read

    Great read
  9. My thoughts exactly mate
  10. Not So Good News On Tax Appeal

    BDO have clawed back over £20m for the oldco. HMRC will get the biggest share of that now
  11. what was King supposed to have said that broke the gagging order
  12. Dumbarton Game Moved

    Game would have been at 3pm on the Saturday though
  13. This can't be right surely. How can hmrc appeal after every defeat yet we can't appeal against the first