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  1. Good luck
  2. This is great news but will he still have time to get match sharp for the scum game though. He missed the semi final last year and would love to see him playing against them.
  3. Probably a bit late now for this season. Put a seat change request in for next season
  4. Looks good, lot more modern looking which was about time
  5. Gilks should be saving that shot. Was nearly right in front of him with nothing to aim for
  6. Never mind the size of his legs. Look at the size of the bloody couch he's sitting on
  7. Good stuff, looking for big things from Joey this year. He's had a lot to say so needs to back it up. Bring on #55
  8. Good to hear the academy is getting ran the way it deserves. Over the years we've not seen that many young players being successful in the first team but hopefully that will change. Quite a heartening read
  9. Cunt of a man. He's only saying this as we're back in the top league and he's gonna be dumped by Norwich. You've had years to admit your mistake. Stay away the same as the rest of the rats
  10. My seat is CD4 row h 180, have to say view is brilliant. See everything. Love it and the atmosphere isn't as bad as people say
  11. Not a chance in hell will he get in. Bitter bitter bastards in this country, it will be liewell and the budgie from the east
  12. Great signing, bring on the start of the season
  13. All the best
  14. Exactly what I thought
  15. Thought that was a great article