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  1. It's a fucking shambles but I didn't expect anything less. Corrupt to the core. Well precedent has now been set, fair game to now charge onto the pitch and assault players. god help them if someone gets seriously hurt or worse
  2. Use a vpn and give £5 to Rangers tv 👍
  3. That's just typical, I'm sure they tried there best to stop it happening
  4. Surely some cunt in the plod or steward must have heard the racket with that sort of damage being done. Cmon to fuck
  5. They will say fuck all. Too busy with "building bridges". Liewell and his board would have had a statement out condemning us about 30 minutes after the game finished. And that would just be the start, SNP and the mhedia would be all over it like a rash
  6. public perception of them may be this, but fuck all will be done about it
  7. Thats a brilliant article. It's a real shame that it won't matter. Its been said before. All will be swept under the carpet
  8. I don't know what he was thinking on Saturday. Is he out of his depth, I hope not but certainly seems like it. And enough to of this pish - we will learn from our mistakes and get better. Same pish he comes out with every defeat
  9. Same mate, I'm absolutely disgusted. Bunch of useless arse holes. So many of our so called big players didn't show up today. Barton can get to fuck and take senderos with him. Fucking raging and away to drink it off
  10. Good luck
  11. This is great news but will he still have time to get match sharp for the scum game though. He missed the semi final last year and would love to see him playing against them.
  12. Probably a bit late now for this season. Put a seat change request in for next season
  13. Looks good, lot more modern looking which was about time
  14. Gilks should be saving that shot. Was nearly right in front of him with nothing to aim for