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  1. ST Renewals Out Today

    CD4 is £610
  2. nacho Novo confirms he is playing rangers legends pompey

    Good to hear your on the mend mate
  3. A full up date rangers legends v Portsmouth

    Have tickets been posted, I'm waiting on match and dinner tickets
  4. Kenny today

    Was my man of the match today, setup two goals and scored one. Great game today
  5. Ashley heading for Gers divorce

    If Newcastle get relegated he will be forced to sell his Rangers shares as English Championship club owners can't have any ties to any other clubs. It's in their league rules
  6. A full up date rangers legends v Portsmouth

    Thought McCall was playing mate, he's on portchester website as confirmed
  7. Ibrox the 9th best stadium in Europe

    Totally agree. Took my stepson on a tour of anfield while on holiday and wasn't impressed at all. Not a patch on Ibrox. Thats all that went through my mind during the tour
  8. Lafferty: I Would Love To Return

    Same, would only take Aluko back. Rest can do one
  9. Got some tickets off site, I've PM'd you for dinner mate
  10. Replay not on the telly

    Eurosport says Live Matchcast - is this just not a running commentary and not live picture
  11. Replay not on the telly

    cant see this happening but heres hoping it does
  12. Atlantic League back on the cards?

    and could clubs afford travelling costs maybe every second saturday
  13. Atlantic League back on the cards?

    I like the idea also, but would qualification to a closed door CL be available. They say they want closed door for a reason - only a select few clubs get in.
  14. Lee Rigby Benifit Match Southampton

    How do we get tickets mate
  15. Jordan Thompson

    I think he's more a central/attacking midfielder. Ball will be used to cover if needed