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  1. Cccs semi final payment

    Got my sons upgraded so I could go,imagine giving a 7 year old a ticket for a game and not the adult on the account... West stand row mm,gonna need set of binoculars,went and checked the seat out yesterday when I was at the petrofac final
  2. For those on CCCS who did not receive a semi final email...

    I'm in the same boat as you Sket,let my season tickets lapse last year due to the sons football matches being on a Saturday afternoon.When I got them this year I was told by the guy on the phone that I couldn't sign up for the CCCS until I had the season ticket for a season.
  3. New Forum

    Its started doing this on my pc aswell,cant goto next page or go back a page,just sits on loading.
  4. Season Ticket Public Sale - Wednesday 8Th July 9Am

    managed to get me and the son BF2,asked for the rear but the guy was so stressed he screwed it up,wasnt until he had processed it and told me the price I questioned him,says it was all done and couldn't change,hey ho the sons gonna be in for a surprise.
  5. Get Walter Back As Boss

  6. Don't think we will see any of his money to be honest,over the last few weeks things have went to quiet and the only time you hear about investment it has something to do with the fan base.I hope im wrong but I think this is going to turn into another begging bowl to the loyal fans of the club.Charles Green done it on the back of how loyal a support we are and I can see Dave King doing the same.Season tickets and the next share issue to keep the club afloat for the next year.I will purchase a season ticket for me and the son but after that my pockets are empty...
  7. Who's All In The Home End Tomorrow?

    x 3 for main stand
  8. Remi Streete Released

    Get him signed asap,from what I seen of his 45 minutes .
  9. Glory Hunters Tonight!

    I was one of those who left at half-time,not due to the score,but simply to the idiots who think its funny to come into a stadium completely pissed out there skulls,wont sit on there arse for 2 minutes,shouting,swearing,smoking and hitting children on the head with there flags.....and that was in the Broomloan Family Section.45 minutes of a match I think me and the son seen about 5 minutes total.
  10. Motherwell And Potential For Trouble

    Asked for nothing,but when wife went today to try for another 1 beside us she got turned away,even though she had purchased 3 tickets already :S although she was told to try again on Friday as their season ticket holders have until Thursday night to take up their allocation.
  11. Motherwell And Potential For Trouble

    Ohh we don't have 3 tickets for the mainstand ,guess radio snyde are wrong again...... gonna be hell keeping my 7 year old quiet,but I don't want him to miss an occasion like this.
  12. Almost A Sell Out For Thursday

    Picked up 3 tickets this morning for the BR4 and was struggling to get 3 seats together.
  13. Stuck In Horrendous Traffic To And From Ibrox Last Night?

    Managed to avoid the traffic by going threw the clyde tunnel and onto the m8 at Anderston.Only for the wifes car to throw the drive belt at the fruitmarket .Eventually got home at 2 am .....
  14. Due to my 6 year old getting frightened on the underground the last game we went to ,I've decided to take the car,what's the price on the Albion car park,can I pay when I arrive or is it prepurchase ticket?
  15. 6 Game Season Ticket

    I've been paying game by game this season for me and the son,I just couldn't afford 2 season tickets this year ,I usually chucked them on the credit card.i would grab a deal like this till the end of the season.now I just hope that they get the credit stuff sorted out for next season,only worry there is all the boycotted coming back and not getting tickets.