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  1. Maybe, I’m sure in the presser tomorrow someone will ask about the new lads fitness levels to get an idea if they are ready to start or not. Excited to see what our front 3 or 4 players looks like on Sunday. Twitter will be getting refreshed from 1:30 onwards to see the lineup.
  2. It’s possible. During pre season and our 2 competitive games I don’t think Morelos has had a single 1 on 1 with the keeper. Whether that’s down to those around him not creating enough or him not making the runs etc is up for debate. If he’s here on Sunday and starts it will be interesting to see what his effort looks like against a team he should be sticking a couple past.
  3. I think some people on here really underestimate the difference between a top 5 team in Germany and us. Great European run which ultimately sees us put out by a better team.
  4. Let’s be honest we have little to lose tonight. So not a bad game for Gerrard to tell Barker to go and prove that he’s capable of being a part of the team. He’s showed very minor glimpses of ability so let’s see how he does. 3-1 and we’ll win on pens
  5. I think Hagi has massive potential and hope he really shows that this season. So far though he has only really had a massive impact in 2 games Braga and Hibs. I don’t think he’s shown anywhere near enough to suddenly be handed the captaincy.
  6. He’s not awful by any stretch. But in 3 years he’s scored 8 headed league goals. Considering how often Tav and Borna whip the ball in I don’t think those are brilliant stats
  7. This signing may also help in getting the best out of Tav and Borna. The big mans 6 ft 2 which hopefully gives us the option of putting crosses into the box where playing through the defence isn’t working. We try this with Morelos at the moment but, although he has scored some good headed goals for us, I don’t think he’s a great aerial threat.
  8. Gerrard has been given money and time to create his team. He’ll know he needs to deliver. Massive season for the club and Gerrard. If we get another midfielder in (Assuming another striker is already tied up) I’m confident we are in the best position we’ve been in since returning to give it a shot. Looking forward to the season
  9. Leeds fans seem to rate him highly and I don’t think they are an easily pleased bunch.
  10. LaaRFC

    Leon Balogun

    Looked solid. Get a bigger insight into his abilities on Thursday (if he’s eligible)
  11. First competitive game of the season, away from home against a team Gerrard has struggled with. Take the 3 points and expect us to get better as the league kicks on. I’m just glad the weekend isn’t ruined already.
  12. Barker showing some quality on the break. We don’t often get the use of pace players like him against the league “low blocks”
  13. The Cousin game stands out. Don’t think anyone expected him to start and then he scored that goal. If Alfie had just scored even one of his chances in the league cup final id have went for that though. Created so many chances for himself, won a penalty and got a man sent off.
  14. Black one looks brilliant imo. Been watching some amount of old games during lockdown. So many kits that when you see, you instantly think of certain players, European nights, league wins or cup final wins. Desperate for the next set of kits to join that list.
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