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  1. “What do they mean I get more cards than a Clinton’s shop... what’s a Clintons?”
  2. Yet we wonder why barely any youth are making it in to the team... Instead of having a younger player being the 3rd choice we all want 3 layers of starting depth not an ideal financial model for running a business either having players on high wages sitting as the 3rd choice. We are always going to be playing one up top, whether that be against celtic or St Mirren its just how the rest of the team lines up dictates the formation. Don't get me wrong I realise this is our ideal chance to win the league and break their run of dominance but I just think if we throw the whole bank balance at it we risk a lot if it doesn't work out: - financially - squad harmony/match sharpness (no point having a great 3rd choice striker if he isn't match ready or is moaning his arse off) - youth opportunities
  3. Even if it is something the board should consider doesn't mean he is willing to sign. I think we all know he is for the off this summer so I don't think he would be daft enough himself to drive his transfer value up via a contract that could limit his options. I'm pretty sure he will have his pick of a fair few teams as it stands.
  4. Just met god himself in the Albion. The fever is on!
  5. Don't think you will see Morelos starting this with Hibs to come at the weekend. Same could possibly apply to Murphy/Candeias.
  6. After watching Bruno Alves for what must be well over a decade I would love to see from him one of those champions league, international cup performances where he punts Griffiths in to the stands early and often. I could see a man of his experience, praying he is fit, knowing exactly how to deal with a rabid like him.
  7. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/12691/7763376/N-Zonzi-battle-begins
  8. Weird, got a youth intake on 1st of September instead of 19th of August which it is meant to be in Sweden. Fucking shit anyway, only like 4 players worth keeping
  9. I was doing a game in Sweden working my way to the top using youths. Got to youth intake time in the first season and got none, anyone know the issue with this?
  10. Think Fisher could improve them next season? I'm curious to see what they do in the draft, they may be better to trade down.
  11. I guess its more relevant here than in the betting thread. I bet £80 on Willis McGahee to have over 17.5 carries at 10/11 so a nice earner, was fair shitting myself after he fumbled if he would get anymore touches,
  12. Tim Tebow = NFL version of Marvin Andrews. I believe! Being a fan of the Seahawks I need something to believe in :lol:
  13. I'm a Seattle fan and look what we done to N.O. last seasons post season. Its the play off's just look at Denver, anything can happen.
  14. Anyone wanting a challenge of sorts. Try going Queens Park. They are only amateur, So every player you sign is on a free contract in the transfer window can be taken by any other team on a free. Currently:Got put out 2nd round of the League cup. Scottish cup 5th round on a replay lost to Dunfermline after drawing 3-3 in the first game. Actually managed to win the Challenge cup. Sitting top of the 3rd division just a week in to February. However with the amateur status lots of the players who I got on frees this season to replace my other players taken in the summer transfer window were stolen in the january transfer window. So got another 2 players in and hopefully can hold on to the end of the season and if I can get promoted to the 2nd division can atleast get to go part time so teams at least have to pay for stealing my players. Quite an interesting game at least.
  15. any team that doesnt have an elite QB and ends up first pick would be quite stupid to pass up on Luck. But we will wait and see.
  16. I really doubt it. The whole Luck for Manning has just came about now. Seattle for Luck has been going for ages. If we have the top pick come draft time we will not give it up.
  17. Not a chance, even with Colts not having manning, they will still win more games than Seattle! I mean a team with a 12 year old QB would be better than a team led by Tavaris Jackson
  18. Stay as a Seattle fan Ben. That's what I am to and we need more! However we are in a moment of transition at the moment, building a young team. Otherwise known as we are playing pretty shit. I think Seahawks are employing a very smart strategy - Suck for Luck. If we suck just hard enough we will get Andrew Luck in next years draft!
  19. http://www.nme.com/nme-video/biffy-clyros-simon-neil-talks-glasgow-rangers-with-james-mcmahon/68624661001/page/2 Skip to about 50 seconds in onwards. He's a Rangers fan.
  20. was definitely below our usual standards, main things for me was giving Eremenko to much time on the ball, Sammon was far to fast and in form for Broadfoot and Weir to keep hold of (god knows what Hernandez will do to them). Credit to Kilmarnock though, outside of the keeper mistakes, it's the best form I've seen from a Kilmarnock team in a few years for sure.
  21. Loved the 49ers getting what they had coming. Now Mr Vernon Davis where was that oh so easy win you predicted... lmao couldn't even muster up a touchdown. I accept Seattle wont do well this season most likely, but gettin the chance to shut them up seeing as they seem to believe their own hype, that was enjoyable start to season.
  22. its very enjoyable... lets hope smith can keep getting less and less accurate with his throws... crossing my fingers for it lol btw Williams size - match up problems for any CB, hopefully he can be fitzgerald-esque for us.
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