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  1. Reminded me of Cuellar in how he done all the defensive aspects very well and always look composed when moving the ball around. Hopefully he can keep it up and be that kind of rock for us this year that Carlos was.
  2. I don't think you can jump on the fact he hasn't played in the first competitive game of the season for the club after just joining. No matter how good a player, it can take a bit of time to get the tactics down and chemistry with the other players. I'm sure given a few more games he will settle in to the team.
  3. Think the lack of subs was a message from Gerrard to the board about a need for quality signings?
  4. “What do they mean I get more cards than a Clinton’s shop... what’s a Clintons?”
  5. Yet we wonder why barely any youth are making it in to the team... Instead of having a younger player being the 3rd choice we all want 3 layers of starting depth not an ideal financial model for running a business either having players on high wages sitting as the 3rd choice. We are always going to be playing one up top, whether that be against celtic or St Mirren its just how the rest of the team lines up dictates the formation. Don't get me wrong I realise this is our ideal chance to win the league and break their run of dominance but I just think if we throw the whole bank balance at i
  6. Even if it is something the board should consider doesn't mean he is willing to sign. I think we all know he is for the off this summer so I don't think he would be daft enough himself to drive his transfer value up via a contract that could limit his options. I'm pretty sure he will have his pick of a fair few teams as it stands.
  7. Just met god himself in the Albion. The fever is on!
  8. Don't think you will see Morelos starting this with Hibs to come at the weekend. Same could possibly apply to Murphy/Candeias.
  9. She was only a couple of feet away from having a paddle in the water there...
  10. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/12691/7763376/N-Zonzi-battle-begins
  11. So could Celtic get Man City or Aston Villa in qualifier for Europa League?
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