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  1. Martin Skrtel (Fenerbahçe)

    Skrtel is exactly the type of player we need. Strong leader and a good physical CB. Let's hope this one gets completed.
  2. ***Rumours thread***

    It's Defoe and Solanke on loan deals. Nothing new.
  3. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    We will get a winner and then the sheep will score....
  4. **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    Utterly useless performance. No passion, no skill, no chance.
  5. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Our corners are woeful.
  6. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Great header.
  7. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Every bloody time they lose points we bottle it!! Come on lads, still time.
  8. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    This is clearly not working!! Get it changed!!!
  9. The Draw.

    Yet another home draw for them!! Shock.
  10. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    It's he waiting for him to get red carded instead of subbing him?!?! What needs to happen to get him off??? Useless
  11. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    A goal against the run of play and they might crumble. Fingers crossed