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  1. If that prick is making threats like that, it needs reported to UEFA. What a joke.
  2. How can people say league must end how it stands now? This doesn’t just affect us. Teams like Patrick who are bottom of the league BUT have a game in hand which would take them off the bottom. League absolutely CANNOT end as it stands. It goes against all sporting integrity and anyone with any ounce of decency could see that.
  3. Plenty of time for the SFA(Sweet fuck all) to look into this now.......won’t hold my breath.
  4. They must have known this decision was going to be made before this weeks games. Seems like a decision that could have been made earlier in the week.
  5. He’s not interested. That’s very clear. Drop him
  6. Far from average. They are a top German/European team.
  7. Ffs. Morons in the crowd AGAIN. we are going to get hammered.
  8. Ah well. At least the competition will be scrapped next week anyway.
  9. That’s why he should be playing. Link up well with Kamberi
  10. Sharper Morelos might have got that. Cracking pass
  11. Agreed. Hence the “draw in this” comment. 😃
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