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  1. First Gers game I have missed(on Gers TV) in a very long time. Will miss more if we win and they drop points!!
  2. Not like Gerrard to change formation. What did we play?
  3. Don’t really want to trawl 66 pages. First game I have missed in a long time. How did we play? Great to see Alfredo grab a double.
  4. Guaranteed that they are made to play celtic with a depleted squad.
  5. Balogan has a look of Boogie or Amo with his dribbles out of defence. Impressive debut and looks very comfortable on the ball. Good signing.
  6. 2 DMs is completely uncalled for in any game in this league. Complete waste of a player and stifles our creativity in the middle of the park.
  7. Katic aside we are very very poor from corners. Goldson gets on the end of a couple but very rarely hits the target.
  8. Not the way I would have wanted Morelos to leave. He’s been brilliant in between his stupid moments and he deserved to go out with the thanks and praise of the fans. Seems most on here hate him now!
  9. So frustrating when it’s a basic skill that can be worked on in practice!
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