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  1. If you think big change is not needed then you are deluded. celtic have been shit this season and still won, we could have cruised to the title with some of the duds gone. Bring on next season
  2. Pathetic performance. Big changes needed
  3. Had high hopes when he joined us but he's just not shown what he can do. Huge potential, but has been too injury prone. When he has played he's been mediocre. Disappointing.
  4. Defoe on at HT. Give Middleton a run out too then Medube towards the end
  5. Jesus, it's an opinion. Get over it. RM police out in force. I'm entitled to an opinion, I think he offers us nothing.
  6. Disagree, one decent game now and again doesn't constitute a good player. He's very very poor.
  7. What does he do? He tracks back well but offers very little
  8. Candieas offers us nothing. Very poor player.
  9. Shocking so far. No passion, no belief, no desire.
  10. When did the rules change? It used to be if the ref seen it and booked the player then no more action could be taken.
  11. Bloody Cavani missed a 92 Min penalty to bust my coupon.
  12. Not seen any of it, but I presume there will be a 90+ Min winner.
  13. Absolute liability. Get him sold
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