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  1. Don’t worry lads. I’m sure Twitter cunts Sutton and Stewart will be all over it to get to the bottom of this blatant corruption........
  2. Absolute guarantee if celtic were not in it, then it would have been scrapped. No doubt whatsoever
  3. Welcome young man. Hope he gets played in the right position. Very talented lad.
  4. Another one obsessed with everything we do. But but but...Rangers are pure skint. F OFF Michael.
  5. To be fair a 5 yard pass is better than anything Kamara and Davis can do.
  6. Load of crap. They have already signed Kouassi.
  7. That many requests for pms. Can someone not just send all?! Lol. Anyway....pm please.
  8. Sporting integrity should allow a bus parade through the city. It’s only right I suppose........
  9. UEFA and CL games look like they will be completed. Highly unlikely we would have ever got anything from the game but it’s even more unlikely if we aren’t playing competitive football and are up against a side who is now that German football has resumed. We have seen what a difference this makes in early qualifying games in the past. Few teams will be in this position with leagues seemingly doing whatever they want. But celtic aren’t in Europe so I suppose it doesn't matter.
  10. Don’t know why people are disappointed or underwhelmed. What did you want the club to come out and say? That statement is clear to me. They aren’t going to let it rest and there is no confidence in the SPFL. Change is required.
  11. Why the hell would anyone not want an independent investigation?! Corrupt
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