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  1. Will enjoy that when it comes round
  2. Shot a 66 nett last night in a bounce game. Played medal tonight and NRed after 3 holes, brutal. Cant get any consistency whatsoever
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-48661107 Fucking disgusting, cunt should have his balls chapped and hung.
  4. I know mate, had to hit out to left side of the bunker then out from there
  5. Had this lie at the 17th greenside bunker at Torrance safe to say I had a couple of wacks at it.
  6. Was going ok mate until the 14th and ended up in 3 on the same hole
  7. Played the Kittocks and Torrance courses at St Andrews on Friday, really enjoyed them both. Rough was serious, very little chance of finding a ball if you ended up in it. Played the Dukes on Saturday, was good for the Itison voucher price but wouldn't have paid any more. Quite wet in bits and the greens weren't any where near as good as the courses at the Fairmont, different type of course I suppose.
  8. £250 back from Reavie top 20 and a smaller bet e/w on him on Saturday at 80/1.
  9. Jason Day, Mickleson and Spieth my three main bets. Also got Chez Revie top 20 at 7/1. Came 2nd here in the Pro AM and also had a top 20 at Bethpage.
  10. Lot of cash for a 19yo signing from Motherwell.
  11. You surely don't think Middleton was playing for the Norwich first team prior to signing for us?
  12. Stick to Rangers Facebook pages mate
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