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  1. More injury prone than Dorrans
  2. Joshua would have wiped the floor with him. Can't see it going ahead now.
  3. A done it once this year and only got £15.00 back? Surely home tickets aren't that price? Will just continue giving it to someone locally now as long as they go on our bus.
  4. Scored a double to beat Tims 2-0 at Firhill. Got a good future ahead of him.
  5. £509 for SE4, £26.00 increase from last year. No to bad a suppose.
  6. It was a hispanic slur, bit weird considering Molinari is Italian.
  7. First medal of the year and shot a 75. A 7 at the par 3 first and a 9 at the par 4 17th killed it. Chunked the first tee shot about 10 yards 😂😂 felt like a played no bad apart from that, just glad to get back out on the course.
  8. Worst rumour yet. If he wasnt as big a unit as he is, he wouldnt be a footballer. Hes pish.
  9. Also backed Olesen at 125/1 with 10 places at Sky Bet. Has done well at the Masters the times he has played and likes to draw the ball.
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