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  1. Legias defence is clearly a lot better than the Danes. They don't look amazing going forward.
  2. Some bizarre comments in here We are in control of the game. A draw would be a good result, they are clearly decent defensively. We will get chances on the break the later this game goes. They will come forward.
  3. The lone wheelie bin on the far right won't last long.
  4. Had a look on FF yesterday and was cringing for some of the posts. Pansy bastards man.
  5. I see you're the same as me and avoid the Boardroom section. Very scary place.
  6. Megastore at Ibrox is just a sports direct with old shite in it. It doesn't reflect well on Ibrox as a whole for visiting fans.
  7. Sorry mate, just meant Blackpool in general. I have heard good things about the boozer.
  8. Anyone any experience of how good RTV works through Amazon firestick? Suppose its just how good your internet connection is?
  9. Am sure The Royalty on Maryhill Rd had the last round mate
  10. I'm probably more confident with this tie than the last round. A just can't see us not scoring tomorrow night.
  11. If we get at least a draw tomorrow night we should qualify no problem. Tomorrow night will be a tough match as any hostile stadium is.
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