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  1. A cunt but a vast improvement than the imposters we currently have.
  2. Be surprised if he is still here at Christmas.
  3. Been so many long bus journeys home this season and that was another. First half was diabolical. Hard to believe some of the players in that first half were professional footballers.
  4. He has to back him. I believe if we fuck up the next transfer window in similar fashion to last years we will fall into obscurity for many seasons to come.
  5. Haven't played consistently for about 6 years but joined Carnwath this year just to get back into it. Played twice last week and ball striking was good, putting was horrendous. Got the medal tonight and going to get first card in for handicap.
  6. Ortiz would be high risk with low reward for Joshua so can't see that one happening.
  7. June 2nd
  8. Was there not a member on here years ago who used to go on and on about him not starting games. Also another member similar with Alan Gow?
  9. I struggle to understand why some people think Holt is a good footballer.
  10. Off to Newcastle for a stag do this weekend so won't be at the game thankfully. About done for this season.
  11. I think Stevie Ray could go up against someone like Jim Miller for the Glasgow card. Should be a good night regardless.
  12. If he signs similar to the shite we already have in the Summer we really are in big big trouble.
  13. Should have been no where near the starting line up today and shouldn't be back in it ever again.
  14. Sure if you register your email you get access to the Pre-sale. I would expect the main event in Glasgow to feature Stevie Ray if he beats Lauzon this weekend. Three bouts were announced this morning.
  15. thought that was a wee bit over priced