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  1. ShanksRFC

    Kilmarnock v Rangers

    Sorry for the late reply mate, ticket went not long after posting then I k.oed.
  2. ShanksRFC


    Gerrard saying he wants him to sign a new contract
  3. Still think we are lacking a creative midfielder but another solid performance.
  4. ShanksRFC

    Kilmarnock v Rangers

    Spare ticket for today, av fucked it. Pick up in Cardonald. Pm please
  5. ShanksRFC

    Police brutality last night.

    No surprise the fuckwits at police scotland not doing anything. What was the point of them even being there?
  6. ShanksRFC

    How do we compare now...

    Will wait till Christmas to judge after a run of league games. Far to early to compare this team to that team
  7. ShanksRFC

    So UFA next

    Get Ibrox rocking again and there is no reason why we can't pump them 3 or 4 nil. The atmosphere had a clear effect on Maribor's players that second half.
  8. I'm very pleased with the start we have made to the season but some people really need to chill out a bit. Its only the 17th of August.
  9. ShanksRFC

    Rangers website

    I'm the same, been trying for past 15 minutes but not letting me.
  10. ShanksRFC

    Don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but,

    Confident there will be at least another 3 signings (hopefully 4) that come in before the window shuts.
  11. ShanksRFC


    Had a go at a player with his napper again which could have eneded in disaster again but overall another great performance.
  12. ShanksRFC

    FC UFA next up

    Team full of pikeys..
  13. ShanksRFC

    Our Shooting

    A have a feel big Barasic will score a couple of screamers this season
  14. ShanksRFC

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Still didn't have the heart to bet it fuck it, great result.
  15. ShanksRFC


    If he wasnt playing we wouldnt be playing UFA on Thursday or maybr even Maribor tonight.