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  1. Any bets on the night lads? I've got Huybrechts to win and most 180s and Jelle Klassen -1.5 handicap. £20 quid double returns £95.
  2. Fucking love hin, went from terrible value to superb value in the space of a few months.
  3. Looking for 1 if possible.
  4. Inter for me 🥴 bad enough Izpeazu against our defence nevermind Lakaku.
  5. I'd maybe be up for trying 3-5-2 again against Hamilton or some other shite at home but not to qualify from our Europa League group. We tried 3-5-2 last year and it was dreadful.
  6. No Barasic or Jack? Obviously it won't be what Gerrard puts out.
  7. Certainly better when played up the park like he was on Sunday. He is shite if playing any deeper.
  8. Thought Aribo done OK on Sunday, especially first half. Id like Stewart to be given a run too but he played for the reserves yesterday so unlikely.
  9. I'd expect the same team as Sunday except Katic in for Helander.
  10. Gerwyn Price doesn't have a great record in this tournament so I'll be avoiding him. I'd expect him to play John Henderson in the third round. Obviously if Price is firing on cylinders it would be an easy win but if not, Hendersons averages are usually quite steady and could snatch it.
  11. Duzza at 40/1 will be my only outright bet before it starts. Usually stick to match bets during the tournament.
  12. Linked with Everton and Arsenal. Would do a good job for either IMO.
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