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  1. Me also, mainly some added goals from midfield that has been absent this year.
  2. ShanksRFC


    Motherwell away also on the 15th and Livi away in a couple of weeks. We are going into a very difficult spell in the league but also Europe. I mentioned in another thread that if we are joint top at end of December, I will be very happy.
  3. We are going into a far tougher run of fixtures now than the first part of the season. I would gladly take being joint top after November and December.
  4. The Candeias arguement only covers the defensive side of his game. His crossing and passing for the majority of this year has been poor, yesterday his crossing was fucking horrendous.
  5. He does strike me as a big dumb cunt so not surprised by this at all.
  6. Due a big away performance in a group match but I can't see it coming on Thursday. Think Porto will just be to good.
  7. Aberdeen will shite their drawers like they always do against them.
  8. Thought he was going to be another good signing earlier in the season but my opinion has changed very quickly.
  9. He isnt a deep lying midfielder where he was majority of today. Needs played further up the pitch.
  10. Another victory cost because he cant defend worth a fuck. His crossing was diabolical too. Needs dropped before things get ugly.
  11. Tav needs to have a long hard look at himself. Absolutely terrible performance and cost us the game.
  12. Dreadful performance from Tav. Crossing absolutely horrendous.
  13. Been terrible. Davis been ok but apart from that..
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