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  1. Still don't know why he never had a shot on goal instead of diving. Back to haunt us yesterday.
  2. Still a very long way to go, maybe yesterday was the rocket up the arse we needed. Morelos back which is a big boost. Next run of fixtures up till the next Old Firm game will define the season.
  3. Same team as the OP. Polster has to start, Flanagan is dug shite. I'm hoping for a much better performance than the past 3 games.
  4. They will drop points but we need to get the finger out and make sure we win every game until the next old firm
  5. I dont think they have tbh. Our style has changed because we are missing our two best players. We looked lethargic against Killie on boxing day then Morelos came on. That says it all.
  6. We miss Morelos and our captain, simple as that.
  7. Morelos and Tav are the best players in our squad. That has shown in the past 3 games. Missed them big time. We win that today with them both on the park.
  8. Looks like hes lost a yard of pace in the past year alone. Third choice striker at best for next year.
  9. Stick on to score tomorrow now 😁
  10. Someone will come in next week.
  11. He's been a great success so far, still a top player considering his age.
  12. End of February 🤢 got a shiver up the back there.
  13. Got his stitches out today after surgery. Going by the tone of his posts on twitter he will be out for at least the next two.
  14. Signed a new deal in March last year, doubt we will be able to afford much more than what he is already on.
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