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  1. Someone valued him on this forum at 7 million. Run of the mill average goalkeeper.
  2. DJ seems to know what's happening.
  3. Don't reckon it's been a hack but something dodgy going on.
  4. Going for 55 in 15 years time judging by that Q & A
  5. Whatever happened to sending the fans home happy? A slight issue when he comes out with this pish about away games.
  6. Shit scared to slate the players and the same old regurgiated press conference pish after every defeat. He is out of his depth big time.
  7. Holt isn't good enough for this level along with the majority of our playing squad.
  8. A lot of casual fans on social media who rarely watch any of our games bar Old firms. Some shite spouted on those fan pages, I've had to unfollow most of them.
  9. Moved to Wigan for an undisclosed fee.
  10. Clubs know we are strapped for cash, an offer of 1 - 2m would be accepted fairly easily I would imagine.
  11. 7 million
  12. Hearts fans entering panic mode already
  13. Couldn't have happened to a better person, absolute arsehole of a man.
  14. International football is fucking dire at the best of times.