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  1. Where the hell are you? Do you know how many times i have been called flecky? lmfao

  2. great result, but looking at the game in hinesight, we should have won!
  3. papac, bougherra, weiss have been brilliant
  4. cool mate, when the ball comes to them open goal they must think, FUCK!!!! heavy lack of composure tonight
  5. naisy is a fuckin predator! unlucky son amazing runs
  6. nope, never rubbish! no excuse for missing that huge goal from there!
  7. hes a fucking class act, easily 10 million worth of centre half there! how many centre halfs can go forward like him? i dont know any!
  8. davis is honking, whats up with him these days?
  9. miller is fuckin horrific 1 up top alone where is that danny cousin lad?
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